Chapter 610: Dragon-Scaled Elephant's Territory

Xiang Shaoyun's advancement had also pushed his senses to a level most people couldn't imagine having. Basically, his senses were now as good as a regular Sovereign's. It was evident he was now ahead of many Emperors, and this would greatly benefit him in his future growth.

"Congratulations, boss, for reaching a brand new height," said Money when Xiang Shaoyun finally walked out of his cultivation spot.

"Haha, you're quite a smooth talker, aren’t you?" said Xiang Shaoyun with a hearty laugh. "Let's go. We'll look for some dragon liquid to further grow our strength."

"You sensed it as well, boss?" Money asked in astonishment.

"What? Did you sense it long ago?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

Money replied, "During your seclusion, I did sense something. It might have something to do with my bloodline."

"Well, let's see if we sensed the same thing, then," said Xiang Shaoyun with a smile.

They then headed toward a certain direction together. That was also where Shou Xie, Yan Gang, Zhong Xia, Tang Longfei, Lady Shura, and Li Haonan were currently. The group had their sights set on two particular mountains, as pointed by the treasure seeking mouse. However, a group of powerful demons resided in the area, and they wouldn't be able to search the area easily.

This was the territory of the dragon-scaled elephants, a demonic beast breed with a massive body and seemingly endless strength. The dragon scales on their skin protected them, making it almost impossible for opponents of the same level to harm any of them.

Each dragon-scaled elephant had a trace of draconic aura in its body, granting it a valiant offensive prowess. Furthermore, they were very united and always moved together whenever there was a conflict.

Fortunately, there weren't many dragon-scaled elephants in the area. There were about a hundred of them, and not a single one was weaker than a Demon King. About one third of them were Demon Emperors, and among them, some were even peak Demon Emperors.

Shou Xie and company had discovered this area, but they did not dare to approach. If they provoked the elephants in some way, even escaping would be hard. They all hid and tried to pinpoint the location of the dragon liquid so they could sneak off with it.

The treasure seeking mouse wasn't exactly powerful in terms of offensive strength, but it had the ability to fly and drill into the earth. It could also transform its form freely. Thus, it could move freely within the dragon-scaled elephant territory without worry. The elephants were large and cumbersome, and they could do almost nothing to the nimble mouse.

After spending about two days in search, the treasure seeking mouse finally locked on to a certain location where the dragon liquid could possibly be found. It was a place the dragon-scaled elephants frequented. In fact, they enjoyed resting there and only left when it was time for them to forage for food.

"We found it, but with our strength, it will be too hard to steal from the elephants," said Shou Xie.

They had all consumed some concealment herbs so they would not need to fear detection. They sank into thought, evidently considering their options.

After a while, Li Haonan said, "I have an idea, but I don't know if anyone will dare to do it."

Zhong Xia asked, "What is it? Tell us about your idea."

"Some of us should go lure the dragon-scaled elephants away while the others go steal the dragon liquid," proposed Li Haonan as he swept his glance at Tang Longfei, Lady Shura, and Ning Wenhuang.

Tang Longfei said, "Are you suggesting we act as baits?"

"That's right. Nobody is better suited for this task than you guys," said Li Haonan without hesitation.

"What a great plan. Why don't you be the bait?" said Tang Longfei unhappily.

"I have to stay here to assure their safety. You guys are not strong enough to protect them. Since we're here together, we naturally need to cooperate. Since I am stronger, you guys should listen to me. You guys will be given a fair share after we get the dragon liquid," said Li Haonan as though stating a fact. 

At this, some others also voiced their agreement to the plan. No matter what, Li Haonan was an expert on the Jiao Luan List. He was the strongest combatant in the group. Thus, it was acceptable that he was to act as everyone's protector. In any case, the assassins Xiang Shaoyun had attracted earlier had caused them to be disgruntled over Tang Longfei's group of three.

At this point, even Shou Xie couldn't say anything. He wanted to speak for Tang Longfei and company, but he was afraid he would invite everyone's anger. Although he was a beast tamer, it was impossible for him to tame a dragon-scaled elephant in a short time frame and send the elephants off one by one.

"Fine, I'll do it. If you really find the dragon liquid, don't forget our share, or I won't let this rest," agreed Tang Longfei as he clenched his teeth after seeing the situation they were in. 

Being bait was a dangerous job. The elephants might be slow, but their attacks were dreadfully destructive.

"Don't worry, you will get your share if we really manage to find anything," said Li Haonan smugly.

Inwardly, he thought, I don't know who Xiang Shaoyun offended to attract so many expert assassins. He is probably dead by now. Although these three are decently strong, they are nothing for me. If we really find the dragon liquid, I definitely won't share anything with them.

"I don't trust you." Tang Longfei was no fool. A simple promise from Li Haonan would never be able to gain his trust. Instead, he said to Shou Xie, "Shou Xie, as the organizer, give me your word."

"Ok. If we can find the dragon liquid, you will get your share!" Shou Xie promised as he slapped his chest.

"Good!" Tang Longfei nodded before calling Lady Shura and Ning Wenhuang over. After a short discussion, they dashed toward the dragon-scaled elephants.

Instead of attacking brainlessly, they attacked the dragon-scaled elephants from far away then fled in a different direction. The dragon-scaled elephants fell for their trick and immediately gave chase. The earth shook as the elephants ran. Tang Longfei, Lady Shura, and Ning Wenhuang fled at their top speed, but they seemed incapable of breaking away from the elephants.

"We need to split up, or we won't be able to stay alive," Tang Longfei quickly said.

The two women did not hesitate and split off in different directions. However, one particular dragon-scaled elephant that was extremely powerful broke off from the rest of the elephants. It charged the three like a moving mountain. The three were so shocked they felt like their souls were going to leave their bodies.

They had no way of withstanding such a terrifying charge. It was at that moment that a certain figure landed from the sky and blocked the dragon-scaled elephant.

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