Chapter 507: Di Batian

Ziling Sect, Celestial King Province.

The Ziling Sect was a prestigious top tier-7 organization in the Celestial King Province. Their sect master, Xiang Yangzhan, was an ambitious and ruthless hero. Unfortunately, during a battle with Shangguan Wusheng the Death Magistrate, both Xiang Yangzhan and his opponent had gone missing at the Wumo Pass. Subsequently, huge changes had happened within the Ziling Sect. The new sect master was not the son of Xiang Yangzhan. Rather, it was the previous deputy sect master, Di Batian.

Di Batian was a sworn brother of Xiang Yangzhan, and his strength was second only to Xiang Yangzhan in the sect. He had nine sons, each a dragon among men with extraordinary talent in cultivation. Recently, the Di Clan had finally managed to fully subjugate the internal disorders in the sect. One could say that the current Ziling Sect was finally fully under the Di Clan’s control.

Currently, an imposing middle-aged man was seated on the sect master's throne in the sect's main hall. He had a pair of bright eyes, a pair of sharp eyebrows, and a bearing akin to an overbearing lion. His tyrannical aura was clear for all to see. He was Di Batian, current sect leader of Ziling Sect.

Apart from Di Batian, there were three youngsters in the hall. One of them was Di Tong, while the other two were Di Shang and Di Lin. Di Tong was Di Batian's seventh son. Di Shang was the eighth son, and Di Lin was the ninth son.

Di Tong was undeniably strong. His cultivation level was at the peak of the King Realm and he had partially formed draconic aura. He was practically an Emperor-in-waiting. After leaving the Devil Domain, the first thing he did was rush back to the Ziling Sect. His goal was to inform his father about Xiang Shaoyun.

Of the three brothers present, Di Shang had the coldest expression. He was about 25 years old and was a peak eighth-stage Skysoar Realm cultivator. He was no less talented than Di Tong.

As for Di Lin, he was 19 years old and was an elegant teenager with a remarkable bearing. He was Di Batian's most outstanding son, a ninth-stage Skysoar Realm cultivator. Someone with such strength at such an age was extremely rare in tier-7 organizations. Of the two people Xiang Shaoyun hated most, one of them was this very Di Lin while the other was a young woman he had liked since young.

Since Xiang Shaoyun was of similar age to Di Lin, with the relationship of their fathers, the two had been playmates since young. Thus, one could say that they were as close as actual siblings. That was why Di Lin's betrayal had deeply affected Xiang Shaoyun. Even so, Xiang Shaoyun couldn't help but admire the patience and the scheming mind this "brother" of his had.

"Di Tong, you are saying Xiang Shaoyun is now a Super War Emperor?" Di Batian asked indifferently, his eyes as overbearing as ever.

"Yes, Father. When he was a fourth-stage Skysoar Realm cultivator, he was already capable of killing Devil Kings three stages above him. Now that he is a seventh-stage Skysoar Realm cultivator, his combat prowess has definitely grown even more terrifying. I hope you can send a large army to kill him and end this threat once and for all, Father," said Di Tong.

Xiang Shaoyun had only started cultivating after he left the Ziling Sect, and it had only been four years. With the height he had reached in such a short time frame, they had to face him seriously.

"Seventh brother, you are overestimating him. How can that trash be so powerful?" said Di Shang, unconvinced.

"If he is still the same trash, I would have killed him the moment I saw him. Why would I even come back here to tell Father all this?" Di Tong replied.

"I have always known of his extraordinary talent. But I have never expected him to be this remarkable. Father, we have to take this seriously. We can't allow him to keep growing," said Di Lin with a sigh.

"He is indeed worthy of being Xiang Yangzhan's son. Alright, this ends here for you. I will take charge of this. He won't be able to leave the Bloodsin City alive," said Di Batian, still as calm as ever. "It's time all of you start preparing for the Dragon Phoenix Academy's entrance test. Get ready. Your elder brothers had all missed their chance to join the academy. No matter what, the three of you need to enter the Dragon Phoenix Academy, even if you have to join as an ordinary disciple."

"Don't worry, Father. We will definitely be able to join the Dragon Phoenix Academy," promised the three.

Di Lin continued, "Father, do you want me to deal with Xiang Shaoyun? I know him best, so it won't be hard for me to kill him."

Di Batian waved his hand. "No. Your only priority is to become a core disciple of the Dragon Phoenix Academy and work with your two brothers to make a name for yourselves. After accomplishing that, what is there to fear about Xiang Shaoyun? Even if Xiang Yangzhan himself returns, the only thing awaiting him is death."

"Father, Xiang Yangzhan is still alive?" Di Tong asked, a complicated look on his face when he recalled the previous sect master.

"Who knows? Although I'm inclined to believe that both he and Shangguan Wusheng had perished together, that fellow had never been one to die easily. But don't worry. Even if he lives, he won't be much of a threat to us anymore. Di Tong, Di Shang, both of you may leave first. Di Lin, stay," said Di Batian.

A complicated look surfaced on the faces of Di Tong and Di Shang. After saluting their father, they both withdrew from the hall. After the two left, Di Lin said, "Father, my two elder brothers will think that you are biased with what you just did."

"So what? It's perfectly understandable why they would have such thoughts right now. But they will change their minds in a few years," said Di Batian. He then took out an item and handed it to Di Lin. "Take this and keep it well. After entering the academy, take it out and search for an item according to the instructions in there. With that thing, I will be able to reach an even higher realm in the future, and it will even be possible for the Ziling Sect to become a tier-8 sect."

Di Lin did not open the package to see what was inside. He stowed it away and said deferentially, "Yes, Father. I won't disappoint you."

"Good. This is very important and no mistakes are allowed. If your two brothers fail to pass the entrance test, get them into the academy as your followers instead. Although that will be humiliating to them, they should still be grateful that they can enter the Dragon Phoenix Academy," said Di Batian.

Evidently, Di Lin was a special-recruit disciple of the Dragon Phoenix Academy. The so-called special-recruit disciples were made up of insanely talented freaks. Just from the fact that Di Lin was qualified to be recruited as a special-recruit disciple, one could say that he was probably no less talented than Xiang Shaoyun. After all, a great example of a special-recruit disciple was Yu Caidie, who similarly did not have to take any tests to join the Dragon Phoenix Academy.

"Yes, Father," Di Lin said. "Father, Xiang Shaoyun once told me that he has a nine-star physique. Back then, I thought he was bluffing, but it looks like he was telling the truth after all. Be careful when dealing with him, Father."

Only now did some emotions show on Di Batian's face.

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