Chapter 621: Nine Great Unique Zones

1 Dragon Villa.

After listening to Zhuge Zhantian's report, Xiang Shaoyun sneered, "He is as cautious as ever. Sure, we'll put our fight on hold, then." 

Di Lin knew Xiang Shaoyun well, but it was the same the other way around. One could say that the two knew each other like the back of their hands. Xiang Shaoyun had not challenged Di Lin just for the sake of venting his anger. He also wanted to gain some fame for his Overlord Legion. But now, Di Lin had only sent an underling to deal with him. It was a gesture of contempt and signified that Di Lin held a cautious attitude over facing him in a fight.

Xiang Shaoyun had no interest in fighting Zhu Changchuang. It was not that he had no confidence in winning, but he did not want to waste any time on a lackey. Thus, he decided to enter the nine unique zones and increase his cultivation level before doing anything else.

Before he could set off, Shou Xie arrived with three other people. The three were his old acquaintances. They were Yan Gang, Zhong Xia, and Li Haonan. Xiang Shaoyun was rather astonished by their visit, especially by Li Haonan's. After all, there was a conflict between them prior to this.

"Overlord, they wish to join our Overlord Legion as well," said Shou Xie with the smile of someone asking to be praised for the merit he had rendered.

Yan Gang, Zhong Xia, and Li Haonan all spoke at the same time, "We hope Young Master Xiang can agree!"

Xiang Shaoyun looked at them and asked, "Are you sure?"

Li Haonan took the lead. "Young Master Xiang, I apologize for what I did. I hope you can forgive me for overestimating my capabilities."

He then gave Xiang Shaoyun a sincere bow. Xiang Shaoyun had not imagined that Li Haonan would be able to let go of his pride and apologize. From that, it showed that at least his frame of mind was remarkable.

"I accept your apology, but I want to know your reason for joining the Overlord Legion. You need to know that we are the newest faction in the academy and are lacking in number. It will be hard for everyone to receive the assistance they need," said Xiang Shaoyun. He had to first make it clear how things were. He also hoped to hear their real thoughts.

Yan Gang said, "I am Shou Xie's friend. I heard that you are Beauty Yu's husband candidate, Young Master Xiang. Just that alone is enough to fill me with admiration toward your strength. I believe that by joining you, we can rise together, eventually creating the strongest legion! Also, your faction will need a crafter like me. At the very least, I am already an Emperor crafter. I can prioritize members of the legion when taking orders." 

Zhong Xia was next to speak, "I am an alchemist, capable of attracting many new members for the legion. I hope to have priority for any new materials you gather so I can refine them into medicines. I will also prioritize members of the legion when refining medicines. Also, I am confident you will be a good leader, Young Master Xiang."

Finally, it was Li Haonan's turn. "I fully accept my defeat in your hands, Young Master Xiang. If you don't mind, I wish to become your follower."

Xiang Shaoyun was someone capable of invisibility. That was not necessarily an ability that would make him undefeated, but it would certainly give him a major advantage over any sort of opponent. It would be hard for someone with this ability not to accomplish something great in life. Furthermore, he was the holder of a nine-star physique.

"Very well. Welcome to the Overlord Legion, everyone," said Xiang Shaoyun as he stood up with a solemn expression on his face.

The Overlord Legion was merely a faction within an academy. One day, all these people would return to the organizations they came from. Sincere or not, he did not have any reason to reject those who had come voluntarily. More importantly, them joining would benefit the faction. After all, crafters and alchemists were rare and popular. A lot of people would find themselves in need of the help of one.

"Haha, I told you the overlord is a magnanimous person. Let's work hard to grow the Overlord Legion. I believe the legion will one day grow to become the strongest faction in the academy!" said Shou Xie with a hearty laugh.  

The others nodded their heads in excitement, hoping that what he said would really happen. After all, that would be a glorious accomplishment. Of course, all of them also had a sliver of doubt in their hearts. Could Xiang Shaoyun accomplish that when cultivating nine different powers?

After getting Zhuge Zhantian to spread the news of Yan Gang, Zhong Xia, and Li Haonan joining them, Xiang Shaoyun set off toward the academy's unique zones. He had long heard that the nine zones were not located within the academy. Rather, they were in independent spaces created by the academy and could only be reached through the teleportation formations in the academy.

The teleportation formations were all laid at a spacious and empty location in the academy. The location was named the Entrance of Cultivation Zones. One could only enter after paying sufficient contribution points, and each day one spent within, more points would be deducted. The longer one stayed, the more points one would spend.

When Xiang Shaoyun arrived, he found that the place was bustling, with streams of disciples entering and leaving unendingly. Nine steles could be seen; each stood beside a teleportation formation. Names of the nine zones were carved into them: Vicious Steel Mist, Forest of Antiquity, Deep Tidalwave, Flame Mountains, Desert of Despair, Sinister Wind Den, Purple Lightning Pool, City of Light, and Castle of Darkness.

Each unique zone corresponded to astral energy of a different element. So long as one could cultivate in one of the zones, one could reap great benefits. Naturally, these unique zones were also dangerous. If one was careless enough to believe that the zones were safe, one would suffer.

When Xiang Shaoyun read the introduction of the zones, he found himself speechless. Staying a day in a zone would cost him 10,000 contribution points. It was really expensive. After all, when a cultivator focused, a single cultivation session would probably last months or even years.

Cultivating in the unique zones would be extremely expensive. More importantly, contribution points weren't easy to earn. With how expensive the zones were, it was understandable why so many disciples would go mad over contribution points.

Xiang Shaoyun rejoiced at the fact that he had accumulated a decent amount of contribution points. Otherwise, it would be difficult for him to enter all nine zones. During his duels, he had won about one million contribution points. Selling the dragon liquid, he had earned about the same amount as well. In total, he had about two million points, enough to last him for about half a year. Sure, half a year seemed long, but for a cultivator, it would be over in the blink of an eye.

After some hesitation, Xiang Shaoyun's gaze landed on the stele of the lightning zone. He then strode over.

"I wish to enter the Purple Lightning Pool," said Xiang Shaoyun as he handed his jade plate to the overseer in charge.

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