Chapter 453: Devil Eye Beast

A majority of the devils in the second layer of the Devil Domain were Devil Kings. Xiang Shaoyun and the group traveled cautiously, wary of encountering another group filled with Devil Kings like the devil flame rats.

After all, there were only a limited number of them, and they wouldn't be able to handle a large number of Devil Kings. If they continued exhausting themselves in such battles, it would be very hard for them to reach the devil wind beast territory.

The devil wind beasts were considered the imperial clan of the second layer. Thus, there would probably be one or two Devil Emperors among them. With their strength, the devil wind beasts resided deep in the second layer.

According to the map, they needed to spend at least two months traveling to reach their destination. And taking the obstacles they might encounter along the way into consideration, they would be lucky to be able to reach their destination in three months.

So far, they had been travelling for about half a month. They had basically traveled non stop on their mounts, working together to eliminate all Devil Kings that had gotten into their way without wasting much time.

They had also encountered a powerful clan of devils, and they had only broken through after an intense battle. None of them were killed in that battle, but two of them had been injured. After all, those devilish beasts were extremely scary when they turned mad. Furthermore, they had the numerical advantage over the group of humans.

Even though these humans were all geniuses, it was practically impossible for them to survive a battle with such a powerful clan of devils unharmed. The deeper they traveled, the stronger the devils they encountered. 

At present, a large number of Devil King devil eye beasts had appeared before them. The strongest of these devil eye beasts was only a ninth-stage Devil King, but their innate attack abilities were extremely powerful.

It wouldn't be easy for them to charge through like before because these devil eye beasts specialized in eye attacks. Each of them had six eyes, and the bewitching power emitted from their eyes could daze the genius humans and cause one to hallucinate and lose one's mind, making one an easy picking.

"Everyone, don't meet their eyes. Charge through as quickly as possible," Yu Caidie shouted.

Despite her warning, two of them had still failed to react in time. They became completely dazed and stopped moving.

"Roar! Roar!"

The devil eye beasts grabbed the chance and roared as a few of them charged toward the two humans. The other humans were too busy saving themselves and couldn't spare any effort to help the two. And just like that, the two unlucky humans turned into beast fodder.

When the others saw what happened, their mood worsened. They did not want to become food for these devil eye beasts. Thus, they started unleashing their powerful attacks, trying to break free from the encirclement.

However, the eye attacks of the devil eye beasts were everywhere, making it hard for the group of humans to even see, as they had to keep avoiding eye contact. Because of that, their attack prowess were greatly restricted.

Right this moment, Yu Caidie opened her Brightfeather Umbrella, and it released a bright multicolored radiance. The radiance was as dazzling as the sun, making it hard for one to keep one's eyes open. The devil eye beasts were also forced to shut their eyes, and with that, they could no longer utilize their unique eye attacks.

"Go!" Yu Caidie shouted.

Everyone recovered their clarity of mind and quickly flew away without any delay. After leaving the territory of the devil eye beasts, they wanted to take a short break, but unfortunately, they had entered the territory of a different group of devils.

Once again, they fought their way out of this territory. If it wasn't for the fact that each of them was at least a King of Kings, they wouldn't have been able to fight continuously for such a long time. In fact, they might have already died by now.

These devils that lived together in groups were extremely troublesome to deal with. Fortunately, each of them was tough and unyielding. An ordinary King would have given up by now, not willing to die just for a woman.

As for these geniuses, they had an entirely different mindset. Each of them was a powerful combatant in his own right, and nobody wanted to fall behind the others. Thus, they viewed this trip as a good opportunity to temper themselves and increase their combat prowess. In fact, this might even be a chance for them to break through into the Dragon Ascension Realm.

Xiang Shaoyun had been silently observing everyone. He concluded that Yu Caidie was the strongest in the group and that her strength was also the hardest for him to see through. Second to her in strength was Tang Longfei. There was also a swordsman called Jian Chen, who was also as outstanding as Tang Longfei. 

The former had reached the very peak of King Realm, and his draconic aura was about 80 percent formed. The day his draconic aura reached completion would also be the day he entered the Emperor Realm. He was also extremely knowledgeable in terms of killing devilish beasts, as if he knew everything here very well. 

As for the latter, he was an expert in the way of the sword. Each time he drew his sword, his sword was dyed with blood. Both Xiang Shaoyun and Huo Xudong suspected that he was the disciple of Li Juetian, the head of the Seven Villains. The strongest after them were the likes of Long Yunfei, Di Tong, Jin Shui, and Ruo Suifeng.

Xiang Shaoyun knew very well that apart from being able to deal with the weakest of that group of individuals, the most he could do when facing the others was to preserve his life. It was almost impossible for him to actually kill any of them. To be a threat to them, he would have to be at least a fifth-stage Skysoar Realm cultivator.

Time passed, and as the group continued killing devilish beasts day in and day out, everyone now had a thick murderous intent about them. This was a result of all the slaughter they had gone through.

Amid the unending battles, Xiang Shaoyun had also gotten himself injured a few times, but he was always able to quickly recover. Everyone found it inconceivable. They no longer dared to look down on him as he was able to kill the devils as fast as they could.

The reason his offense was so effective was naturally all thanks to his gift of instincts. After all, he could clearly sense the devils' energy flow and easily kill them through their openings before they could even attack.

Through the continuous slaughter, Xiang Shaoyun's grasp on move prediction had also improved considerably. During this period, his cultivation level had also grown from early fourth-stage to mid fourth-stage. Apart from his freakish physique, him being able to absorb the devilish energy in the air had also contributed greatly to his rapid growth. Nobody else knew about that.

"Alright, we will be able to reach the devil wind beast territory in a few days. Everyone, hang in there," said Yu Caidie. As they neared their destination, her eyes were starting to fill with excitement.

Today, she was leading the way as usual, with everyone following behind her.

Suddenly, Xiang Shaoyun cried out, "Caidie, we can't go that way. We need to take a detour."

Everyone looked at him in confusion. Yu Caidie asked, "Why?"

From the map, they were taking the correct route. Moreover, there wouldn't be powerful devils in their way.

"Listen to me, we need to leave now. Otherwise, it will be too late," Xiang Shaoyun said solemnly. With his Nether Soul Domain, he had much sharper senses than the others. He had sensed some devils beyond the Devil King realm not far ahead of them.

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