Chapter 521: This Nephew Greets Uncle Tang

In the main hall of the Skeleton Gang, Xiang Shaoyun and Du Xuanhao were having a private conversation.

"Big Brother Du, now that both the territories of the Skeleton Gang and the Noxious Blood Gang are under my control, I plan to properly develop the gang. What ideas do you have?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

Du Xuanhao sank into thought before he said, "I trust you already have your plans, young master. I will do as you ask."

Xiang Shaoyun sighed, "You know I'm about to enter the Dragon Phoenix Academy soon. I won't be able to personally manage the Skeleton Gang, but I don't want to just abandon it like this. I feel like I can make use of them to do something so as to expand the faction under my control."

"That's the right line of thinking, young master. I think we should ask for Lord Devouring Ghost's opinion on this. He is experienced and knowledgeable. Perhaps he will have a better idea," said Du Xuanhao.

Xiang Shaoyun nodded. "You're right."

At that, he reached a decision to talk with Devouring Ghost before deciding on what to do next. However, he noticed that Du Xuanhao seemed to have something to say yet was hesitating. He asked, "Tell me if you have anything on your mind, Big Brother Du."

Du Xuanhao took a deep breath and said, "Young master, in truth, this relates to Old Han. He knows that you have been recruited as a special-recruit disciple of the Dragon Phoenix Academy and can enter with two followers. He wanted to request for one of the spots from you, but he was also aware of how excessive that request is. Thus, he said that the Han Clan will agree to whatever request you have so long as it is something they can complete."

"I see. Don't worry. Let me have a talk with him after I do some thinking," said Xiang Shaoyun.

"Um," Du Xuanhao replied. He continued seriously, "The follower spots are limited, and entering the Dragon Phoenix Academy is an extremely rare opportunity for anyone. I hope you can consider it carefully, young master. You have to select those who are the most talented and also absolutely loyal to enter with you."

Du Xuanhao was saying that so that Xiang Shaoyun would not agree to Han Pojun's request just for his sake. Although he considered Han Pojun a brother, this was an important matter. The Han Clan probably only had the two sisters for offer, but the sisters did not seem good enough for the two follower spots.

Xiang Shaoyun nodded. He did not continue the topic and instead prepared to return to Devouring Ghost with Jin Wo, who had been staying with the Skeleton Gang all this while. Suddenly, someone came looking for him. "Young master, a young master from the city hall, Tang Longfei, is requesting to meet you."

Xiang Shaoyun was overjoyed to hear that. "Where is he? Bring him in. Never mind that, I'll welcome him myself."

He then left the hall, his strides wide as he headed to the exit. Outside the building, he found that there was a heroic middle-aged man beside Tang Longfei. The middle-aged man had a sculptured face exuding firmness and resoluteness. His eyes contained a splendor that made him imposing without trying. Just by standing there he could give one a pressure as if a mountain was crashing down.

With one look, Xiang Shaoyun knew who the middle-aged man was. He bowed deferentially. "This nephew greets Uncle Tang."

The middle-aged man was none other than Tang Longfei's father—the sworn brother of Xiang Shaoyun's father, Xiang Yangzhan—and the current governor of Bloodsin City, Tang Zhan. Xiang Shaoyun had once met Tang Zhan during childhood, and Tang Zhan had been quite kind to him back then. Thus, his respect toward this uncle was sincere.

"Haha, excellent! I never expected that you would still remember your Uncle Tang, kid. I thought you had completely forgotten about me!" said Tang Zhan with a chortle.

After Xiang Shaoyun's appearance on the Bloodsin Arenas, the governor's butler, Zhang Sheng, had shown Tang Zhan the recordings of Xiang Shaoyun's battle. Since then, Tang Zhan had been having Zheng Sheng watch over Xiang Shaoyun in secret. He immediately rushed back from the Devil Domain, determined to personally meet and protect his sworn brother's sole son.

Subsequently, Tang Longfei had also entered the Devil Domain with Xiang Shaoyun. He had personally witnessed Xiang Shaoyun's strength, and when Tang Zhan had learned of that, the only thought he had was that Xiang Shaoyun was truly worthy of being his sworn brother's son and that the boy lived up to his father's strength!

The moment Xiang Shaoyun arrived at the fort above the Devil Domain, Tang Zhan received news of his return. After all, this Bloodsin City was his territory. Nothing in the city could be hidden from him. After returning from the fort, Xiang Shaoyun had not gone to the city hall immediately. Rather, he had returned to the Skeleton Gang and got into a fight with the Noxious Blood Gang.

When Tang Zhan heard words of that, he quickly arrived with Tang Longfei. He was the governor of this Bloodsin City, a person of great power. For someone like him to directly come looking for Xiang Shaoyun made it clear how much importance he attached to this son of his sworn brother.

"You must be kidding, Uncle Tang. If I had known you were the governor here, I would have come seeking refuge long ago! Why would I have drifted about hiding everywhere?" Xiang Shaoyun said in a self-mocking manner.

Tang Zhan heavily patted Xiang Shaoyun's shoulder. "Sigh, I know about everything that has happened. It has been hard on you."

"No, it's all my fault for being so useless. If I had been less useless, how could that old scoundrel, Di Batian, have prevailed?" Xiang Shaoyun said, his voice laced with hatred.

"Di Batian is a traitorous bastard who had long been plotting to rebel. Your father's departure for his battle had given him the opportunity to do just what he had planned. You were still young. There was nothing you could have done," Tang Zhan comforted.

"You're right, Uncle Tang. But I will personally take back everything that once belonged to my father," said Xiang Shaoyun seriously.

"Um, it's good that you have such ambition. I will support you with everything I have when the time comes," said Tang Zhan in a gratified manner. "So, are you going to invite your Uncle Tang inside or are you going to let me stand out here as we talk?"

With Tang Zhan's reminder, Xiang Shaoyun quickly apologized, "Your nephew was too excited to see you, Uncle Tang. I completely forgot to invite both of you in. It's my bad. Come on in!"

He personally led Tang Zhan and Tang Longfei in and ordered for tea to be served. Tang Zhan studied his surroundings, and his gaze eventually landed on Du Xuanhao. A praising  look surfaced in his eyes.

Du Xuanhao knew who Tang Zhan was. His heart was overwhelmed with shock, The young master is indeed someone with an extraordinary status. Even this Bloodsin City's governor is his uncle! Looks like this will be a safe harbor for the young master, then!

Du Xuanhao was not some ignorant person. He had a rough understanding of the internal affairs of this Bloodsin City, and he also knew that the governor held absolute power within the city. The governor standing before him was definitely someone with an unfathomable strength. With such a backer, this city would indeed be a safe harbor for Xiang Shaoyun. The group entered the hall, and Tang Longfei took the chance to speak.

"Shaoyun, I heard you're a special-recruit disciple of the Dragon Phoenix Academy? Is that true?" Tang Longfei asked with a burning gaze.

"You are well informed, Big Brother Tang. That had happened not long ago," said Xiang Shaoyun with a smile.

"So it is true that the Four Great Ancient Academies fought to recruit you?" Tang Longfei asked.

"They were merely being kind," said Xiang Shaoyun humbly.

"Haha, I knew you would amaze the world with a single brilliant feat! Looks like if I fail to pass the entrance test, I will have to rely on you to bring me in!" said Tang Longfei with a hearty laugh.

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