Chapter 617: Legion Recruitment

At 2 Phoenix Villa.

When Han Chenfei received the dragon liquid Xiang Shaoyun had sent her, a dazzling smile bloomed on her face as she muttered, "What an interesting person."

Beside her, Han Lingshuang asked, "Young palace master, what is his meaning? Is he thanking you for accepting Han Qianwei and Han Xuewei?" 

"Hehe, no. If that were the case, he would not send this much dragon liquid over. There are 10 whole drops here!" said Han Chenfei with a smile.

"Are these drops of dragon liquid meant for the sisters, then? What about you, young palace master?" asked Han Lingshuang with doubt. "Young palace master, it is obvious that Xiang Shaoyun is unable to forget them. I can also see that they have real feelings for him. There is really no point in keeping them here. We should just send them off—"

"Enough," Han Chenfei's cold voice interrupted her before she could finish. "You can stop guessing randomly. He sent the dragon liquid here for two reasons. First, to thank me, showing that we are friends instead of enemies. Secondly, he is telling me to take more care of the sisters. He's also making it clear that they aren't hiding anything from me, so we don't have to over-analyze their relationship."

Berated, Han Lingshuang shut her mouth. But inwardly, she shifted her anger toward the sisters. And when she heard that Han Chenfei was going to leave a few drops of dragon liquid for the sisters, the envy and fury in her heart reached a boiling point.


That day, a shocking piece of news spread from 1 Dragon Villa.

The master of 1 Dragon Villa had officially established the Overlord Legion faction. Xiang Shaoyun was hereby known as the Overlord. His current followers consisted of Tang Longfei, Shou Xie, Lady Shura, Ning Wenhuang, and a few others. Anyone able to join the faction would be rewarded with a drop of dragon liquid. Members of the faction would be allowed to trade for more dragon liquid with items of equal value. A total of 10 spots were open, and the recruitment was on a first-come, first-served basis.

The news struck the academy disciples like a bolt of lightning. Each drop of dragon liquid was worth 300,000 contribution points. Many people needed over half a year to gather that many points, and it wasn't uncommon for one to take a year.

And now, the Overlord Legion was rewarding their new members with a drop each. Their actions were exceedingly generous. Furthermore, members were also allowed to trade for more dragon liquid with items of equal value, which signified that the faction had a considerable amount of dragon liquid on hand.

"Overlord Legion? What an old-fashioned name. But that reward is really generous. I wonder if it will be a trap?"

"They're trying to attract elites into the Overlord Legion just like that? Aren't they taking recruitment too lightly? Is Xiang Shaoyun not afraid that some people will only join to fish in troubled water?" 

"Xiang Shaoyun actually took on the title Overlord? That fellow is really quite bold, isn't he? Looks like I need to challenge him and crush his confidence somewhat." 

"Well, time to join the Overlord Legion. That drop of dragon liquid will be enough to push me into the Emperor Realm."


There were numerous reactions to the news. Some disciples were filled with disdain, some were attracted, and some were envious. Regardless, a large number of people headed toward 1 Dragon Villa.

All of them came with one goal: obtain the dragon liquid. As for what would happen in the future, they would think about it after getting what they wanted. When they arrived, the first batch of applicants was allowed inside the villa while the rest were made to wait outside.

Looking at the 10 people standing before him, Xiang Shaoyun released and wrapped an incorporeal pressure around them as he asked, "Why do you want to join the Overlord Legion? Start from the left. Those who can answer the question correctly will be allowed to stay. Pick your words wisely."

Not one of them was a Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator. Most of them were stuck at peak King Realm, their draconic aura completion at about 80 or 90 percent.

The first person answered, "I wish to fight alongside the Overlord Legion, spreading our glory throughout the academy!"

The second person answered, "I am in awe of your strength, Overlord. I wish to become your follower."

The third person answered, "Overlord Legion, a domineering name. As for your title as the Overlord, it is a name that one can look up to. Therefore, I decided I want to be part of the Overlord Legion."


They gave different answers, each trying to butter him up in a different way. Evidently, they were all trying to leave a good impression. Alas, only one person was allowed to stay.

That person was the eighth to answer, his answer being: "I'm here for the dragon liquid."

That was why Xiang Shaoyun had allowed him to stay. When the others heard the result, they were indignant and even questioned Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun answered, "He has the guts to speak his mind, while you lot are being all secretive about your motive. Are you not ashamed to continue staying here? Look at your attitude, where is the admiration and respect you claim to have for me? Stop lying already!"  

Sure enough, after those words, they were too ashamed to remain and left gloomily. Next, the second batch of applicants were allowed in.

Xiang Shaoyun asked a different question, "After joining the Overlord Legion, what is the first thing you will do?"

The first person asked, "Serve the Legion and earn glory for the Legion!"

The second person answered, "Get even more dragon liquid for the Legion to repay the Legion!"

The third person answered, "I will stick to my station and perform my duties as required by the Legion!"


Two people were allowed to stay this time. After about two hours, a total of 15 applicants were left. All 15 were filled with doubt as they wondered why 15 people remained when only 10 would be recruited. 

After making them wait for about an hour, Xiang Shaoyun reappeared and announced that from the 15 here, 5 had been disqualified. The five were naturally resentful. It hadn't been easy for them to remain after picking the right answer. What was the meaning of kicking them out like this?

Xiang Shaoyun pointed at one of them and said, "Yu Ming, you're part of the Di Alliance, right? Since when have you turned your back on them?"

Yu Ming's face instantly turned ghastly. He wanted to retort, but he couldn't find his words and simply left silently.

"As for you three, I believe I don't have to say the reason for your disqualification out loud, right?" Xiang Shaoyun said.

The three left with a look of shame on their faces. Although they weren't Di Alliance members, they were members of other factions. Obviously, Xiang Shaoyun had researched their backgrounds.

As for the final person to be disqualified, Xiang Shaoyun explained, "You are too good at hiding your strength. It is quite obvious you're not someone who actually needs the dragon liquid. Am I right?"

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