Chapter 504: All of You May Die

Han Pojun was a proud and aloof individual with few friends. Thus, he had not expected to be saved during this critical moment. Yet the unexpected had happened. At the final moments, someone arrived and dragged both of them away from the barrage of attacks.

After the explosions settled, Sand Blood told everyone to stop attacking. When his gaze landed on where Han Pojun and the blood cocoon stone were before, he found nothing. He frowned and looked in a different direction. His eyes shrank. "Nether prison devil!"

If it was a regular nether prison devil, he would not be afraid. His group had both strength and numbers, and so long as they did not encounter a large group of devils, they would be able to do as they wished here. But this nether prison devil was different as it was able to rescue their targets right under their noses. That proved how powerful this nether prison devil was.

When he focused, he found that there was a different aura by the nether prison devil. The second person was an elegant young man. His long black hair fluttered about, and he possessed a pair of luminous eyes, his aura valiant, and his bearing cold. Any maiden would be smitten by the sight of this young man. The young man was none other than Xiang Shaoyun.

In truth, Xiang Shaoyun hated trouble, and he never viewed himself as some sort of hero. But each time he stumbled upon someone in trouble, he had to help. Examples of those he had helped were Jin Shui, Ling Lin, Shou Xie, the Han Clan sisters, and now Han Pojun. He did not view himself as a hero, but others might disagree.

When he found the Noxious Blood Gang attacking Han Pojun, he did not intend to help even though he knew Han Pojun was related to the Han Clan sisters. After all, he did not have much time to waste playing a hero. But when Sand Blood shouted that Du Xuanhao was the person in the blood cocoon stone, he had no choice but to help. 

Du Xuanhao had entered the Devil Domain a step ahead of Xiang Shaoyun to temper himself. Xiang Shaoyun believed that Du Xuanhao would be strong enough to protect himself in the third layer.

Because of that, Xiang Shaoyun had never planned to look for him at the third layer. But now that they had stumbled upon each other, he had no choice but to help. Du Xuanhao was his follower, but he respected Du Xuanhao like a big brother. That was not only because of Hua Cheng, but he truly admired Du Xuanhao's character.

"W-who are you?" Han Pojun asked weakly.

Han Pojun was not naive enough to believe that the nether prison devil would help them. He was sure this young man was the reason for their rescue. Otherwise, in the eyes of the nether prison devil, they were food.

Xiang Shaoyun answered with a question, "Is Du Xuanhao the one in the stone?"

Han Pojun did not know who Xiang Shaoyun was, but he had to rely on this young man, so he nodded. "Yes. H-he is my brother. I hope you can help us!"

Although this young man did not look too strong, he was sure this young man was the only one who could help them right now. Before Xiang Shaoyun could reply, Sand Blood's group surrounded them.

Sand Blood looked at Xiang Shaoyun and asked, "Mister, why are you getting involved in an affair of the Noxious Blood Gang?"

Sand Blood did not dare to move recklessly. The nether prison devil with zero vitality was creating intense fear in his heart. This was the third layer of Devil Domain, and a vast majority of devils here were Devil Emperors.

A young man that was not even an Emperor was here, and that defied common sense. As for a high-level puppet like this nether prison devil puppet, it was not something an ordinary organization could possess. Thus, he suspected that this young man was a genius from some large organization, or even an exalted devil of the Devil Domain.

"Hehe, Noxious Blood Gang again? Looks like I, Xiang Shaoyun, am really connected by fate with you Noxious Blood Gang people. You may all die," said Xiang Shaoyun with a cold sneer. At his command, the nether prison devil puppet attacked.


Nobody could see how the puppet had moved, and by the time they noticed the puppet, Sand Blood's head had already been smashed into pulp. Sand Blood had been on guard all along, prepared to flee at the first sign of danger.

However, he had underestimated the speed and strength of the nether prison devil puppet. Thus, he was killed before he could do anything. The others were also in a state of shock. By the time they recovered, the nether prison devil puppet had already killed more than 10 of them.

Each kill was completed with only a single hit, including those equipped with emperor armors. None could withstand the nether prison devil puppet's attack. The survivors felt their bodies turn cold, and they all started fleeing madly.

Unfortunately, they were much slower than the nether prison devil puppet. After all, the nether prison devil puppet was equivalent to a Devil Sovereign. In a few seconds, the group of over 50 members was completely annihilated. Not even their mounts were spared.

Han Pojun was so shocked he couldn't even feel his pain anymore. His eyes were wide open, his mouth agape, his face filled with disbelief. He knew this nether prison devil puppet was strong, but its performance had still exceeded his expectation. Even an ordinary Sovereign would probably have a hard time dealing with it. Of course, he also rejoiced at the fact that his life had successfully been preserved.

"This is a drop of lightning liquid. Use it," said Xiang Shaoyun as he handed Han Pojun a drop of lightning liquid. Han Pojun did not hesitate, and he opened his mouth, allowing the drop of lightning liquid to drip inside. He then entered a meditative state to heal his injuries.

Xiang Shaoyun then shifted his focus to the blood cocoon stone. With his gift of instincts, he tried to see the situation within the stone. Unfortunately, the only thing he saw was a vague outline of a saber. He was unable to see if Du Xuanhao was really in there.

Even so, he was sure Du Xuanhao was in the stone. He did not understand why Du Xuanhao would be in the stone, but he did not rashly destroy it. He would wait until Han Pojun was done healing before doing anything else.

As for the nether prison devil puppet, it was stowed away. It had only been battling under the control of Xiang Shaoyun's soul. After the first time he sent his soul into the puppet, he discovered that he only needed to send a strand of his consciousness into the puppet to control it. That probably had something to do with the Nether Soul Domain he had as well.

Xiang Shaoyun proceeded to summon a few ghostrunes, and he sent them to clean up the battlefield. The dead Noxious Blood Gang members probably had quite a lot of treasures on them. He did not wish to see those treasures go to waste.

Not one of them was a Soul Foundation Realm expert. It's clear their great monarch is not here. Has he returned to the city? If that is the case, I need to return as soon as possible. Otherwise, there will be nothing left of the Skeleton Gang, thought Xiang Shaoyun.

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