Chapter 611: Rise of Conflict

The figure that had blocked the dragon-scaled elephant during the critical moment was Xiang Shaoyun's nether prison devil puppet. It turned out they were all heading toward the same direction after all. The puppet killed the dragon-scaled elephant with a punch, sending its heavy corpse crashing not far ahead, giving the other dragon-scaled elephants a scare.

However, they were known for their unity, and they would not let the death of their companion slide. They started stomping the ground repeatedly, cracking the ground as they spurted out some dreadful-looking energy. The energy attacks wrapped around the nether prison devil puppet.

The energy attacks released by the elephants seemed to be coming from everywhere, and any Emperor would have a hard time surviving. Tang Longfei, Lady Shura, and Ning Wenhuang did not dare to stay around. They quickly dashed toward Xiang Shaoyun.

As for the nether prison devil puppet, it moved in a different direction, luring away all the dragon-scaled elephants. These big fellows seemed quite simple-minded, as all of them gave chase without a second thought. It wouldn't have been so easy to trick them if they were smarter.

"Are you guys alright?" Xiang Shaoyun asked the three.

"We wouldn't be if you hadn't arrived in time," said Tang Longfei with relish.

"Those dragon-scaled elephants are too scary. They were basically sending us to our deaths!" said Ning Wenhuang as she patted her chest in fear.

"What happened exactly?" Xiang Shaoyun was confused.

"It's all the fault of that bastard Li Haonan," said Ning Wenhuang indignantly as she started telling Xiang Shaoyun everything that happened.

After she finished, Tang Longfei said, "Although that fellow is probably using it as an excuse to vent a grudge, it's not fully his fault, really. After all, without anyone luring the dragon-scaled elephants away, nobody will be able to get the dragon liquid."

"You're still speaking for him? We don't even know if he will actually share the dragon liquid with us!" Ning Wenhuang said unhappily.

"You guys should go check if they have already gotten the dragon liquid. If they have and they aren't sharing, I'll get your share for you," said Xiang Shaoyun.

"Shaoyun, aren't you coming with us?" Tang Longfei asked.

"I've already split off from the group, so I'm too embarrassed to rejoin now. But if you guys trust me, after settling your issue with them, come with me to look for more dragon liquid," said Xiang Shaoyun. 

After entering the Dragon Ascension Realm, his draconic aura had solidified by 15 percent, and coupled with his comprehension of the profundity of earth, he was able to vaguely sense the existence of the dragon liquid underground. He also seemed capable of sensing the aura of the dragon liquid with his draconic aura. If he followed his senses, he might be able to harvest something. Furthermore, he had Money by his side as well. With the trace of dragon blood in his body, Money similarly had some sort of connection with the dragon liquid.

"Good. I have long gotten tired of that Li Haonan. I'll go with you," said Tang Longfei.

"They should be almost done by now. You should go get your share of the dragon liquid first," said Xiang Shaoyun after he sent his senses ahead of them.

And thus, Tang Longfei, Lady Shura, and Ning Wenhuang returned to Shou Xie, Li Haonan, and the others. At this time, Shou Xie and company had already harvested some dragon liquid relying on the treasure seeking mouse.

The dragon liquid was formed through a combination of natural spirit liquid and a tiny trace of draconic aura. The liquid had formed near the dragon-scaled elephant's territory, and a layer of crystallized spiritual energy surrounded each drop. There wasn't much, about 30 drops in total. However, just that much was already a considerable harvest for Shou Xie and company.

Including Tang Longfei's group of three, there were 14 of them. Each of them could get an average of 2 drops. Li Haonan and the others were astonished when they saw Tang Longfei's group of three returning. Evidently, they had not expected the group to return safely. After all, they shouldn't have been able to withstand the attacks of the furious dragon-scaled elephants.

"You're back just in time, Big Brother Tang! The six drops here are your share," said Shou Xie cheerily as he handed them three jade bottles.

But just as Tang Longfei was about to accept the bottles, Li Haonan reached out and snatched them away first.

"Li Haonan, what is the meaning of this!" Tang Longfei was infuriated.

Shou Xie's expression also turned unsightly. "Brother Li, isn't that going overboard?"

"Shou Xie, this has nothing to do with you. Consider this the compensation for the trouble Xiang Shaoyun brought us. If we find more, we can start sharing with them," said Li Haonan with a sneer. Hearing that, Tang Longfei couldn't even be bothered to say anything. He directly threw out a furious punch.

Celestial Dragon Fist!

The fist flew forward like a shining golden dragon. This was Tang Longfei's full-powered attack. He could no longer stand Li Haonan for making things difficult for them over and over again. Even if the other party was someone ranked on the Jiao Luan List, he still had to teach them a lesson. Li Haonan was already anticipating an attack. A blue shield of light appeared before him, and it rippled with a gentle power, unloading the force of Tang Longei's punch.

"You're trying to fight me with just this much strength? How naive!" Li Haonan said with disdain. He attacked with a palm thrust, sending an energy palm crashing forth like a wave toward Tang Longfei.

Gentle Quickwave Palm!


The attack came too fast, and Tang Longfei was struck before he could do anything. Initially, the palm did not feel powerful. But just as Tang Longfei was about to shrug it off and attack, he sensed a power akin to a tsunami erupt within him, and it sent him flying away. If it wasn't for his armor, the palm strike would have caused him terrible injuries.

To the side, Lady Shura drew her weapon as the Shura's Battle Projection appeared around her. She attacked Li Haonan, and Ning Wenhuang did not stand around doing nothing either. She erupted with power and stabbed her sword at Li Haonan.

"You wish to die? Sure, I'll grant that wish!" said Li Haonan as he erupted with two different powers, one blue and one green. A dragon projection of two colors appeared around him, revealing his strength as a second-stage Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator, and he attacked with both his palms.

Two translucent palm energies flew toward and destroyed the two women's attacks before continuing toward the two. The gap between the two and Li Haonan was too big, and that single attack beat them into retreat.

"I'll give you a chance to submit to me. Otherwise, I don't mind wiping all of you out," said Li Haonan smugly, as if he was the lord of the universe.

They were all genius cultivators, but Li Haonan had a higher cultivation level. Furthermore, he cultivated two powers, and he had the strength to back his arrogance. As for the others, they did not say anything. They only stood there as if watching a good show unfold.

Just as Shou Xie was about to say something, a voice laced with contempt rang out, "A trash like you dreams of recruiting Big Brother Tang and the others? Why don't you take a good look at yourself in a mirror made of your own pee?"

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