Chapter 620: Di Lin Avoiding the Fight

Xiang Shaoyun had Zhuge Zhantian deliver his written challenge to Di Lin. Di Lin occupied 39th place on the Dragon Phoenix List, and his cultivation level had long reached third-stage Dragon Ascension Realm. Moreover, it was said that his strength had been growing rapidly recently and he would soon be able to charge into fourth-stage. 

Although Xiang Shaoyun had improved rapidly, the difference in their cultivation levels was still rather large. A battle between him and Di Lin seemed rather forced on his part. The news of his challenge shocked the academy.

"Where does Xiang Shaoyun's confidence come from? He actually has the guts to challenge someone on the Dragon Phoenix List?"

"He has been able to challenge those on the Jiao Luan List before he was even a Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator. Now that he is already in that realm, I reckon he really has the strength to challenge the Dragon Phoenix List. Unfortunately, he has decided to challenge the 39th place Di Lin. He's forcing himself too much." 

"Isn't that right? If he challenges someone at the bottom of the Dragon Phoenix List instead, he might stand a chance. It won't be an easy fight against someone ranked so high. Don't forget that Di Lin is now a personal disciple of a previous generation elder. That elder has been nurturing him wholeheartedly, whereas Xiang Shaoyun has no master. The gap between the two is quite big, to be honest." 

"Regardless, this will still be an intense fight. We will soon know who is the better of the two."


A large number of Di Alliance members had gathered at Di Lin's villa. They were all there to find out if Di Lin was going to accept the challenge. They naturally hoped that Di Lin would wipe away Xiang Shaoyun's arrogance. But at the same time, they also felt that Di Lin would be lowering his status to accept the challenge of someone like Xiang Shaoyun.

In the villa, Di Lin was seated on the main seat, radiating the bearing of a tyrant. Seated beside him was the beautiful and graceful Xia Yunxi, whom nobody would ever tire looking at. With the written challenge in hand, Di Lin asked indifferently, "Do you think I should accept this challenge?"

Di Tong answered, "Little brother, I think we should put this fight on hold."

Di Tong was one who had headed to the Devil Domain alongside Xiang Shaoyun. He knew that Xiang Shaoyun had some unique tricks up his sleeve that could unleash a rather fearsome might. Di Tong was worried that Di Lin would suffer losses against those tricks.

Di Lin swept a resentful gaze at his elder brother and said, "Please address me as the alliance master here. You think I'm not his match?"

Di Tong had not expected that his little brother would actually put on airs in front of him. With a frown, he said, "I only think it's better for you to be cautious. I went to the Devil Domain with Xiang Shaoyun, so I know about some powerful tricks that kid has. He's not an easy opponent."

At this time, a person standing in front of Di Tong offered, "Alliance master, why don't you let me fight on your behalf? If he can't beat me, how is he qualified to challenge you?" 

He had dark skin, looking like human charcoal that made him stand up among his peers. His sharp pair of eyes gave off the feeling that he was an extraordinary individual. He was Zhu Changchuang, a high-grade seven-star physique holder and the number one expert under Di Lin. He was also a top 100 expert on the Jiao Luan List, and his cultivation level was early third-stage Dragon Ascension Realm.

Di Lin gave it a thought and said, "Ok. Changchuang will be in charge of putting down Xiang Shaoyun."

Although he was confident he could defeat Xiang Shaoyun, he believed that his current status was much higher than Xiang Shaoyun's. There was no need to put himself at risk by lowering himself.

More importantly, he had no interest in doing something when he didn't have absolute confidence in succeeding. Thus, it would be a good idea to have Zhu Changchuang test Xiang Shaoyun's strength first. Done with the matter of Xiang Shaoyun's challenge, Di Lin sent everyone away, leaving only him and Xia Yunxi in the room.

"Yunxi, do you think I can defeat Xiang Shaoyun?" Di Lin asked.

Xia Yunxi pursed her lips and answered, "Your cultivation level is two stages higher than him. It won't be hard for you to defeat him."

"Is that what you really think?" Di Lin pressed on, locking his gaze on Xia Yunxi's eyes.

After a slight hesitation, Xia Yunxi said, "I don't think he is a rash individual. Without some confidence, he won't challenge you. As the seventh brother said, perhaps he really has some hidden tricks up his sleeve. It's better for us to be cautious."

"You're right. We grew up together. He might seem rash at times, but a lot of the things he had done were done after deep considerations. This must be a challenge he made after thorough preparations. I can see that you still know him well. Do you regret betraying him now?"

Xia Yunxi shivered slightly before quickly replying with a coquettish voice, "How can you say that about me? He has always been a disappointment since he was a child. He is not the person I like. You are the one I like. If I actually regret what I did, I won't be here with you." 

Di Lin smiled. "It's just a joke. Don't take it so seriously."

He then pulled Xia Yunxi into his arms and said, "Yunxi, do you know? As a kid, seeing him having you for himself had always filled me with deep sadness. I had vowed that I would obtain you one day. Now, my wish has been fulfilled. A day will come when I send him to the afterlife as well. The future belongs to us!" 

Xia Yunxi leaned into his chest and replied, "Um. I am confident you will be able to do that."

Di Lin looked down at the beautiful face resting on his chest, and an urge came over him to lean over and give her a kiss. Xia Yunxi played along. She shut her eyes and slightly parted her lips, awaiting Di Lin's lips. At this time, a coquettish voice rang out from outside the room, "Junior Di Lin, your senior sister is here. Why aren't you out here welcoming her?" 

The voice caused the two to jump off from each other in shock.

Next, a fiery figure strode into the room. The newcomer was a woman about 25 years old. She was beautiful but lacking in comparison with Xia Yunxi. However, she was much stronger than Xia Yunxi, as she was a third-stage Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator like Di Lin. Her name was Situ Yan, the granddaughter of Di Lin's master. His master greatly doted on her.

"Senior sister, why are you here?" Di Lin stepped forth and smiled.

Situ Yan jumped into Di Lin's embrace and said, "Why? Don't you want to see your senior sister?"

Xia Yunxi withdrew her gaze when she saw that, feeling like a hand was gripping her heart, and her face turned pale. Di Lin did not see that coming, and a blank expression covered his face.

Of course, he did not dare to push Situ Yan away. Instead, he lightly held her shoulders and said, "Senior sister, is Master summoning me back? If so, we better get going."

He had no interest in setting a fire on his proverbial harem.

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