Chapter 517: Skeleton Gang's Crisis

After putting all his purchases away, Xiang Shaoyun prepared to head back to Bloodsin City. However, the old man from the contribution exchange platform suddenly asked, "Are you a descendant of the Xiang Clan?"

Xiang Shaoyun blanked out slightly before he smiled and answered, "This kid's surname is indeed Xiang, but I am unclear as to which Xiang Clan you're referring to, lord. There are many Xiang Clans in the world..."

The old man stopped him with a wave of his hand. "Alright. There's no need for further explanations. You may leave."

Xiang Shaoyun bowed and left. But prior to leaving, he still gave the name on the Contribution Stele one last look. Complicated emotions raged in his mind.

Xiang Dingtian, the indomitable hero whose might rippled across the entire dominion, the unrivaled overlord, muttered Xiang Shaoyun inwardly with a sigh.

During his comprehension session with the Contribution Stele, he had witnessed a considerable amount of Xiang Dingtian's accomplishments. He had a feeling he was related to this Xiang Dingtian, and perhaps that was due to the Xiang Clan's lightning bone in his body.

That was most likely the same Xiang Clan the old man was referring to as well, but Xiang Shaoyun had never intended to admit that he was a descendant of that clan. He tossed all those thoughts to the back of his mind before telling Du Xuanhao, "Big Brother Du, let's go back to the city."

Du Xuanhao nodded before saying to Han Pojun, "Old Han, let's go together."

"Sure," Han Pojun agreed cheerfully.

And thus, the group headed back to Bloodsin City.


Skeleton Gang, Bloodsin City.

The Skeleton Gang of today was no longer the Skeleton Gang of the past. They had changed their ways and had stopped committing the various shady crimes they used to commit in the past. Their change confused many people in the city.

Some claimed that Celestial Skeleton was trying to break through into the Soul Foundation Realm, so he had his subordinates maintain a low profile so as to not attract trouble while he worked on his cultivation.

Some claimed that an internal struggle was going on in the Skeleton Gang. They were no longer united and were too busy fighting among themselves to commit any crimes. Whatever the rumors said, it was undeniable that the Skeleton Gang had been inactive recently. Currently, the three leaders of the Skeleton Gang were gathered at the gang's main hall, probably in an important meeting.

"Boss, the Noxious Blood Gang demands that we hand over the young master today or they will purge us. But the young master has yet to return from the Devil Domain. What are we to do?" asked Human Skeleton with a sigh.

Although the three leaders were under Xiang Shaoyun's control, they still maintained their freedom of thought. In fact, the only thing that changed was that Xiang Shaoyun would immediately know when they harbored evil designs on him, and he would punish them by torturing them with the headband curse.

"We can’t decide when the young master returns. All of us need to take precautions. Even if Noxious Blood has really become a first-stage Soul Foundation Realm cultivator, all three of us working together is still enough to give him a hard time," said Celestial Skeleton with a sharp glint in his eyes.

"The boss is right. The young master is merely an excuse. The Noxious Blood Gang had long wanted to snatch our turf from us. Finally, they have found a proper excuse they can act on," said Earth Skeleton.

"It's a pity I failed to take that step forward. Otherwise, how could Noxious Blood be so arrogant when facing us?" said Celestial Skeleton with indignation.

He still remembered Xiang Shaoyun's promise to help him take that step forward. He could only hope that Xiang Shaoyun would keep his promise after returning from the Devil Domain. Suddenly, the three sensed numerous powerful auras arriving outside. Miserable wails of Skeleton Gang members also started resounding in the air. The three's expressions shifted as they quickly dashed out of the main hall.

"Who dares challenge the Skeleton Gang?" Celestian Skeleton's voice rumbled out.

When the three left the main hall, they noticed that a different group was beating their subordinates into retreat.

"Bastards from the Noxious Blood Gang, how dare you!" Earth Skeleton and Human Skeleton yelled at the same time as they charged into the battlefield.

But right as the two moved, a thick power enveloped the area as two clumps of energies blasted both of them. The two defended themselves in shock, but they were still sent crashing into the ground, coughing blood.

Celestial Skeleton quickly dashed forth to protect the two. Staring at the newcomer, he cried out in alarm, "Noxious Blood!"

The newcomer was the great monarch of the Noxious Blood Gang, Noxious Blood. He was slightly chubby and not tall. His pair of rat-like eyes exuded a constant bloodlust as he walked on air with an imposing aura. He was akin to a ruler out on a patrol.

By his side was the third monarch of the Noxious Blood Gang, Scorching Blood. Behind them were a group of Emperors. They all exuded ruthlessness, clearly a group of criminals with no fear of death. The people on the Skeleton Gang's side weren't exactly weak, but a single Sovereign among their opponents caused them to be completely helpless.

"People of the Skeleton Gang, listen. It is still not too late for you to surrender now. Otherwise, die," said Scorching Blood.

"Hmph. You want us to surrender? Dream on. Murderous Skeleton Formation!" commanded Celestial Skeleton.

At his command, strands of energy rippled out of the buildings around him, and numerous skeleton puppets charged out from different directions. These were all emperor-grade puppets, and when working in a formation, they were no weaker than actual Emperors.

"Everyone, kill!" Celestial Skeleton gave another command before looking at his two brothers. He said, "Second brother, third brother, face Noxious Blood together with our formation!"

Earth Skeleton and Human Skeleton tried to get back on their feet, but they were having a hard time exerting any strength.

"Don't bother with your pointless struggles. Die," said Noxious Blood. As he said that, he clawed forward, creating a massive palm of energy that raked at the skeleton puppets, turning them into fine powder. This was the strength of a Sovereign, a strength unimaginable to many.

Celestial Skeleton realized that today would be the day he died, and the only thing he could do was fight with his life on the line. He took out a damaged sovereign weapon and started madly attacking Noxious Blood with it.

Although Celestial Skeleton had been stuck at the peak Emperor Realm for many years, he still had decent combat prowess. Unfortunately, the gap between him and Noxious Blood, who was only a step ahead of him, was akin to a wide chasm that could not be surmounted.

Facing the attacks, Noxious Blood remained rooted on the spot while his palms clawed out repeatedly, sending out numerous domineering attacks and flooding his surroundings with a red radiance as an eerie sound akin to the wail of ghosts rang in the air without stop.

Celestial Skeleton's damaged sovereign weapon was unable to do anything before the claw attacks inflicted him with heavy injuries. He was getting weaker and weaker, reaching a point he could no longer fight. It filled the Skeleton Gang members with fear, and they no longer had any fight in them.

"Those who refuse to submit will die," said Noxious Blood as he killed two random Skeleton Gang members as a warning.

The Skeleton Gang members realized that defeat was imminent, and some got on their knees to beg for mercy.

Noxious Blood looked at the three Skeleton Gang leaders coldly and said, "I will give you one chance as well. Submit and live. I will even assign you important positions under me. Otherwise...die."

Right this moment, a voice rumbled on from far away, "A trash like you wishes to poach this young master's men?"

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