Chapter 499: Nether Prison Devil Puppet

Xiang Shaoyun had no idea just how powerful this remnant soul was.

"You really think I can't do anything to you?" asked the soul.

"Of course not. Since you can survive until now, it is obvious you are powerful. are still a dead man. Why do you care about the treasures of the living?" said Xiang Shaoyun.

"Haha, so you really don't fear me," the soul roared with laughter. "I was planning to spare you because we are family, but looks like I have no choice but to destroy you."

After saying that, a sturdy figure walked out from behind the statue. The figure was actually an extremely powerful nether prison devil. This was clearly a nether prison devil puppet, as there was no vitality whatsoever to be detected from its body. That was why it had been able to stay undetected.

Even so, Xiang Shaoyun could sense that this puppet was definitely an extremely powerful nether prison devil when alive. This was a puppet made from an actual nether prison devil. Finally, the calm expression vanished from Xiang Shaoyun's face.

"Erm, b-brother, I was playing a joke! A joke! You don't have to take it seriously! I'm leaving right now. Enjoy your slumber!" said Xiang Shaoyun while stepping back. He was really behaving in a cowardly fashion now, but it wasn't like he had any other choices. Before absolute strength, he was completely helpless.

"Not so fast. I have a great idea. I can still steal your body. I only need to seriously injure you before using a soul sealing technique to seal your soul. Not even the divine treasure can save you from that. Don't worry. Your soul will still be able to continue existing like how I have been existing. You can then wait until the next junior of our clan comes so you can steal his body and undergo rebirth. Too bad you're too weak. I'm afraid even if a junior does come in the future, you won't be able to do much," said the remnant soul in excitement. It then commanded the puppet, "Cripple him."

Xiang Shaoyun started dashing toward the entrance. He moved rapidly, instantly arriving before the entrance. He thought he would be able to escape, but the repelling force had reappeared and blocked his path of escape. The nether prison devil puppet arrived before him and threw a heavy punch at him.


Xiang Shaoyun felt like his waist had snapped from the punch as his body flew away before crashing heavily on the ground. He coughed blood without stop, dyeing the ground around him red. That punch was akin to a collapsing mountain that had crushed him under its weight. This was a strength surpassing the Emperor Realm, a power of a Sovereign.

Xiang Shaoyun could no longer get back on his feet, but he still maintained his consciousness and knew that his opponent had no intention of really destroying his body. The nether prison devil puppet rushed over and gave him a kick.

Xiang Shaoyun felt like his internal organs were going to burst apart from the impact of the kick. Without any hesitation, he released his Nether Soul Domain. If not even his Nether Soul Domain could stop this puppet, there was nothing else he could do. He had thought that he would be able to obtain some inheritance from this trip to further increase his strength and trump cards, but everything had progressed differently from his expectations. He had instead thrown himself into danger.

After the Nether Soul Domain spread and enveloped the entire area, Xiang Shaoyun's soul started attacking the nether prison devil puppet. A total of 49 chains shot out and wrapped around the nether prison devil puppet's body before tightening up around it, trying to crush it. Unfortunately, the chains as powerful as the attack of an eighth-stage Emperor was not enough to deal with this puppet.


The nether prison devil puppet roared and shook its body, instantly breaking all the chains. Even the space around it started warping.

"Nether Soul Domain? This is a divine ability of our clan. Surprisingly, a mere King like you is actually capable of displaying the strength of an Emperor. Unfortunately, you have yet to fully comprehend the essence of this ability. Break it!" said the remnant soul with astonishment.


With one punch, the nether prison devil puppet smashed the Nether Soul Domain into pieces. It was at this time that the 8,000 ghostrunes flew out from the broken pieces as they no longer had any place to hide.

"What is happening, master?" Gui Qi asked nervously.

The ghostrunes had been residing comfortably in the Nether Soul Domain. Suddenly, after some intense shaking, the domain had disappeared. That caused them to be worried about Xiang Shaoyun. After all, he was their master.

"A-attack the statue...," Xiang Shaoyun commanded weakly. He had already suffered a serious injury. If the nether prison devil puppet attacked him one more time, he would be dead for sure.

When the remnant soul saw the ghostrunes, it cried out in alarm, "Quickly kill these ghostrunes!"

The Imperial Nether Clan had absolute command over the Ghostrune Clan, but it was a pity that this remnant soul was no longer a complete person. Thus, it had no way of exerting any control over these ghostrunes. Instead, it greatly feared the soul attacks of the ghostrunes.

If its soul was destroyed as well, it would cease to exist. At the command, the nether prison devil puppet attacked, blasting the ghostrunes with a dreadful punch that turned more than 10 ghostrunes into mincemeat.

However, there were too many ghostrunes, and it would take some time to kill them all. Gui Qi and the other ghostrunes started blasting the remnant soul in the statue with a barrage of soul attacks. The ghostrunes had much higher sensitivity toward anything soul related than any other races.

"AHHHH! AHHHH! Kill them! Kill them now!" The remnant soul wailed miserably.

The nether prison devil puppet was extremely powerful. In only a few seconds, nearly 1,000 ghostrunes had been killed. Even so, the ghostrunes were able to kill a remnant soul much faster.

This particular remnant soul had been existing here for many, many years, and it had barely any strength remaining. Like a tiny wisp of flame, a gentle breeze was enough to erase it.

Under the attack of so many ghostrunes, the remnant soul was completely helpless. With a final wail, it was finally destroyed. And with the destruction of the remnant soul, the symbol on the puppet's forehead faded. The puppet stopped moving and stood there motionless. This was proof that the remnant soul had been completely destroyed and that its control over the puppet had been relinquished. 

Xiang Shaoyun fainted. He had suffered grave injuries, and his Nether Soul Domain had been destroyed on top of that. One could say that these injuries were all fatal. Fortunately, the Nether Dragon Soul Headband had protected his soul from destruction. That was what had given him the chance to recover.

Several drops of lightning liquid in his body dissolved and started nourishing his injured body. It was also at this moment that Yun Flame finally started refining the final bit of the devil flame seed's power in his astral cosmos sea.

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