Chapter 609: Entering the Dragon Ascension Realm

Intoxicating fragrant flower. This was a unique flower that would cause one to enter a deep trance after consuming it. Within this trance, a cultivator could comprehend the karma of everything that the cultivator had experienced before. 

After awakening from the trance, two things might happen. One would be able to fully understand one's heart and reaffirm one's faith, gaining a greatly increased comprehension ability that would smoothen one's progress in the path of cultivation. Or one would sink into eternal confusion and no longer be able to maintain a clear mind, becoming a true fool.

One could say that the intoxicating fragrant flower could be either extremely helpful or harmful. That was what Money had just harvested. The intoxicating fragrant flower radiated an enchanting scent capable of easily attracting the attention of demonic beasts. The moment a demonic beast consumed it, the beast would have a chance of increasing its intelligence and forming its demonic soul, or it might lose any ounce of intelligence it had and become as good as a cripple.

Holding the flower in his hand, Xiang Shaoyun smiled. "Keep it for yourself. I don't need it."

The intoxicating fragrant flower was fatally enticing for many cultivators, but Xiang Shaoyun had his Nether Soul Domain and filthless soul. His comprehension capability was already extremely good. Thus, this intoxicating fragrant flower wouldn't do much for him. It was hardly worth taking, yet it would be a pity to discard.

Since that was the case, it was better to keep it for Money. It might be very helpful for him. After Xiang Shaoyun told Money the flower's function, Money gave it some thought before swallowing the flower without hesitation. Then, he transformed into a drunk snake, wobbling and swaying about as if he had consumed too much liquor, looking rather comical. As for Xiang Shaoyun, he stood guard in the area to avoid anyone from disturbing Money.

You must make it! Xiang Shaoyun prayed nervously.

He had great confidence in Money. Even if Money didn't end up as powerful as Little White in the future, he wouldn't be too much weaker. At the thought of Little White, Xiang Shaoyun started missing him. Perhaps that fellow was already much stronger than him now!

After all, Little White had obtained the inheritance of the white tigers. And now, the demons were personally nurturing him. It was almost impossible for Little White to not grow strong under such conditions.

After an unknown amount of time, Money's body suddenly erupted with a brilliant silver radiance. Strands of silver lightning danced around his single horn as the horn rapidly enlarged, looking even more malicious and conspicuous than before. As he released his aura, his serpentine pupils shone with a look of wisdom, as if his eyes contained an indescribable grace. It was also at that moment that he transformed into his human form—a handsome young man with silvery-white skin.

"Boss!" Money smiled at Xiang Shaoyun.

This was his first time in human form. In the past, he would never appear as a human as he preferred his snake form more. For some reason, he had decided to change his form that day.

"Not bad at all. Looks like you have benefited greatly," said Xiang Shaoyun praisingly. Money smiled as a layer of scales appeared on his skin, protecting his vitals and forming a silver-scaled armor, making him look even more extraordinary than he was.

"Yes, I have indeed benefited greatly. It's all thanks to you, boss," said Money gratefully.

"Don't worry about it. It's something you got yourself. It doesn't have much to do with me," said Xiang Shaoyun with a wave of his hand. "I'm nearing advancement too. I might need you to stand guard for me when I break through."

Money nodded. "Don't worry, boss."

Next, the two looked for a quiet place and settled there. After the previous battle, Xiang Shaoyun could no longer keep his draconic aura suppressed. His draconic aura had fully formed, and his spine had also assumed the form of a dragon. He had to advance as soon as possible.

Due to how much he had been suppressing his own strength, his comprehension of the nine powers within him had also grown considerably. Thus, his advancement progressed smoothly without any hiccups.

After the advancement, a nine-colored dragon soared into the sky, and the spiritual energy in the surroundings all converged around him. Nine incorporeal strands of astral energy flowed from the sky into the dragon, further solidifying its shape, as if a nine-colored celestial dragon had descended on the mortal world, spreading an aura of prosperity and peace far and wide. 

The aura nourished all the plants in the area, filling them with life as the plants started growing lushly. Money, who was standing guard over the advancement, wasn't surprised by the sight. Inwardly, he thought, No human has ever managed to cultivate nine powers successfully. However, my boss will definitely create a miracle.

Within Dragon Phoenix Academy's Back Graveyard, a crooked figure appeared high in the sky. His empty eyes rippled with an odd undulation, and his gaze seemed to penetrate layers of space to reach a certain faintly discernible nine-colored celestial dragon.

Inwardly, he muttered, The hardest part of cultivating nine stars and nine powers is merging the nine powers into one. Looks like the boy has succeeded in that, forming a nine-colored celestial dragon. Will he bloom just for a moment like a firework, or will he become a stunning eternal river of stars? That will rely on himself.

At the depths of the Dragon Phoenix Mountain Range, a certain old demon had also sensed the nine-colored celestial dragon. The old demon had an incredibly massive body that seemed boundless, and because he was buried deep beneath the mountain range, nobody knew of his presence. Any changes happening within the mountain range could not escape him, including the nine-colored celestial dragon.

Looks like a remarkable boy has appeared among the humans, thought the old demon.

Not long after the nine-colored celestial dragon appeared, it re-entered Xiang Shaoyun's body. The draconic aura within him became 15 percent solidified, pushing him right into mid first-stage Dragon Ascension Realm. The reason why he was able to advance half a stage immediately after advancing was because he had constantly suppressed his cultivation base, but the might of his nine stars had also helped.

As his draconic aura grew, Xiang Shaoyun felt it nourish and enhance every inch of his body. His vitality increased greatly, signifying that his lifespan had also grown significantly.

Generally, a Transformation Realm cultivator had a lifespan between 200 to 300 years. A Skysoar Realm cultivator had a lifespan of about 500 to 600 years, a Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator had a lifespan of about 1,000 to 1,500 years, and a Soul Foundation Realm cultivator had a lifespan of about 3,000 years.

Based on this common knowledge, those in the Dragon Ascension Realm could live at least 1,000 years, but in Xiang Shaoyun's current condition, his lifespan was comparable to a peak Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator's, reaching about 1,500 years. That was due to the rich vitality the nine-colored draconic aura brought him.

Furthermore, Xiang Shaoyun's astral cosmos sea had expanded considerably as well. The nine-colored fog within had become much denser, and the plants in his astral cosmos sea had also advanced, each growing new buds.

As for his filthless soul, it had now reached the level comparable to the soul of a Sovereign, with the only difference being the lack of a soul foundation. One could say that this breakthrough was a new turning point in Xiang Shaoyun's life.

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