Chapter 452: Subduing the Devil Flame Seed

The people from far away could see that of the two powers of flame, one was quickly weakening. The three flame cultivators' eyes were increasingly burning with desire. They were after all looking at two unique flames, something extremely attractive to them. But with so many people watching, they couldn't bring themselves to take advantage of Xiang Shaoyun and steal the flame from him.

They also knew that Huo Xudong and Can Wunian stood at Xiang Shaoyun's side. They might not watch on as Xiang Shaoyun fell into danger. Furthermore, they were still unclear if it was Xiang Shaoyun's flame or the devil flame seed that had obtained victory. If it was the devil flame seed, they would still have a chance to fight for it. Unfortunately for them, what happened next would disappoint them.

Underneath the devil flame rat territory, Xiang Shaoyun had gotten the devil flame seed under control. Trapped by the flame taming runes and being devoured by Yun Flame at the same time, the devil flame seed had no way of escaping.

The only issue Xiang Shaoyun had was if he should continue absorbing devil flame seed's power here or should he stop temporarily and go with Yu Caidie. It hadn't been easy to get the devil flame seed trapped. He naturally did not want to stop. This was a good chance for both him and Yun Flame to grow stronger. But he was already seeing Yu Caidie as his own woman. He would not let her be with any other man.

After hesitating for a bit, Xiang Shaoyun finally thought of something. He formed three layers of wrappings around the devil flame seed, using the human skin, flame taming net, and Yun Flame's power. He then roared, "Store!"

At that command, the devil flame seed vanished. This was a sight that would shock anyone. It was common knowledge that storage devices would not be able to store unique flames like this. The moment one tried, the flame would destroy the storage device.

As for the astral cosmos sea cultivated within one's body, it would be even harder to store these unique flames. In fact, it was supposed to be impossible unless one was at least a Sovereign. After all, these flames were extremely destructive. Although an astral cosmos sea could be used to store items, it was also a part of one's body and could be easily burned down.

However, Xiang Shaoyun's astral cosmos sea was an exception. It was something that had been tempered by lightning, vicious gold, and Yun Flame. Thus, it did not fear the devil flame seed. In any case, the devil flame seed had been wrapped in multiple layers of protection preventing it from harming him.

The only reason Xiang Shaoyun had done this was so he could save some time. He would then be able to continue traveling with Yu Caidie while he slowly refined the devil flame seed at the same time. One could say that he was hitting two birds with one stone.

In the astral cosmos sea, the devil flame seed was directly tossed into the pool of lava. This was the same pool of lava he had gotten from the volcano back then. A stalk of blaze flower was still growing there. The blaze flower had yet to bloom, yet it already looked incredibly wondrous. The original blaze flower had already been given to Du Xuanhao. This stalk here was one that had only grown due to the nine-colored fog. Apart from the blaze flower, an additional ghostbloom and a vicious tiger gold lotus had also grown, a surprise the nine-colored fog had brought him.

Done with storing the devil flame seed, Xiang Shaoyun heaved a long breath of relief. His mood instantly improved. 

After refining this devil flame seed, Yun Flame will definitely grow to a brand new level. At that time, even Emperors will fear my flame, thought Xiang Shaoyun gleefully.

He was about to return to the group, but after some thought, he changed his mind. Instead, he headed toward the devil flame seed's place of birth. Usually, where a unique flame like this was birthed, there would also be some other unique objects. A good example would be the blaze flower he had obtained back then.

Xiang Shaoyun wanted to see if there was anything he could find at the devil flame seed's place. Shortly after, he arrived. The devil flame seed was no longer present, but devil flame still raged on, and the temperature was still very high. It was not a place an ordinary person could survive at.

Usually, there would be a lot of devil flame rats here absorbing the devil flame seed's power. But the devil flame rats had recently been driven away by the devil flame seed. They wouldn't return anytime soon. That gave Xiang Shaoyun a chance to explore the place.

He was able to see clearly here with his Nether Soul Domain. Nothing was able to hide from him. Soon, he found chunks of burning rocks with similar properties to the devil flame. He took one of them and started studying it. He could sense a large amount of devil flame essence within the rock. In fact, ordinary cultivators could rely on just one of these rocks to cultivate a tiny bit of devil flame.

Although the flame they cultivated would be incomparable to Xiang Shaoyun’s flame since he had the devil flame seed, it would still be very helpful for them. These rocks could be considered as a sort of emperor material. For a craftsman, these were valuable materials.

Since these rocks had been formed here at the devil flame seed's place, they could be called devil flame rocks. After scanning the area, Xiang Shaoyun found that there were a lot of devil flame rocks. He quickly stowed them all in his astral cosmos sea. Next, he double checked to confirm that there were no other unique objects before returning to Yu Caidie's group.

Everyone had a different expression when they saw Xiang Shaoyun return. There was envy, admiration, disregard, and so on. They already knew Xiang Shaoyun had a unique flame on him. He had definitely benefited greatly from refining a second flame.

But they were all stunned when Xiang Shaoyun approached them. They could sense that his aura was still completely the same. In short, he was still an early fourth-stage Skysoar Realm cultivator and had not improved one bit.

They were only stunned for a split second. They immediately concluded that Xiang Shaoyun had failed in subduing the second flame. Otherwise, his strength wouldn't have remained the same.

One ought to know that each unique flame was extremely extraordinary. Even a King would benefit greatly from refining one. Xiang Shaoyun did not seem to have grown, and that could only mean one thing.

"Sorry for keeping you waiting, everyone," said Xiang Shaoyun.

Yu Caidie shook her head and said, "Let's go. We need to keep going. No matter what we encounter next, we won't stop anymore. If you insist, consider yourself disqualified."

This was a trip to achieve her own goal. She had no intention to let their personal affairs affect her goal. Otherwise, she was better off coming alone.

Ling Lin answered awkwardly, "There won't be a next time."

After all, he was the main reason they had delayed their journey. He had to say something. They thus resumed their journey toward the devil wind beast territory.

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