Chapter 509: Contribution Conversion

Not one of the people in the fort was a pushover, with a considerable number of them being Emperors. Suddenly, they had their attention caught by two powerful auras that had suddenly stirred. The might of Du Xuanhao and Han Pojun could be clearly felt from their auras, and the people in their vicinity moved away from them.

Experts like those two were considered powerful even in the entirety of this fort. Nobody would wish to offend them for no reason. The people also noticed that the two peak Emperors were guarding a youngster who was staring at the Contribution Stele. And noticing the youngster caused them to be even more astonished.

"I-is he comprehending the accomplishments of our predecessors? How is that even possible?"

"What a lucky youngster. I heard that every hundred years or so, someone would get to comprehend the accomplishments of the names on the Contribution Stele, getting a chance to be enlightened by the combat scenes of our predecessors. I have never imagined that I would get a chance to witness this happening with my own eyes."

"Who's that young man? What luck!"

"Watch your voice. Don't you see the two experts guarding him? If your loud voice disturbs him, they'll kill you right where you stand!"


The people around Xiang Shaoyun were looking at him with numerous different emotions, such as envy, admiration, and hatred. Those who had managed to comprehend the accomplishments of the predecessors on the stele had all benefited greatly from it. Most of them had eventually ended up as remarkable individuals who dominated large swaths of land.

Right this moment, an indescribable power rippled from the Contribution Stele, slowly approaching and enveloping Xiang Shaoyun. Initially, only a small number of people had noticed what was happening. But the power rippling out of the Contribution Stele alarmed everyone in the fort.

Numerous powerful auras started approaching the area. Both Du Xuanhao and Han Pojun broke out in cold sweat when they sensed the approaching auras. The owners of those auras were all Sovereigns. If they decided to meddle with what Xiang Shaoyun was doing, the two would be completely helpless.

"Hmph. Which kid is so audacious to..." Finally, one of the Sovereigns couldn't hold it anymore and tried interrupting Xiang Shaoyun.

The Sovereign's voice rumbled on. Both Du Xuanhao and Han Pojun could hear ringing in their ears. Du Xuanhao erupted with his saber aura, trying his best to withstand the pressure exerted by the Sovereign. But before he could do anything, an incorporeal palm appeared out of nowhere and swatted the Sovereign away.


After a miserable wail, the Sovereign went silent. The other Sovereigns felt their hearts palpitate when they sensed what happened. They decided to keep their mouths shut. Even so, the short interruption was enough to pull Xiang Shaoyun's consciousness back to reality. The radiance on the Contribution Stele dimmed, and it returned to how it was before.

At that, regret filled the eyes that were focused on Xiang Shaoyun. In their opinion, Xiang Shaoyun must have suffered a disastrous loss, having his comprehension session end prematurely. Shaking their heads, the people dispersed.

Du Xuanhao gripped his fists tightly and shouted, "Damnable bastard! You dare interrupt my young master's comprehension? Don't let me find out who you are, or I won't rest before I hunt you down!"

In his fury, a dreadful saber energy shot to the sky. The current Du Xuanhao was most likely a War Sovereign. The people in the area quickly scattered, not willing to be dragged into the mess.

Xiang Shaoyun recovered his consciousness and said, "Forget it. A narrow-minded scoundrel like that won't amount to much in life anyway. There is no point in wasting our energy on someone like that. In any case, it's not like I have lost anything."

After saying that, he went to a certain platform with his contribution plate. It was the same platform where the contribution plates were given out, and it was also the same place where one could record one's contribution points.

There, Xiang Shaoyun handed his contribution plate to an old man and said, "I will have to trouble you to record my contribution points, lord."

The old man nodded and took the contribution plate before placing it on a sleek stone beside him. The moment the contribution plate touched the stone, it shone, and the number 13,000,000 appeared on it. The old man raised his brow. With a gratified look, he said, "Not bad. You did well getting so many contribution points with your cultivation level."

Xiang Shaoyun smiled. "Thank you, lord. I wish to convert these points for some rewards. I wonder what's available for conversion?"

"You can do it here," said the old man as a catalog appeared in his hand. "Anything listed in this book can be traded for, and naturally, you won't be able to trade for anything worth more than 13 million contribution points."

Xiang Shaoyun nodded and started going through the catalog. When he saw the contents of the catalog, his eyes lit up.

The catalog was separated into several sections. One of the sections was the herb section, filled with herbs at the king medicine grade and beyond. A large number of emperor medicines could also be found, and even sovereign medicines and saint medicines were available as well. There was also a weaponry section, with weapons of the king weapon grade and beyond. 

Apart from that, there was also a technique section. It was filled with battle techniques and cultivation methods. Numerous other rare treasures were also listed in the catalog, and it was as if one could find everything in it. Every single item listed in the catalog had a price tag corresponding to their value attached. With enough contribution points, one could even get a saint medicine from it.

Of course, the price tag for something like a saint medicine was over 10 billion contribution points, an amount one might not be able to earn in a lifetime. Someone with over 10 million contribution points like Xiang Shaoyun could only purchase the emperor medicines or emperor weapons in the book or other treasures of corresponding grade.

Xiang Shaoyun also found the blood cocoon stone listed in the book's sovereign medicine section. The price tag listed was 500 million contribution points and 30 sovereign-grade devil cores.

His eyes grew wide at the listed price. He had known that the blood cocoon stone was rare, but he had never known that it was this valuable. It wasn't hard to get 500 million contribution points. One only needed time. But getting 30 sovereign-grade devil cores would be extremely hard, and it was certainly not something an Emperor could do.

Xiang Shaoyun continued going through the book, trying to see if there were any other sovereign-grade treasures comparable to the blood cocoon stone. Soon, he saw a mid sovereign-grade treasure called the icesouls heart, with a price tag of 600 million contribution points and 35 sovereign-grade devil cores.

This icesouls heart would be a decent treasure, thought Xiang Shaoyun.

At this time, the old man reminded him, "Young man, don't get ahead of yourself. With your contribution points, you won't be able to afford any sovereign-grade treasures. Just focus on emperor-grade treasures."

Xiang Shaoyun nodded and did as told. Soon, he found what he was looking for.

True Martial Academy entrance test quota, limited to those below 30 years old, priced at 10 million contribution points.

Nine Palace Academy entrance test quota, limited to those below 30 years old, priced at 10 million contribution points.

Dragon Phoenix Academy entrance test quota, limited to those below 30 years old, priced at 10 million contribution points.

Sacred Deer Academy entrance test quota, limited to those below 30 years old, priced at 10 million contribution points.

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