Chapter 450: Devil Flame Seed

Initially, Xiang Shaoyun was only able to sense a rough location of where the devil flame seed was. But after finding no traces of the devil flame seed at that area, he sat down and quietly searched with his senses. And finally, he found something. He had a feeling the devil flame seed was located underground. That was the only explanation for it to not be visible at all.

After reaching that conclusion, he delayed no more and rushed toward where he sensed the devil flame seed. His destination was a place tightly guarded by the devil flame rats. Stealing the devil flame seed from them would be no easy task. Using his speed superiority, Xiang Shaoyun dashed deep into the devil flame rat territory.

The moment Xiang Shaoyun tried approaching, the devil flame rats attacked madly, not letting him approach. Not only did the devil flame rats possess powerful flame attacks, they were also insanely fast. Thus, even with his outstanding combat prowess, he still found them hard to deal with. After all, this was the devil flame rats' territory.

Xiang Shaoyun was forced to start killing. With the Overlord Skyslaying Saber in hand, he swept it around with his human saber unity mode active. The Overlord Skyslaying Saber had always been kept and nurtured in his astral cosmos sea. Its compatibility with him had grown considerably. Having a high compatibility with his weapon would be very beneficial for when he tried increasing his comprehension of saber intent in the future.

Ling Lin and the other two flame cultivators also noticed Xiang Shaoyun fighting with the devil flame rats.

Is that where the devil flame seed is at? the three wondered.

Soon, the three reached a conclusion as to what Xiang Shaoyun's intention was. They no longer hesitated and quickly joined the battlefield as they charged into the depths of the devil flame rat territory to search for the devil flame seed.

Of the three, Ling Lin was the strongest. Although he was only a mid ninth-stage King, he had an impressive combat prowess. With his weapon, he ceaselessly killed devil flame rats at the same time of using a unique detection technique he knew to search for the devil flame seed. As he searched, he was increasingly sure that there was a devil flame seed here, and it was located underground.

"Haha, all my hard work hasn't been for nothing," Ling Lin roared with laughter as he started bombarding the ground with his weapon.

He drilled straight underground, trying to obtain the devil flame seed before the others. The other two who had come with him also did the same. They quickly broke free of the devil flame rats and drilled underground. 

On the other hand, Xiang Shaoyun suddenly flew to the sky. A faint smile hung on his face as he muttered, "How will the devil flame seed be so easy to subdue?"

Sure enough, three figures could be seen flying out of the ground at this moment. The three were none other than Ling Lin and the other two flame cultivators. Apart from them, dozens of Devil King devil flame rats also shot out from the ground. These were all eighth-stage and ninth-stage Devil Kings with valiant combat prowess. They were much stronger than all the other devil flame rats the group had encountered before.

They had been busy absorbing energy from the flame devil seed and had never been disturbed. Ling Lin's group of three were too reckless and had charged right into their lair. For the devil flame rats, this was a great provocation.

Eyes red, the devil flame rats spat out numerous clumps of flame. These clumps were extremely dreadful, capable of directly turning ordinary king armors to ash. Although Ling Lin and the other two cultivated the power of flame, they still couldn't face the devil flame head on. Killing these devil flame rats in a short time frame was practically impossible for them.

In fact, they would only have a chance of obtaining the devil flame seed if Yu Caidie and the others helped. At this thought, they started withdrawing from the devil flame rat territory unwillingly. If they didn't leave, they would eventually end up surrounded and killed.

Only now did Xiang Shaoyun noiselessly drill underground. Instead of heading directly to the devil flame seed, he fully released Yun Flame’s power. He knew all high-level flames would have a certain level of intelligence. If this devil flame seed had a high enough level, it would definitely come over by itself to devour Yun Flame.

If not, then it only signified that this devil flame seed was a low-level one. Yun Flame would then be able to devour it instead. Yun Flame's power that was being released was merely serving as bait to make the devil flame seed erupt in power. Sure enough, after Xiang Shaoyun released Yun Flame’s power, the devil flame seed reacted and immediately released a large amount of devil flame.

Bang! Bang!

Instantly, the power of devil flame covered a radius of about 1,000 kilometers around it. The devil flame rats within the area started whining in pain and quickly fled the area. Ling Lin's group of three paled when they saw the escaping devil flame rats. They thought they were chasing after them, and so the three flew even faster. Even Yu Caidie and the others who were staying farther from the devil flame rat territory were forced to react.

"We need to help them," Yu Caidie stood up and said.

Although Yu Caidie really did not want to get involved with what Ling Lin's group was trying, she was the leader. She would not be a good leader if she turned a blind eye when her companions were in trouble. That would only cause others to doubt her character and helping her get the yin devil wind might no longer be their priority.

The young geniuses were unhappy with Ling Lin's group of three, but out of respect for Yu Caidie, they still acted. Only now did they notice that Xiang Shaoyun had disappeared. That caused them to be curious. Yu Caidie also noticed that, but making everyone search for him was not possible. Thus, they returned to their resting spot and waited.

Meanwhile, Xiang Shaoyun was approaching the devil flame seed with his entire body wrapped in a layer of Yun Flame's power. He had become one with Yun Flame. Thus, he could sense the agitation of the devil flame seed. He found that the devil flame seed had not come to devour Yun Flame, proving that it had yet to grow a sufficient level of intelligence. It was a much lower leveled flame in comparison to Yun Flame.

Xiang Shaoyun only started moving toward the devil flame seed after reaching that conclusion. Protected by Yun Flame’s power, he charged straight to the devil flame seed. He encountered a large amount of flame, but every flame he encountered moved out of his way, so he was able to move unimpeded.

The devil flame seed finally reacted when it sensed Yun Flame approaching. It started releasing even more flame in Yun Flame’s direction. The raging devil flame was black in color, looking incredibly bewitching. It had a power not much weaker than Yun Flame.

It also became apparent that this devil flame seed was actually waiting for Yun Flame to come before making a move. It actually possessed a rather high intelligence. At the beginning, the tongues of devil flame sent toward Yun Flame failed to do anything to Yun Flame. Instead, they were all devoured. But soon, the power of the devil flame soared and took the form of a devil flame rat. It then started madly attacking Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun had a suffocating sensation, finally feeling threatened by the devil flame seed. After becoming one with Yun Flame, he had become very sensitive toward fire. He could sense that this devil flame seed was completely comparable to Yun Flame in strength.

Xiang Shaoyun did not dare to be careless and worked together with Yun Flame to release all the energy in his third star. He was ready to face the devil flame seed with all his power. And thus the clash between the power of two different flames began.

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