Chapter 607: You Guys Can Go on to the Afterlife, Then

Xiang Shaoyun had met a considerable number of seventh-stage Dragon Ascension Realm cultivators. If he had to face someone like this head on, he would be defeated unless he was also in the Dragon Ascension Realm. Fortunately, apart from his combat prowess, he also had the mysterious Nether Soul Domain.

Without hesitation, he released the Nether Soul Domain, enveloping the people around him. They were not Dragon Phoenix Academy members and were definitely sent by his enemies. As for which of his enemies were the actual culprits, he would only find out after capturing the people sent. None of them had seen the Nether Soul Domain coming, and their faces turned ghastly.

"What is this? Break!" roared the peak Emperor as he blasted his surroundings with all his strength, trying to destroy the Nether Soul Domain.

In the past, Xiang Shaoyun's Nether Soul Domain would not last the bombardment of a peak Dragon Ascension Realm. But he was no longer the same. After forming his filthless soul, the Nether Soul Domain had benefited greatly. Not only had it expanded, its durability had also reached a point beyond what a peak Emperor could damage. Furthermore, he was the master of this domain, and the strength of others would be suppressed, making it hard for anyone other than himself to display their full strength.

Xiang Shaoyun did not give them any chance. He directly summoned the ghostrune Emperors to attack them with soul attacks. At the same time, chains shot out from everywhere and wrapped around his opponents.


The human Emperors were still in confusion even as the chains tied them up and prevented them from moving. One of them was a flame cultivator, and he released his flame energy, trying to burn apart the domain. Unfortunately for him, Xiang Shaoyun had long refined the Nether Soul Domain with his own flame power, removing this weakness.

Now, the Nether Soul Domain was practically immune to flame. It wouldn't be so easy to destroy it. Of course, if the flame cultivator could actually attack with all his strength, he might still stand a small chance. It was a pity that the attacks from the ghostrune Emperors kept him busy, and the chains quickly killed him off.

Apart from the peak Emperor, one Emperor after another was killed without getting a chance to escape. Xiang Shaoyun had spared the peak Emperor because he wanted to uncover the culprit behind the attack. 

The other group near them had not moved. They were all shocked to see all the Emperors suddenly vanish in front of their eyes.

Their leader was similarly a peak Emperor, and he led five other people. After finding out that a Soul Foundation Realm expert had attacked, they no longer dared to move recklessly for fear that the attack of the Soul Foundation Realm expert would implicate them as well.

"I have not imagined that Xiang Shaoyun would have such a powerful puppet under his control. Good thing we hadn't attacked first," said the leader softly.

"What should we do now? That puppet seems really strong. I'm afraid even that Sovereign is having a hard time dealing with it," asked someone beside him.

"Let's observe for now. Since all of us are here to take Xiang Shaoyun's life, it will be fine to just watch as they kill him," said the leader.

However, none of them could see where Xiang Shaoyun was at. The group of people attacking him earlier had also vanished. In fact, the leader was starting to have a bad premonition about this. 

It was at this moment that Xiang Shaoyun suddenly appeared beside them, but none of them noticed him because he was using the Nether Shadow Evanescence to hide from them. Only those with unique talents or eye cultivators would have a chance at locating him in this form.

Here to kill me? You guys can all go on to the afterlife, then, thought Xiang Shaoyun as he attacked them from behind.

The instant he drew the Overlord Skyslaying Saber, five severed heads flew into the air. The five were all late-stage Dragon Ascension Realm cultivators, but they had all been killed without even realizing it. The peak Emperor leading the group reacted the fastest. Without delay, he sent an attack flying in Xiang Shaoyun's direction.

However, Xiang Shaoyun was prepared, and the Nether Soul Domain swept out again, trapping the peak Emperor.

"What damnable place is this? Break!" the peak Emperor roared and prepared to blast his surroundings apart.

Unfortunately for him, a ghostrune Emperor was waiting for him. Waves of soul attacks swept out and tormented him, allowing the chains to tie him up tightly. Suddenly, numerous abstruse symbols floated through the air toward him.

Nether Dragon Soul Curse!

This was Xiang Shaoyun's mysterious trick to control others, one that had never failed him. At this time, the Sovereign who was battling the nether prison devil puppet high in the air could no longer persist with the fight.

In life, the nether prison devil had been a peak Devil Sovereign, but its strength had dropped to late-stage Devil Sovereign after being turned into a puppet. As for the Sovereign human, he was a fourth-stage Soul Foundation Realm cultivator, one that was considerably strong.

Assassinating Xiang Shaoyun by sending a cultivator of this level should be an easy feat, but the puppet was never taken seriously. Alas, that was a lapse in their judgment. All initiative seemed to have been snatched from them in this mission, which was supposed to be destined to succeed.

The Sovereign wasn't exactly a fool. As he fought, he slowly retreated, trying to lure the puppet away so the others could finish off Xiang Shaoyun. However, he couldn't sense his subordinates anymore, causing him to become nervous.

Does that kid have some hidden trump cards? But I can't even sense any battles around here! thought the Sovereign.

During his momentary distraction, the puppet struck him with a heavy punch, sending him flying away and coughing blood. Finally, the Sovereign decided to leave and not extend the fight any longer. Unfortunately for him, the puppet did not fall for his trick, and it returned to Xiang Shaoyun. From how the puppet was behaving, it was obvious Xiang Shaoyun was still alive. If that was the case, something bad must have befallen the others.

Damn it! Who was the one who claimed that this puppet only has the strength of a regular Sovereign? That bastard sent us to our deaths! inwardly cursed the Sovereign as he left without bothering to look back.

He was afraid that the academy would sense what was happening. At that time, he wouldn't be able to escape even if he wanted to. When Xiang Shaoyun sensed the Sovereign's departure, he heaved a breath of relief. He then released the two Emperors who had fallen under his control and started questioning them for the culprits.

He wasn't surprised by their answers as they merely validated his guesses. The group with the Sovereign was sent by Di Lin, while the other group was sent by Feng Huosuo. As an elder of the Dragon Phoenix Academy, Feng Huosuo had actually sent someone to assassinate one of the academy's disciples. Xiang Shaoyun couldn't even begin to understand why he would do something like that. But he soon recalled Feng Xiaosha. Since both of them shared the same surname, could they be related?

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