Chapter 602: A Fine Heroic and Handsome Prince

"No! Do you think this princess is stupid? How am I supposed to find you at that time?" Huang Xiaoyue said unhappily. Then, her eyes shifted in realization, and she said, "I understand now. You don't want to be my glorious guard at all, right?"

Looks like you're not completely stupid after all, thought Xiang Shaoyun inwardly. He smiled and said, "It's good you understand that. I don't have to explain more, then."

He then left.

"For daring to ignore the words of this princess, I shall teach you a lesson!" shouted Huang Xiaoyue as she proceeded to attack.

But at this moment, several figures shot over rapidly. One of them shouted, "Do not be rude, imperial sister!"

The voice was loud and clear, laced with a trace of a commanding presence. When Huang Xiaoyue heard the voice, she stomped her feet sullenly and glared at Xiang Shaoyun angrily. In a flash, the newcomers arrived before Huang Xiaoyue. At the head of them was Huang Tianji, her elder brother.

Huang Tianji did not disappoint as a prince of the Dusk Dynasty. He wore a golden outfit embroidered with dragons and phoenixes, and exuded a noble presence. He was extraordinarily handsome, his eyes as bright as the sun and the moon. He also wore a crown atop his head, and his body was tall and straight, releasing the imposing aura of a dragon. Anyone who saw him would have the urge to praise, "What a fine, heroic, and handsome prince!"

He was about 25 years old, yet he was already an Emperor. Furthermore, he was not just an average Emperor. He had outstanding combat prowess surpassing many ordinary Emperors.

With a single look, Xiang Shaoyun could see the remarkable strength the prince possessed. Furthermore, the pressure the prince was exuding was comparable to that of a late-stage Emperor.

Inwardly, Xiang Shaoyun muttered, Worthy of being a descendant of an imperial clan. His talent is really scary.

Huang Tianji said to Huang Xiaoyue, "Imperial sister, I thought I told you not to run around causing trouble? Quick, apologize to Young Master Xiang!" 

Xiang Shaoyun had not imagined that Huang Tianji would actually know him. After all, he had never met the prince face to face before. He only knew the man was Huang Tianji because the man had addressed Huang Xiaoyue as imperial sister when he had arrived. Little did Xiang Shaoyun know, ever since he had shown his high-grade nine-star physique, his appearance had been spread all over the academy.

"I wasn't wrong! Why do I need to apologize?" Huang Xiaoyue rebutted unhappily. She then quickly shifted to the tone of a spoiled child, "Imperial brother, he has the best physique, right? If I can make him my guard, Father will definitely praise me for my wisdom when I return to the dynasty in the future!" 

Huang Tianji had a helpless smile as he said, "My dearest imperial sister, yes, you're wise, but are the elders of the academy all blind?"

He then ignored Huang Xiaoyue and faced Xiang Shaoyun before politely saying, "Young Master Xiang, my apologies for the trouble my sister has given you."

Xiang Shaoyun waved his hand and said, "Don't worry about it. Her Highness is quite a pure person."

"Smart choice!" said Huang Xiaoyue proudly when she saw that Xiang Shaoyun hadn't talked badly about her.

However, Huang Tianji understood what Xiang Shaoyun meant. Saying she was pure was merely a roundabout way of saying she's simple-minded. However, Huang Tianji wasn't angered. After all, that was the truth. Huang Xiaoyue was unruly and willful, but she was still kind at heart. It wasn't odd that Xiang Shaoyun didn't mind her at all.

He then extended Xiang Shaoyun an invitation, "If Young Master Xiang does not mind, shall we have a drink together?"

Xiang Shaoyun hesitated slightly before answering, "Sure. It is my pleasure to be able to drink with you, Your Highness."

And thus, the group headed toward a restaurant within the academy. When Xiang Shaoyun walked with Huang Tianji's group, they attracted a lot of attention. One was the publicly acknowledged member of the eight freaks, while the other was the disciple with the best physique. The gathering of the two was rather thought provoking for many people. 


Meanwhile, Feng Xiaosha had just returned to his villa from a certain unique cultivation zone. This was the same young master from the Feng Clan who had a previous conflict with Xiang Shaoyun at the Dragon Phoenix Restaurant. Xuan Zheng, who was killed by Xiang Shaoyun, was his lackey. He had subsequently sent more people to deal with Xiang Shaoyun, but only Mu Qingyu and Wang Xin returned alive.

He had no idea Mu Qingyu and Wang Xin were both currently under Xiang Shaoyun's control. After returning to him, the two had lied and said that they hadn't managed to find Xiang Shaoyun when he had sent them after him. They had also said that a Demon Emperor had attacked them and that they were the only ones to survive.

After a year of cultivation in the Dragon Phoenix Academy, Feng Xiaosha's strength had grown considerably. Although he wasn't comparable with the eight freaks, he could definitely enter the Dragon Phoenix List's top 10. He had a look of contemplation when he was updated on the various news regarding Xiang Shaoyun.

There was a previous conflict between him and Xiang Shaoyun. Thus, it was only a matter of time before they clashed against each other again. He did not wish to make a move only after Xiang Shaoyun entered the Dragon Ascension Realm. He would be in too reactive a position if he allowed that to happen.

After all, Xiang Shaoyun would always remain a dreadful hidden threat due to his insane physique. While he was busy thinking of a way to deal with Xiang Shaoyun, his uncle arrived.

Feng Xiaosha quickly greeted deferentially, "Greetings, Uncle."

The newcomer was none other than Feng Huosuo, who did not get along well with Xiao Wei. He was also Feng Xiaosha's uncle.

"Don't bother with the pleasantries." He then praised, "Your recent progress in cultivation has been great. You're even a fourth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator already! You have not disappointed the special-recruit quota I gave you."

"I will forever remember the favor you have shown me, Uncle," said Feng Xiaosha.

"Don't worry about it. Your growth is all due to your talent and hard work. But don't get conceited because of your growth. There are quite a number of disciples still stronger than you," reminded Feng Huosuo. He then went straight to the main reason he came. "I'm here to ask you something. I heard you once had a conflict with Xiang Shaoyun?"

"Yes, that's right," Feng Xiaosha said before giving an explanation on the conflict. Of course, even without him saying it, Feng Huosuo had long known the full story.

"I see. Even more of a reason to not allow that kid to stay alive, then. Otherwise, he will be a threat in the future," said Feng Huosuo with thick killing intent in his eyes.

"What do you need me to do, Uncle?" Feng Xiaosha asked. He was already thinking of how to deal with Xiang Shaoyun. With his uncle issuing the request, he could complete two tasks at once.

"Good. Listen..." Feng Huosuo told Feng Xiaosha the plan he had in mind. Naturally, Feng Xiaosha agreed to it and promised success. Feng Huosuo then patted Feng Xiaosha's shoulder in satisfaction before vanishing into thin air.

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