Chapter 451: Return of the Flame Taming Technique

Yu Caidie and the others were able to sense the collision of two different flames from far away. After all, the raging power of the two flames and the heatwave were spreading wildly, covering a radius of three kilometers. This collision of two different colors looked incredibly dazzling and brilliant.

"Why is there another flame here?" Ling Lin exclaimed in alarm.

He had a beast flame in his body. Although this flame was incomparable to those naturally formed flames, it was decently powerful. He could clearly sense how terrifying both the flames currently clashing were. The other two flame cultivators also sensed the same, and their eyes were filled with greed.

Getting a flame of this level could very well bring them straight into the Emperor Realm. Earlier, they had to leave because of the devil flame rats. With the devil flame rats all having fled the area, they started thinking that they had a chance to make a move on the devil flame seed again.

"Don't bother," Yu Caidie's voice suddenly rang out.

"Oh? Why do you say that, Holy Maiden?" asked someone in confusion.

Ling Lin said, "Holy Maiden, if we can obtain even one of the two flames, we will grow stronger. At that time, helping you get the yin devil wind will be—"

Before he could finish his words, Yu Caidie said, "A collision of two flames will definitely end with one being devoured by the other. The victorious flame will become even stronger. It will be much harder to tame the victor. Furthermore, one of the two flames belongs to Mister Xiang. I suggest you don't try making a move on him..."

"What? The other flame belongs to Xiang Shaoyun? How is that possible?" Ling Lin cried out in alarm. He had personally seen Xiang Shaoyun use the power of gold and lightning. He had never expected him to also possess the power of flame.

"Just watch, you'll see," said Yu Caidie who couldn't be bothered to offer more explanation.

The others were also surprised that Xiang Shaoyun actually possessed a third power. A smile now hung on their faces. They were all remarkable geniuses in cultivation. They knew very well the more powers one cultivated, the harder one's growth would be. 

Furthermore, one would not be able to unleash the maximum potential of each power when cultivating too many powers. That was why most of them basically cultivated only one type of power. At most, they would cultivate two types of power. Someone cultivating three powers like Xiang Shaoyun might seem strong right now, but in the long run, he would fall far behind them. Yu Caidie also reached the same conclusion, her eyes rippling with a complicated emotion. 

Meanwhile, Xiang Shaoyun was suffering an ordeal few could withstand amid the battlefield of the two flames. Because he was in the devil flame seed's territory, the devil flame seed was able to completely suppress Yun Flame's power. Although Yun Flame wasn't weak, the power it could unleash was limited due to Xiang Shaoyun.

Furthermore, Xiang Shaoyun had a body of flesh and blood while the devil flame seed had formed a body of flame. Thus, Xiang Shaoyun was disadvantaged when clashing against such a body. He felt like he was being cooked alive. At this time, Yun Flame suddenly told Xiang Shaoyun that things were getting dangerous and urged him to think of something.

After all, its power had all been compressed within Xiang Shaoyun's third star. Even though Xiang Shaoyun had released a large portion of its power, that was far from enough to face their current foe.

At that realization, Xiang Shaoyun started using the Seven Scorching Sun Claws to attack the devil flame seed. Although he could tear the incoming attacks apart, there was a boundless sea of flame around him. There was no way for him to extinguish it all, and even Yun Flame's power was starting to be slowly devoured by the devil flame seed.

I can't allow this to continue or I will die! I need to think of something, Xiang Shaoyun thought to himself anxiously.

He unleashed everything he had and started circulating his cultivation method to unleash as much of Yun Flame's power as he could, trying to devour the devil flame seed instead. At the same time, he also battled the devil flame seed with numerous battle techniques, trying to weaken it. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to work.

What should I do? Nothing seems to work! Do I really need to fully release Yun Flame from the star? Xiang Shaoyun thought gloomily.

It was at this moment that an inspiration hit him. He quickly sat down cross-legged and ignored the devil seed flame. He focused on completely withdrawing Yun Flame's power. He wasn't planning to sit down and accept his death. Rather, he had a solution in mind.

He was planning to repeat what he had done to subdue Yun Flame back then. A human skin appeared before him, and it emitted an incorporeal power, completely isolating him from the flame around him, protecting him from any harm.

This was the same human skin Xiang Shaoyun had obtained when he explored the zombie cave with Dong Ziwan. The flame taming technique he had used to subdue Yun Flame had also been obtained from this human skin. After completely withdrawing Yun Flame's power, the devil flame seed could no longer continue to devour Yun Flame.

Xiang Shaoyun started chanting the mantra of the flame taming technique, sending numerous crimson ancient runes flying forward. In the past, he was too weak and was only able to utilize the basics of the flame taming technique when taming Yun Flame. Now that he had grown stronger, he was able to unleash the real power of the flame taming technique.

As the abstruse runes drifted about, the devil flame seed's power started being suppressed, and the intensity of the flame around him started weakening. The devil flame seed was forced to start withdrawing its power as well, and it only maintained a devil flame rat form that continued eying Xiang Shaoyun like a prey. It did not have enough intelligence to determine what the runes all around it were.

"Refine!" Xiang Shaoyun started fusing Yun Flame's power with the flame taming runes after creating a certain number of them. The runes were sent forward as they started surrounding the devil flame seed.

At Xiang Shaoyun's command, the power of the runes surged, instantly forming a massive net around the devil flame seed. The devil flame seed struggled, once again erupting with its berserk power. This time, no matter what it did, it failed to spread its power far away. In other words, its power had been completely confined within the net of runes.

Even so, Xiang Shaoyun was still maintaining his full focus. He knew that if the devil flame seed was given enough time, it could very well break free of the net. After all, the devil flame seed's power was no joke.

Once again, Xiang Shaoyun erupted with all of Yun Flame's power that he could release, and he started devouring the devil flame seed from outside the net. Its power leaked through as Yun Flame absorbed it. Since the devil flame seed had been confined, it was unable to release its full power and was naturally no longer Yun Flame's match.

If this continued, Xiang Shaoyun would be able to fully refine the devil flame seed. However, that would delay him from heading to the devil wind beast territory with Yu Caidie. She would most likely not wait for him, so he started having second thoughts.

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