Chapter 519: Those Who Disagree May Step Forth Now

"Break!" Noxious Blood roared as he used both of his hands to send incomparably sharp claw attacks toward the nether prison devil puppet. The attacks he sent were powerful enough to easily reduce two mountains into powder.

Facing such attacks, the nether prison devil puppet merely threw a crude punch and destroyed the claw attacks. Noxious Blood suffered a massive backlash and was sent flying and coughing blood.

It was at this moment that Du Xuanhao arrived near Noxious Blood and swept his saber down, sending a breathtaking saber energy toward Noxious Blood. The people there had the sensation that they were so very tiny before that saber energy. Any random shockwave rippling from the saber attack was enough to crush them.

Only then did they realize that Du Xuanhao might really be a War Sovereign. Not far away, Lady Shura and the Ghostface Sect members were observing the battle. A solemn look covered their faces when they saw Du Xuanhao's attack.

"Who is this? Is he an expert that has recently arrived at the city?" asked a Sovereign beside Lady Shura.

"I don't know, but he is definitely related to Young Master Xiang," replied Lady Shura. "As for the other person, I know him. He is Han Pojun, an up-and-coming expert of the Han Clan."

"I see. Looks like there is no need for us to do anything. This Xiang Shaoyun has enough trump cards to destroy the entire Noxious Blood Gang. No wonder the sect master attaches such importance to him. He is really quite extraordinary," said the Sovereign.

"This is not the time to say all that. Let's go over there," said Lady Shura.

She then led the group toward Xiang Shaoyun. By the time they arrived, the nether prison devil puppet had already inflicted serious injuries on Noxious Blood. He would no longer be able to put up much fight.

Noxious Blood had never imagined that after becoming a Sovereign for a little bit over a year, he would be defeated in such a manner before he could even enjoy the glory that came with this cultivation level. He felt really disgraced. But facing such a powerful nether prison devil puppet, he really didn't have any fight left in him.

As for Scorching Blood, he was greatly frightened. He quickly broke free from Han Pojun and tried escaping back to their headquarters only to stumble upon the approaching Lady Shura and Ghostface Sect members. He was so terrified he felt like his soul had left his body. Unsurprisingly, he was killed with a single swat from the Ghostface Sect's Sovereign.

All the invading experts that had come with the Noxious Blood Gang were captured. Not one of them managed to escape. Everything had happened so fast the Skeleton Gang members couldn't even react in time. The invasion felt like a dream, and they were filled with disbelief.

At this time, Xiang Shaoyun arrived before the three Skeletons. All three of them were injured, but they still greeted deferentially, "G-greetings, young master."

"Alright, focus on healing. Today, we will purge the Noxious Blood Gang while we're at it," said Xiang Shaoyun, who was relieved to see that the three were fine. He reached a decision to eliminate the Noxious Blood Gang once and for all. 

The three Skeletons were overjoyed. That had always been their wish, but they did not have the strength to do so. Today, Xiang Shaoyun was going to do it on their behalf. They were filled with elation.

Xiang Shaoyun had Badar lead the way as he commanded Du Xuanhao and the Emperors of the Skeleton Gang to go destroy the Noxious Blood Gang. But since the Ghostface Sect people had arrived, Du Xuanhao did not dare to leave Xiang Shaoyun's side. He was afraid that something bad would happen to Xiang Shaoyun.

"So it's Lady Shura! It has been a while!" said Xiang Shaoyun with a cordial smile.

In truth, he had already sensed their approach earlier. He had merely been feigning ignorance. With her mask on and her hourglass figure, Lady Shura still exuded the same exotic type of beauty, filling others with the desire to conquer her.

"It has indeed been a while. We were here to help the Skeleton Gang, but it turns out you had arrived just in time, so our help wasn't even required anymore," said Lady Shura. She then went straight to the point, "I wonder if you have some time to spare? The sect master wishes to meet you."

"Yes, I am interested in meeting your sect master as well," Xiang Shaoyun answered seriously. After a slight pause, he shifted his tone and said, "But I wish to wait two more days. After dealing with all my affairs here, I will come and visit. Will that be acceptable?"

The Ghostface Sect's sect master, Green Ghost, was most likely Devouring Ghost's disciple. Xiang Shaoyun was still unaware if Devouring Ghost had already ended his seclusion. Thus, he needed some additional time. He would first pay Devouring Ghost's restricted space a visit before planning his next move.

"Impudent! Kid, since my sect master has invited you, you should go see him right this instance! You dare make my sect master wait? Are you courting death?" berated the Ghostface Sect's Sovereign.

Xiang Shaoyun threw the Sovereign a glance but could only see a pair of sharp eyes because a mask was covering the rest of his face. He replied nonchalantly, "I am still young, so I have no intention to die an untimely death. I have already met your sect master once. I believe he will not mind giving me two extra days."

Everyone would bow before a Sovereign, but that was not the case for Xiang Shaoyun. In any case, Green Ghost was the one who had a favor to ask of him. Thus, he did not believe Green Ghost would actually make things difficult for him.

Just as the Sovereign was about to say something else, Lady Shura interrupted, "I will bring your message back to the sect master. Let's go."

As Lady Shura had spoken, it wouldn't be proper for the Sovereign to say anything, so he shut his mouth and left. In any case, he had learned from Lady Shura that their sect master attached great importance to that Xiang Shaoyun. He did not wish to ruin his sect master's plans for something minor like this. It was not worth inviting his sect master's resentment for no apparent reason.

The Ghostface Sect members left as quickly as they had arrived. Soon, they could no longer be seen. Xiang Shaoyun ignored the departing Ghostface Sect members and repeated his command to Du Xuanhao.

Du Xuanhao then left to carry out the command, while Han Pojun went along since he had nothing else to do. Han Pojun was taking so much initiative to help because he had reached a decision. After helping Du Xuanhao eliminate the Noxious Blood Gang, he would start working on his new plan. If he missed this opportunity presented before him, he did not know if he would ever get another opportunity like this.

Xiang Shaoyun then entered the Skeleton Gang's main hall with the Han Clan sisters in tow. As of now, they were filled with deep admiration for him. In the past, they only knew that their ancestor was mighty while their uncle was outstanding. But in comparison with Xiang Shaoyun, their ancestor and uncle did not seem like anything special anymore.

He could destroy the Noxious Blood Gang on a whim, and the Skeleton Gang was akin to his personal playground. He could even refuse the invitation of the Ghostface Sect right in their face. It was hard to believe all that was done by a young man not even 20 years old!

In the main hall, Xiang Shaoyun sat on the gang leader's throne. He then gathered all the experts of the gang in the hall. All of them were filled with veneration when they looked at the young man seated on the throne.

The young man spoke softly, "Today, this young master has saved you from the Noxious Blood Gang. I have also eliminated them and annexed their territory. From today onward, I am your master. Those who disagree may step forth now."

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