Chapter 503: Han Pojun

After circling the six-horned iron devil one time, Xiang Shaoyun found that the devil had no reaction whatsoever to his approach. Inwardly, he thought proudly, Looks like I have successfully cultivated the Nether Shadow Evanescence.

But right as that thought surfaced in his mind, the six-horned iron devil suddenly opened its eyes. Xiang Shaoyun was greatly shocked, his heart thumping wildly. After all, this powerful Devil Emperor was still capable of easily killing him.

Just as Xiang Shaoyun was about to release his Nether Soul Domain, the six-horned iron devil shut its eyes again and continued sleeping. Xiang Shaoyun heaved a breath of relief.

Alright, you may go to the afterlife now, thought Xiang Shaoyun as he walked toward the flank of the devil.

His gaze landed on a certain protrusion on the devil's neck. The skin there was three times thicker than the other parts of the devil's body. That was the vital spot of the devil. So long as that protrusion was destroyed, the devil would die. A chakram appeared in Xiang Shaoyun's hand as he struck the protrusion with it. The incomparably sharp chakram easily sliced the protrusion apart.


The six-horned iron devil roared in pain and started rolling about on the ground. A massive amount of devilish energy started rippling out of its body. This was its final struggle before death, and the first thing Xiang Shaoyun did was pull a wide distance between him and the devil.

Even with the vigorous vitality this devil had, with the destruction of its vital spot, it did not even last long before it was fully dead. In theory, this vital spot was the same as the heart of a human. Without a heart, how could a human remain alive?

Just like that, Xiang Shaoyun earned 120,000 contribution points. If other Kings found out Xiang Shaoyun could so easily earn that many contribution points, they would probably be mad with envy. After harvesting the six horns and some other important parts of the devil's body, Xiang Shaoyun proceeded to slice a piece of meat off the devil and started cooking it.

As for the remaining part of the corpse, it became the food for the ghostrunes. However, Money was not partaking in the feast as he hated the aura of the Devil Domain. Thus, he had been staying in the astral cosmos sea most of the time. Xiang Shaoyun attributed that to laziness.

Yes, Money was a demon and was not suited to the environment here, but he should still come out to temper himself. But he instead stayed in the astral cosmos sea to enjoy the nourishment of the thin nine-colored fog. It almost seemed like he was addicted to the fog.

Xiang Shaoyun found that just relying on the tiny bit of nine-colored fog, Money had also reached the late fourth-stage Demon King realm. It wouldn't be long before he could enter the fifth-stage. 

At that realization, Xiang Shaoyun was filled with even more expectation toward the nine-colored fog. Unfortunately, he was unable to form much of the nine-colored fog in his current environment. He would only be able to continue forming more after leaving the Devil Domain.

After the meal, Xiang Shaoyun did not leave immediately. Rather, he gathered a large number of devilish energy stones in the area. He also found some top-quality enigma stones. Only then did he leave satisfied.

He arrived at the territory of a different Devil Emperor and assassinated the Devil Emperor with the same method. He had also figured out that with his current bloodline power, he would only be able to maintain the Nether Shadow Evanescence for half an hour. That wasn't a long time, but it was long enough to do a lot of things.

Xiang Shaoyun believed that so long as he continued working hard, the time limit would only increase. And now, he finally started his return journey. He planned to keep killing on his way back. By the time he was done with the return journey, he should have enough contribution points in hand.


Meanwhile, at a certain area in the third layer, a group of powerful individuals were attacking a peak Emperor. The group had more than 50 members, and each of them was a Dragon Ascension Realm expert. The leader was a peak Emperor, with two ninth-stage Emperors serving under him. The rest of the group members were Emperors of different stages.

Riding their powerful mounts, they surrounded their target and sealed all escape. Even the native Demon Emperors in the area were all killed mercilessly. The Emperor they were targeting had been fleeing all alone, but ultimately, he was forced to fight them as he had no way of escape.

The peak Emperor looked to be about 35 years old. He had a resolute face, akin to a firm sheath, while his pair of bright eyes were filled with viciousness. His messy hair whipped about, while his blood-stained body emanated an austere aura. He wielded a massive crimson stone that was the size of two adults, looking extremely conspicuous.

"Han Pojun, you won't be able to escape us. Hand over the blood cocoon stone, or you will die today," said the leader of the group.

From the outfits the people in the group were wearing, they were from the Noxious Blood Gang. The leader was the second monarch of the gang, Sand Blood. As for the man with the crimson stone, he was Han Pojun. If the Han Clan sisters were here, they would be able to recognize this person as their uncle. This person was one of the strongest second generation members of the Han Clan.

The Han Clan was only a peak tier-5 organization. That was because they only had a single Sovereign Realm expert in their clan. They would only become a tier-6 organization if they had two or more Sovereigns in their clan. The person with the most hope of entering the Sovereign Realm in the clan currently was this very Han Pojun.

Han Pojun was indeed someone with great talent. He was not even 100 years old, yet he was already a peak Emperor. Someone with this sort of talent was extremely rare among tier-5 organizations. But now, the Noxious Blood Gang was encircling him. He was in bad shape, and it did not seem like he would be able to escape.

"You bastards from the Noxious Blood Gang, cut the crap! The blood cocoon stone will be useless for you even if you manage to obtain it. My brother is already inside. Give up already," howled Han Pojun as he placed the stone on the ground.

"Very well, I will send both you and your brother to the afterlife, then," said Sand Blood viciously.

After saying that, he charged Han Pojun. The two ninth-stage Emperors also attacked. They knew that Han Pojun was a difficult opponent. If they did not use all their power to kill him, he might be able to escape them yet again.

Han Pojun might be valiant, but with three experts attacking him, he sustained even more injuries. Even so, he was ruthless enough to risk injury in order to kill one of the three. Unfortunately, after killing a ninth-stage Emperor, Sand Blood inflicted yet another heavy injury on him, causing him to collapse beside the blood cocoon stone. He could barely move.

"Han Pojun, time to die," said Sand Blood as he prepared to deal the final blow.

Right this instant, a dreadful saber energy shot out of the blood cocoon stone and blasted Sand Blood away.

"Saber intent? So you are the one in the blood cocoon stone, Du Xuanhao? You bastard! If I can't get the blood cocoon stone, I will destroy you with the stone! Everyone, attack!" commanded Sand Blood. Instantly, a barrage of attacks were sent toward Han Pojun and the blood cocoon stone.

"I have failed you, brother," said Han Pojun with despair. It was at this moment that a figure suddenly appeared and dragged away both Han Pojun and the blood cocoon stone.

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