Chapter 498: This Will Be Quite Embarrassing for Me

The Imperial Nether Clan was one of the Four Paramount Devil Clans. All the devils in the Devil Domain had once waged war against the various surface races. As one of the strongest devil clans, the Imperial Nether Clan had naturally led a charge into the surface world during those wars as well.

That was how part of the Imperial Nether Clan came to settle on the surface world during the ancient times. At the same time, they still maintained their power and authority at the deepest layers of the Devil Domain.

Generally, the imperial clans were loath to even leave the deepest layers. The only exception would be if a war was to erupt with the surface world again. Over the years, few wars had erupted between the Devil Domain and the surface world, but each war was extremely bitter, and each warring era was a dark era.

Some of this information was what the old nether prison devil already knew, and some of it was what he had guessed. As for this Imperial Nether Clan site, this place was built by the Imperial Nether Clan many years ago. However, this was an ordinary castle, and for the Imperial Nether Clan, it wasn't anything important.

Even so, as the subsidiary clan of the Imperial Nether Clan, the Nether Prison Clan had no choice but to guard and worship this site. There was also a statue of an imperial nether here. Although this imperial nether had been dead for many years, nobody dared show any disrespect to his statue.

As for the humans and other races that once tried to explore this site, none of them had been able to cause destruction or enter the castle. Only a true imperial nether would be able to step into the castle.

Following the old nether prison devil, Xiang Shaoyun arrived before the castle. Here, the blood within his body was flowing at a much faster speed, and a sense of urgency was rising from his heart due to the calling he felt from within the castle.

"I don't really care if you see yourself as a human or an imperial nether. Since you are able to arrive here, it proves that you are connected by fate to the imperial clan. Go in," said the old nether prison devil.

Xiang Shaoyun offered no reply. He stood before the castle, silently taking in the ancient castle. He found that the entire castle was built from top-tier materials. Any random brick from the castle could be forged into an emperor weapon or even a sovereign weapon.

On the walls, odd runes and scenes were carved, as if they were ancient art pieces that could cause one to sigh endlessly in admiration. After a long time, Xiang Shaoyun finally strode toward the castle, one step at a time. When he approached the entrance, a massive repelling force appeared and sealed the entrance.

But when Xiang Shaoyun leaked some of his bloodline power, the repelling force vanished, allowing him entry. He stepped into the castle and found that although the castle was expansive, it was completely empty apart from a massive statue.

The statue was of an extremely handsome man. He had a wild mane of hair, and his head was raised, his pair of eyes revealing a shocking overbearingness. His valiant body was filled with a wild explosiveness, and in his hand was a massive chakram pointing straight at the sky, as if he was going to slice the sky apart.

Who would have guessed that this person who looked completely human was actually a full blooded imperial nether? For many people, devils were ugly, repulsive, and stupid, a perfect example of a lowly and inferior race.

In truth, the imperial nethers looked similar to humans, yet they were much taller in stature. Each of them had natural wavy hair and a unique symbol on the forehead. Of course, there were still many other differences as well, but one would not be able to see all that from this statue alone.

Just by looking at this statue, Xiang Shaoyun lost control over his blood, and it started roiling and emitting even more devilish aura from his body. Suddenly, two rays of light shot out of the statue and landed on his body. At that moment, he felt like something was summoning his very soul.

"Child of the Imperial Nether Clan, release your soul and sacrifice it to me. Become one with me, and become a supreme imperial nether. Control the vast territory..." 

An ancient voice rang out beside Xiang Shaoyun's ears, causing him to bare his naked soul without putting up any defensive measures. A black figure suddenly shot out of the statue and flew straight into his head.

"Child of the Imperial Nether Clan, offer your soul for my recovery," said the black figure. It was most likely a remnant soul that was trying to take over Xiang Shaoyun's soul and body to undergo rebirth.

"You want my soul?" asked Xiang Shaoyun's soul softly in the head.

The remnant soul that had intruded into his head greatly resembled the statue. This was probably the soul of the owner of that statue. The soul had thought that Xiang Shaoyun had been completely bedazzled. To its surprise, Xiang Shaoyun still had his clarity of mind.

However, that was not surprising since Xiang Shaoyun's soul had the Nether Dragon Soul Headband on. The Nether Dragon Soul Headband was able to block all soul attacks and could also calm and stabilize one's soul.

This was something unknown to the remnant soul. The remnant soul thought that just by intruding into Xiang Shaoyun's head, it would be able to steal his soul. But when it saw the headband, it exclaimed in fear, "O-our clan's divine headba—"

This was a remnant soul of a pure-blooded imperial nether, and was even a true prince of the clan. During one of the warring eras, the prince had been seriously injured to the point of no recovery. The prince had thus built this site here, waiting for someone from the Imperial Nether Clan to come for him to steal a body and undergo rebirth.

Yes, this trick was quite common, yet it was also an extremely effective trick. After waiting for so many years, a chance had finally appeared, yet to the soul's dismay, the prey was someone with their clan's divine headband. The soul was filled with despair at this realization.

One ought to know that the divine headband was one of the most valuable treasures of their clan, and generally, only their patriarch would be qualified to wear it. For some reason, this headband had appeared here. The soul's fear was understandable. It did not wait for Xiang Shaoyun to react and quickly left the head and returned to the statue.

"Why are you leaving so fast? Am I that scary?" Xiang Shaoyun rubbed his nose and asked.

"I don't know which branch you come from, but since you have been acknowledged by the divine treasure of our clan, let's pretend nothing has happened," said the statue with indignation.

"I'm going to pretend nothing has happened just because you say it? That will be quite embarrassing for me if I agree, don't you think?" said Xiang Shaoyun with a shrug.

"What do you want then? Do you really think you can harm me with this tiny bit of strength you have?" said the statue unhappily.

"What? Of course I won't harm you. But since we are family and you are already dead, shouldn't you have some precious treasures left behind for your junior?" asked Xiang Shaoyun calmly.

This fellow had clearly tried to take over his body. If he let it go just like that, wouldn't he be a complete coward? He did not view himself as a coward. Thus, he needed some compensation. After all, with the Nether Dragon Soul Headband, there was nothing this fellow could do to him.

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