Chapter 623: Money Bullied

The Purple Lightning Pool was filled with concentrated lightning bolts that rumbled on and on, its surroundings shaking repeatedly. After Xiang Shaoyun and Money arrived at the pool's fringe, they no longer dared to go any deeper. Even at the fringe, the lightning power was powerful enough. With their current strength, it would be very difficult to actually go into the pool.

In fact, even a Soul Foundation Realm expert could cultivate using the pool since the lightning power within was dense enough. Xiang Shaoyun was only a fresh Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator. Entering the pool wouldn't be an easy feat. Even Money, who stubbornly charged inside, was forced to leave after being struck badly by lightning bolts.

Thus, Xiang Shaoyun and Money selected a spot each and started their cultivation session. Each second spent in this space cost contribution points. Xiang Shaoyun would not let even one second go to waste.

Releasing the power of his lightning bone, Xiang Shaoyun attracted bolt after bolt of lightning to his body. It was unknown if it was his lightning bone or his environment, but the lightning energy he absorbed was much more abundant and powerful than regular lightning bolts.

"Ouch! Why are these lightning bolts so scary?" Xiang Shaoyun cried out.

On the other hand, Money dashed about repeatedly amid the rain of lightning and swallowed lightning energy with his mouth opened wide. His demonic core started accumulating lightning energy without end, his cultivation base growing rapidly.

Xiang Shaoyun delayed no longer and resisted the pain as he started absorbing a large amount of lightning energy into his body. His lightning bone shone brightly as his other bones started slowly turning purple as well. At the same time, his lightning star grew as he transformed the absorbed lightning into lightning elemental astral energy.

He could not directly transform the absorbed energy into draconic aura. He had to first convert it into his own energy before transforming it into draconic aura and pushing himself to the second-stage Dragon Ascension Realm.

After cultivating in this manner for a bit, Xiang Shaoyun's lightning star had grown greatly even though his cultivation base remained the same. His combat prowess had most definitely grown considerably as well. More importantly, the transformation of his bones allowed his body to receive a new round of cleansing, further enhancing his flesh.

While Xiang Shaoyun was busy compressing and accumulating lightning energy within himself, Money, who had gradually gotten used to this place, delved deeper toward the pool. He had a vague sensation that something at the pool was summoning him. This was a temptation he couldn't resist.

As Money moved, his strength continued growing rapidly. In half a day, he reached peak seventh-stage Demon King realm. It wouldn't be long before he reached the eighth-stage. Demonic beasts were different from humans; they only needed to accumulate enough energy, and they would automatically advance. Not much comprehension of the power they cultivated was required.

At some point, Money found that he was starting to have a hard time withstanding the lightning blasts around him. He had no choice but to attempt an advancement and reach the eighth stage before doing anything else. His advancement created quite a scene, attracting the attention of many cultivators in the area.

One of them was a woman who cultivated lightning power. She was the cultivator nearest Money, and her eyes were filled with excitement as she muttered, "What a fine lightning snake. A mount is precisely what this young lady is missing. I'll need to subdue that snake!"

Then, she ignored all the lightning around her and dashed toward Money. She was a second-stage Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator, moving at an astonishingly fast speed. When she arrived near Money, he had just finished withdrawing his demonic core into his body. The first thing she did was stomp his head with her foot.


Money was slammed into the ground before he even realized what was going on.

"Submit or die!" shouted the woman coldly.

She then took out a polearm and stabbed it at Money. The polearm was an emperor weapon. If struck, Money would definitely be injured. Sensing danger, his demonic aura erupted as his serpentine body started twisting and thrashing, trying to throw the woman away.

Money's combat prowess was decent, but he was still rather lacking when compared with this woman. He was able to avoid the first stab but failed to avoid the second. It landed, causing him to wail in pain.

"Vile woman, release me, or my boss won't spare you!" roared Money.

A look of astonishment covered the woman's face as she said, "You already have an owner? What a pity." 

"What are you waiting for? Release me!" said Money as he continued thrashing about.

The woman thought for a bit before saying, "Your master is most certainly a lightning cultivator as well. Take me to him. I'm in need of a helper, so I guess it's his lucky day."

One ought to admit that she was quite an ambitious woman.

Money pondered for a bit and said, "Ok. Release me, and I'll take you to my boss."

The woman reduced her suppression on Money and said coldly, "I don't think you have the guts to mess with me anyway."

But those words had barely left her mouth when Money instantly reduced in size to a snake the size of an arm before shooting off toward the Purple Lightning Pool. The woman was dumbfounded. She had not expected the snake to be so crafty or that he could change his size and escape before she could react.

As Money fled, he even left the threat, "Stinky woman, just you wait until I'm done. I'll teach you a real nice lesson."

Like a fish, he swam amid the lightning bolts before diving into the Purple Lightning Pool.

The woman wanted to give chase, but when she sensed the terrifying lightning power ahead of her, she stamped her foot on the ground and shouted, "Don't let me see you again, or I will chop you into pieces!"

An ethereal voice rang out behind her, "Are you capable of that?"

A figure then strode out amid the thick lightning bolts.

"Who are you?" asked the woman.

"That's not important. What's important is that you have harmed my brother. I'm afraid I will need to avenge him," said Xiang Shaoyun coldly.

Xiang Shaoyun had noticed Money's advancement almost immediately. Hence, he had rushed over as well. Surprisingly, Money had caught the attention of yet another person, and she had even injured him. Her actions caused Xiang Shaoyun to be infuriated.

"You're Xiang Shaoyun?" asked the woman when she got a good look at his face.

"So you know me? Things will be much simpler, then. Give me an explanation, and I can let this slide. Don't force me to make a move on you," answered Xiang Shaoyun.

"Hehe, others might fear you, but not me, Xiao Ting!" said the woman with a laugh.

Although she had average looks, when she laughed, her bountiful curves jiggled, exuding endless allure.

"Seems like you're forcing my hand," said Xiang Shaoyun, stepping forward.

"Bring it on. You're really quite handsome, so I should probably turn you into a servant who worships the ground I walk on," said the woman while licking her lips, her eyes shining.

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