Chapter 616: Consuming the Dragon Liquid

The first thing Xiang Shaoyun and company did after returning to the academy was to submit the dragon liquid at the Missions Hall for some contribution points. The amount of dragon liquid they submitted differed individually. Tang Longfei, Shou Xie, and the others only submitted a drop each for 200,000 contributions, while Xiang Shaoyun submitted five drops for 1 million contribution points.

He had submitted that much because he wanted to enter the academy's nine unique cultivation zones. If he cultivated only one type of power, he wouldn't have needed so many contribution points. But since he cultivated nine powers, he needed a lot of points to enter all nine zones.

Although he had earned over one million contribution points through duels, he believed he needed more. After all, the academy had deep foundations, and anything good he wanted from the academy required contribution points.

Thus, it would never be a bad idea to get more points. However, news of Xiang Shaoyun submitting five drops of dragon liquid in one go quickly spread among the disciples. It gave them an urge to snatch the dragon liquid in his possession. But he was already strong enough to enter the Jiao Luan List. Who would dare to easily attack him?

A number of disciples arrived, trying to trade for the dragon liquid instead. These geniuses came from all corners of the dominion and had quite a collection of treasures. Not one thing they could offer would be an ordinary item.

Unfortunately for them, Xiang Shaoyun immediately entered a secluded cultivation session without meeting anyone. The disciples wishing to trade had no choice but to wait gloomily.

Although they could also trade for dragon liquid from the academy, they needed to pay 300,000 contribution points per drop. That was a 50 percent increase in price. One ought to admit that the academy was making a killing with such a deal. Thus, the disciples would rather wait for Xiang Shaoyun.

Naturally, they had also looked for Shou Xie, Tang Longfei, and the others. But they had also entered seclusion, refusing to meet anyone. With dragon liquid in hand, it would be odd if they did not immediately start cultivating in seclusion. The dragon liquid could hasten the speed in which one's astral energy transformed into draconic aura, strengthening a cultivator rapidly.

Competition in the academy was extremely stiff among the disciples, each trying to outdo one another for a better ranking. 

In the gravity room, Xiang Shaoyun quickly refined nine drops of dragon liquid. The nine drops entered his nine stars, transforming the energy within into strands of draconic aura.

"Roar! Roar!"

The roars of a dragon sounded within his body as his energy surged and converged on his spine, enhancing his draconic aura and kick-starting a rapid growth. Each drop of dragon liquid contained a massive amount of energy capable of producing a rich amount of draconic aura after combining with astral energy. 

Generally, nine drops of dragon liquid were enough to help a Dragon Ascension Realm advance an entire cultivation stage. But for Xiang Shaoyun, his draconic aura only grew by four percent.

His draconic aura solidification had already reached 15 percent before this. With the additional 4 percent, he reached 19 percent, reaching peak first-stage Dragon Ascension Realm. One more percent would push him straight into the second-stage.

It was obvious how valuable the dragon liquid was. It was practically the best elixir to help one grow during the Dragon Ascension Realm. Of course, as one grew in cultivation, the amount of draconic aura required to advance would increase, resulting in one needing more dragon liquid.

The dragon liquid had only worked so well because Xiang Shaoyun had just entered the Dragon Ascension Realm. He still had a decent amount of dragon liquid, but he did not use it to push him into the second stage.

He needed to first properly temper his first-stage cultivation base before advancing. Rapid advancement wasn't necessarily good for one's comprehension of one's cultivation realm. He was already a Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator at the young age of 20. This was fast enough a cultivation speed.

Even within the Dragon Phoenix Academy, few could compare with him in terms of growth speed. After he ended the cultivation session, he started going through his hauls from his recent expedition. To be precise, the hauls referred to the loot he had obtained from killing the two assassin groups.

After taking everything out and sweeping his eyes through them, a look of satisfaction appeared on his face. Each of the storage rings he had gathered contained numerous items of differing values. For him, this was a considerable sum of wealth.

The only regret he had was his failure to kill the Sovereign in the group. If he had, he would have had an even larger harvest. The Sovereign would probably be so infuriated he started coughing blood from anger if he knew what Xiang Shaoyun was thinking. A puny Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator was thinking of killing a Soul Foundation Realm cultivator like him? Was he really that weak?

After seven days, Xiang Shaoyun finally ended his seclusion. After he left his room, Lady Shura appeared before him and updated him on the events during his seclusion.

"You're saying a lot of people want to purchase my dragon liquid?" Xiang Shaoyun asked with astonishment.

After he left the Missions Hall, he had been cooped up in his cultivation room. He had no idea so many people were interested in his dragon liquid. After all, the academy had dragon liquid for sale. Why would they need to buy from him?

"Yes. We've all encountered eager buyers. After all, the academy is selling a drop for 300,000 contribution points. Thus, they are offering to trade for our dragon liquid with some other items instead," said Lady Shura.

Xiang Shaoyun considered it for a moment before he smiled and said, "What do you think about luring people to join our Overlord Legion with the dragon liquid?"

"What do you mean?" Lady Shura couldn't understand what he was getting at.

"Anyone joining will be rewarded a drop of dragon liquid. They will also be allowed to trade for the dragon liquid I have as necessary," said Xiang Shaoyun.

Lady Shura's pupils constricted as she gasped, "A lot of people will go mad after hearing your offer. However, I don't think you will gain their loyalty through such a recruitment method."

"You're right. But that drop of dragon liquid will serve as both a chance for them to join us and for us to know them. Those who dare to go against our values will have to suffer our rage, whoever they are!" said Xiang Shaoyun. "Go get Big Brother Tang, Big Sister Ning, Shou Xie, and the others. We'll talk about it. If they agree, we will do so. Of course, if we do decide to move ahead with this plan, we have to do it at the correct timing."

Lady Shura nodded and prepared to leave.

It was at this time that Xiang Shaoyun called at her and said, "Also, help me send the dragon liquid here to 2 Phoenix Villa."

A look of astonishment flashed past Lady Shura's face. However, she left with the dragon liquid without asking anything.

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