Chapter 501: Extorting the Old Nether Prison Devil

At the same time Xiang Shaoyun fully recovered from his injuries, Yun Flame had also completed the refining process of the devil flame seed in the astral cosmos sea. The fusion of the two powerful flames gave birth to a brand new high-level flame.

A tinge of black could be seen in the initially crimson Yun Flame, making it look even more bewitching and vivid than before. The power of flame had also increased to a brand new level. The power of flame caused the temperature in the astral cosmos sea to increase greatly, the heat attracting Xiang Shaoyun's attention.

When he shifted his focus to the astral cosmos sea, he found that under the nourishment of the power of flame, the blaze flower was growing even faster, undergoing clear changes. Before long, it would be ripe. The previous ripe blaze flower had been given to Du Xuanhao.

This stalk of blaze flower was a newly grown one. Although it had been growing nicely, it should have taken much longer to ripen. Now, after absorbing the devil flame seed, Yun Flame's power had grown to a brand new level. Even the blaze flower had benefited from the increased flame power.

"Boss, it's hot as hell here. Let me out," Money started protesting.

Xiang Shaoyun satisfied his request and let him out of the astral cosmos sea. At this time, he also sensed that the Yun Flame was demanding to return to the flame star to refuse with his body.

But after a slight hesitation, Xiang Shaoyun decided to not immediately send Yun Flame back to the flame star. Currently, Yun Flame was filled with power. If it returned to the flame star, his cultivation level would definitely start growing once again.

That was supposed to be something good, but Xiang Shaoyun had no intention to increase his cultivation level so soon after his previous advancement. His current focus was to temper his newly gained strength from his recent advancements. After stabilizing and suppressing his foundations, he would then let Yun Flame return at a suitable time to make the best use of its new power.

After making up his mind, Xiang Shaoyun placated Yun Flame, telling it to remain in the lava and continue nourishing the blaze flower. He believed that before long, he would be able to put the blaze flower to use. A high-tier emperor medicine like this would be very useful during his breakthrough into the Emperor Realm.

Xiang Shaoyun shifted his focus back to his body and found that he had fully healed from his injuries. His body was currently filled with power. He could feel that his bloodline had once again strengthened his body. In fact, his physical body was now comparable to even the strongest of Kings. Although his cultivation level remained the same, his strength and vitality had changed massively.

He could also sense that a faintly discernible symbol had appeared on his forehead. The symbol looked ancient and noble, and it made his handsome face look rather bewitching. Any maiden would be smitten at the sight of the current Xiang Shaoyun.

He stroked the symbol and muttered, "Is this the proof of the Imperial Nether Clan's bloodline?"

Although he looked rather cool with the symbol on his forehead, he did not like to have it visible like this. Without any hesitation, he willed for the symbol to fade away. It was still not the time to let others know that he had the Imperial Nether Clan's bloodline. He was more willing to continue carrying himself as a pure human.

After his recovery, Xiang Shaoyun did not continue moving straight away. Rather, he continued his seclusion, trying to rebuild his Nether Soul Domain. The Nether Soul Domain had been destroyed by the nether prison devil puppet, causing his soul to drop greatly in power. But with the increase of his bloodline power, his soul power had not only recovered, but it had even grown stronger.

Even so, he still needed to personally rebuild his Nether Soul Domain. Although the Nether Soul Domain had been destroyed, he still had the soul raising stone and the soul spring. With the further awakening of his talent as an Imperial Nether Clan member, it wouldn't be hard for him to rebuild a brand new Nether Soul Domain. All he needed was time.

Xiang Shaoyun spent about one month at the site before leaving. When he stepped out of the castle once more, he was much taller than before. His bearing became even more elegant and graceful, and his long wavy jet-black hair fluttered about wildly, making him look carefree and heroic.

The repelling force of the castle could no longer block his exit. It was not that he had become so strong the castle couldn't do anything to him, but it was due to his newly obtained chakram. It contained a unique power within, allowing him to control the castle.

Outside the castle, the old nether prison devil appeared before him. With an ugly smile on his face, he deferentially said, "Congratulations, Lord Ming Xiao for your rebirth."

Xiang Shaoyun blanked out slightly, then a crafty smile appeared on his face. "Hehe, yes, ahhhh, it feels good to be alive once again."

"Lord Ming Xiao, is your esteemed self returning to the clan immediately? This lowly one is willing to serve you with my life," asked the old nether prison devil with a bow.

"There is no rush. I need some time to get used to this new body," said Xiang Shaoyun. "This body is too weak. I need to restore my strength as quickly as possible. Bring me all the cultivation resources of your clan. Upon my return to the clan in the future, you will be amply rewarded for your contribution."

Xiang Shaoyun understood that the old nether prison devil was aware of the remnant soul in the castle, and he also understood that the old nether prison devil had only allowed him in there so the remnant soul could steal his body.

Since that was the case, he did not mind extorting this old nether prison devil. Naturally, the old nether prison devil did not dare disobey. Immediately, a large number of devil materials were delivered before Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun's eyes lit up when he saw the materials, but he quickly hid his excitement. Every single one of the materials were not lower than the emperor-grade. Among them were a few stalks of rare emperor medicines beneficial to one's soul.

However, in comparison to the other materials, the emperor medicines weren't even something special. The truly valuable materials of the bunch were the sovereign-grade devil cores, the large number of devilish energy stones, and so on. These materials would be worth a large amount of wealth wherever he went.

"Lord Ming Xiao, are these enough? These are more than half of what my clan has," said the old nether prison devil.

"Do you think I'm stupid? You're trying to fool me with just these?" Xiang Shaoyun howled furiously.

The old nether prison devil trembled and nearly knelt down as he quickly said, "No, this lowly one dares not! This lowly one dares not!"

"What are you waiting for then? Get the real treasures out," commanded Xiang Shaoyun.

"Yes, yes, this lowly one will do just that," the old nether prison devil quickly agreed and ran off again. Shortly after, he returned with some new items.

"Lord, here are four nether prison drought fruits, all of them sovereign medicines," offered the old nether prison devil respectfully.

The four fruits were shaped like drought devils, and they were emanating thick devilish energy. Looking at them, Xiang Shaoyun was filled with joy. But he maintained an indifferent expression and said, "Smart choice."

He then stowed the four fruits. These were sovereign medicines that had probably taken over 10,000 years to grow. It wouldn't even be an exaggeration to call each of them a panacea. Sovereign medicines were much more useful than emperor medicines, and they were fatally attractive to Soul Foundation Realm cultivators.

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