Chapter 518: Sovereign's Wrath

The newcomer was none other than Xiang Shaoyun, who had just returned from the Devil Domain. The moment he left the Devil Domain, he sensed that the three Skeletons were in bad shape. Thus, he rushed back to their headquarters.

Although the three Skeletons weren't exactly upstanding citizens, they were now under his control and were now his subordinates. How could he allow others to eliminate his subordinates? Thus, he rushed back as quickly as possible the moment he sensed what was happening. Fortunately, he had arrived just in time to prevent the full destruction of the Skeleton Gang.

Noxious Blood had not entered the Sovereign Realm for long. He had been waiting on dealing with the Skeleton Gang, as he needed some time to stabilize his cultivation base. On top of that, the rumors spread by the Ghostface Sect that they were protecting the Skeleton Gang had caused him to not dare to make any reckless moves.

In fact, even the attack today was primarily done with the intention to probe the Ghostface Sect's reaction. If the Ghostface Sect really did show themselves, he would retreat. And if they didn't, he would absorb the Skeleton Gang into his own gang. The Ghostface Sect had not appeared, but a group led by a young man had appeared instead. One of the members in the group was Meng Gansu, an elder of the Noxious Blood Gang.

Scorching Blood was able to recognize Xiang Shaoyun with one look, and he immediately pointed at him and shouted, "You still dare to show yourself, you little bastard? Today, I will take your life to avenge my son!"

After saying that, Scorching Blood personally attacked Xiang Shaoyun. He cultivated the power of flame, and as he attacked, a clump of fire shot out of his weapon and flew toward Xiang Shaoyun.

"You want to harm my young master? Dream on!" Du Xuanhao roared and drew his saber. With a simple swing of the saber, the fireball was dispersed.

Moving like the wind, he charged Scorching Blood. Like Xiang Shaoyun, Du Xuanhao had also cultivated footwork intent. After over a year of training in the Devil Domain, he had finally entered the moving like the wind stage, and his speed had more than doubled.

The combination of saber intent and footwork intent was too much for Scorching Blood to deal with, and he was forced to request help from Noxious Blood. "Great monarch, save me!"

As Scorching Blood begged for help, Noxious Blood sent a claw attack toward Du Xuanhao. It was a casual attack, and Noxious Blood believed that it was enough to kill Du Xuanhao. Alas, he was mistaken. Not only did Du Xuanhao determine the trajectory of the attack, he even destroyed the attack with a swing of his saber. The only thing the attack accomplished was forcing Du Xuanhao to take several steps backward. He was still completely unharmed.

"Is this the strength of a Sovereign? Nothing special at all," said Du Xuanhao. He was akin to an exceptional saber, and it was time to display his outstanding combat prowess.

Noxious Blood frowned and said, "Saber Emperor Du Xuanhao?"

"Haha, the great monarch of the Noxious Blood Gang actually knows my name? Today, allow me to have a taste at the combat prowess of a Sovereign!" said Du Xuanhao as he howled with laughter. With the human saber unity active, he charged Noxious Blood.

"You are overestimating yourself," said Noxious Blood with a snort as he finally erupted with the true strength of a Soul Foundation Realm cultivator.

The eruption placed a massive pressure on the very souls of the people present, causing them all to shiver in fear. Due to the suppression of their souls, they couldn't even move their physical bodies anymore. This was why Soul Foundation Realm cultivators were scary. Whether it be Kings or Emperors, they could rely on their presence to suppress and prevail over those with lower cultivation levels than them.

But a Soul Foundation Realm cultivator was capable of forming spiritual pressure to affect someone, suppressing their opponent's soul to plant fear in their mind before killing them with a single strike. The two were entirely different methods of suppression, with the latter being truly capable of suppressing even tens of thousands of people.

There was a saying that the wrath of a Sovereign would result in fields of corpses. That much was proof of a Sovereign's might. Apart from the Noxious Blood Gang members, everyone there seemed to have been struck by some invisible attacks, and many started coughing blood.

Du Xuanhao was also a target of this suppression, but his will remained firm as he continued his attack. This was the benefit of having cleansed himself with the blood cocoon stone. He now possessed a much stronger physique.

Noxious Blood was displeased with the fact that he couldn't defeat Du Xuanhao through suppression alone. Thus, he said, "Today, I will use you to establish my dominance!"

He erupted with power, sending a massive power crashing forth toward Du Xuanhao. And thus, a battle erupted between a Sovereign and an Emperor high in the sky. Scorching Blood took the chance to command his men to kill the Skeleton Gang members who refused to submit, with the leaders as their priority targets. If they were allowed to recover, things would get troublesome. As for himself, he wanted to personally kill Xiang Shaoyun to take revenge for his dead son.

But before Scorching Blood could arrive before Xiang Shaoyun, Han Pojun stepped forth and said, "Young Master Xiang, let me deal with this fellow."

He then charged Scorching Blood. Now, only Meng Gansu and the Han Clan sisters were left around Xiang Shaoyun.

"Old Meng, go say hi to your ex-brothers. Don't worry about me," said Xiang Shaoyun indifferently.

Meng Gansu nodded and charged toward the Noxious Blood Gang members. The Noxious Blood Gang members knew who Meng Gansu was, but they were unaware that he was already under Xiang Shaoyun's control. The moment he arrived in their midst, he killed a few of them.

Meanwhile, Xiang Shaoyun brought the Han Clan sisters with him and headed toward the three Skeletons. Naturally, someone from the Noxious Blood Gang tried to stop them.

"A tiny King dares to disregard our Noxious Blood Gang? Die!" said an Emperor. But before he could even do anything, a tall and slim figure appeared before him. With a punch, his chest exploded.

"Kill them all," commanded Xiang Shaoyun, showing no mercy whatsoever.

At his command, the nether prison devil puppet started slaughtering the Noxious Blood Gang members. This was a puppet with the combat prowess of a late-stage Sovereign. Thus, under its assault, the Noxious Blood Gang members were akin to vegetables on a chopping board. They were utterly defeated, their corpses creating rivers of blood.

Noxious Blood also noticed the existence of the nether prison devil puppet, and he started getting nervous. He could see just how terrifying that puppet was. In fact, that puppet wasn't weaker than him at all.

Furthermore, Du Xuanhao actually had the strength to put up a fight against him. Although he still had the advantage in the fight, he wasn't able to immediately kill Du Xuanhao. If this continued, the entire Noxious Blood Gang would be slaughtered before he could kill Du Xuanhao.

Noxious Blood’s gaze landed on Xiang Shaoyun, coming to a realization that this young man was the one controlling the puppet. So long as he could take this young man down, the crisis would be over. At that thought, he blasted Du Xuanhao away before quickly flying toward Xiang Shaoyun.

"Die, kid!" shouted Noxious Blood as he churned his soul foundation and sent a boundless soul power crashing down upon Xiang Shaoyun before following up with a casual slap. He believed this would be enough to reduce Xiang Shaoyun into a pile of mincemeat. Unfortunately for him, the nether prison devil puppet appeared in front of him before his palm could hit Xiang Shaoyun.

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