Chapter 506: Even Your Uncle's Life Had Been Saved by Him

The ice turtle devil had incredibly powerful defenses, but the newcomer was able to crush its shell and kill it with a single kick. When the sisters saw who the newcomer was, they called out cheerfully, "Uncle Pojun!"

They then rushed over, flanked him on both sides, and hugged his arms. They seemed to be extremely close.

"Although you are quite strong, you are not strong enough to challenge a devil whose specialty is defense," said Han Pojun dotingly. He was still single, and he treated the sisters as his own daughters.

"Uncle Pojun, we were only trying to increase our combat prowess," Han Xuewei quickly explained.

Han Qianwei also smiled, something she rarely did, and said, "Our cooperative Icefrost Sword Technique has already reached the third stage, Chilling the Air, Freezing the Sky. If we can reach the fourth stage, World of Ice and Snow, not even this ice turtle devil can be our match!"

Han Pojun had a gratified look on his face. "Both of you have the Yin Frost Physique. Although there are some flaws to this physique, you are still among the best in your age group. This time, your uncle has some gifts for you. I believe with these gifts, it won't be hard for both of you to advance a stage or two."

"Thank you, uncle!" thanked the sisters.

"By the way, Uncle Pojun, a friend of ours is a War King. If possible, can you show him some guidance?" Han Qianwei asked.

"Yes, yes, our friend is amazing. He has a similar cultivation level to us, but is already capable of battling Devil Emperors. I think he is more than a War King. He is probably a War Emperor! I hope Uncle Pojun can offer him some guidance!" said Han Xuewei in excitement.

Han Pojun raised his brow. "Oh? There's such a promising youngster around? What is his name?"

Before the two could reply, Xiang Shaoyun arrived on Money's back.

"Xiang Shaoyun, you're back!" the sisters called out with the same joy they had displayed when they had seen Han Pojun.

Xiang Shaoyun nodded. "Yes, I'm back."

Han Qianwei quickly said, "Uncle Pojun, this is the friend we were talking about. He is the one who had saved our lives!"

"Yes, yes! Uncle Pojun, you need to repay him on our behalf!" said Han Pojun as she swung Han Pojun's arm about like a spoiled child.

An odd look appeared on Han Pojun's face. "About this—"

Han Qianwei did not let him finish, "Uncle, you can't reject us! Or else, we won't call you uncle ever again!"

"Yes, yes! Xiang Shaoyun has incredible comprehension ability with remarkable combat prowess. If you are willing to give him some pointers, he will become even stronger! That way, his favor toward us will be considered paid. Uncle, please don't reject us," begged Han Xuewei.

In their opinion, Han Pojun was the most outstanding individual of their Han Clan. The reason for that was because their ancestor once said that Han Pojun was the Han Clan member with the most potential to one day enter the Soul Foundation Realm. Everyone in the Han Clan had high hopes for Han Pojun, hoping that he would one day take over the responsibility of their ancestor and become a new pillar of the clan.

Because of that, the sisters believed that Han Pojun's pointers would be of great help to Xiang Shaoyun. That was their way of repaying Xiang Shaoyun for his favor. Little did they know, they had been too overconfident.

It wouldn't be a problem for Han Pojun to give any other youth some pointers. After all, he was a peak Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator and was more than qualified to teach a King Realm cultivator. However, he was not good enough to give some pointers to a Super War Emperor who also possessed a Devil Sovereign puppet.

A youngster like this most definitely came from a powerful organization with a powerful teacher. Someone like Han Pojun was still not qualified to offer such a youngster some guidance.

"It's not that I am not willing to guide Brother Xiang, but I am not qualified to do so," said Han Pojun with a sigh. "Even your uncle's life had been saved by him."

The sisters initially thought that Han Pojun was only giving them some random excuses, but when they heard his second sentence, they both blanked out.

"Uncle, y-you're saying he saved you?" Han Qianwei asked with disbelief.

Han Pojun laughed dryly, "There's nothing surprising about that. Brother Xiang has extraordinary combat prowess. Although your uncle is decently strong, I can still encounter problems I can't solve. So yeah, don't even mention this anymore. It will only make a joke out of your uncle."

"Xiang Shaoyun, you're amazing!" said Han Xuewei with a look of admiration.

From the tender emotions rippling out of her eyes, one would not doubt her willingness to jump into Xiang Shaoyun's embrace then and there. A young man this attractive and outstanding would be fatal to any maiden. Even Han Qianwei, who never had a good opinion of Xiang Shaoyun, had to acknowledge his talent. With their own uncle singing Xiang Shaoyun praises, their opinion of him further increased.

"I am far too inferior compared to those true freaks," said Xiang Shaoyun as he rubbed his nose. It was rare to see him so humble. He knew he had an impressive strength, but he had once read about freaks far stronger than him in the ancient records. Thus, he did not dare to let pride settle in his heart.

"You don't have to be so humble, Brother Xiang. Otherwise, others will think you are being a hypocrite," said Han Pojun.

"That's right! As a person, you need to have your pride!" Han Qianwei agreed.

Xiang Shaoyun did not wish to continue this conversation, so he said, "Alright, since you are both fine, let's go back to the city."

"Finally," Han Xuewei sighed.

"Yeah, I'm starting to miss the city," Han Qianwei agreed.

This trip to the Devil Domain had shown how a cruel battlefield looked like. The deaths and departures of the white knights who had come to the Devil Domain with them had also taught them how cruel reality was and how fickle loyalties could be. They had also gained a lot from the trip, but they still wished to return and take some time properly organizing their gains.

And thus, the group started heading back. Along the way, Han Pojun started questioning the sisters about the recent events. The sisters did not hide anything and told him everything that had happened during the year he was away. Naturally, they stuck to their promise and had not mentioned the Skeleton Gang. Instead, they shifted all the blame onto the Noxious Blood Gang.

After all, Xiang Shaoyun had rescued not only them but their uncle as well. If they still exposed the Skeleton Gang after what he had done, he might turn on them. Things might not end well for them if that happened.

"The Noxious Blood Gang deserves death!" Han Pojun declared murderously.

"If you want to eliminate the Noxious Blood Gang, I am willing to help," said Xiang Shaoyun.

"Hehe, I'm glad to hear that, Brother Xiang," said Han Pojun.

The Noxious Blood Gang's great monarch was now a Soul Foundation Realm expert. It wouldn't be easy for the Han Clan to eliminate a gang like that. He believed that if Xiang Shaoyun was the one to act, the Noxious Blood Gang would have no hopes of surviving. It was at this time that a powerful aura started rippling out of the blood cocoon stone, as if Du Xuanhao was going to break out soon.

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