Chapter 446: You Lose

Havoc Dance!

This was Xiang Shaoyun's self-created technique, a technique with no set moves, a disorderly technique that could be used with fists, legs, or weapons. Its only function was to predict the moves of an opponent. Thus, any moves capable of disrupting an opponent's move could be used.

Xiang Shaoyun had been focusing on evading Qian Xia'ao's attacks without attacking because he was waiting for a perfect opportunity. And the moment Qian Xia'ao used his trump card was the opportunity Xiang Shaoyun had been waiting for.

Qian Xia'ao's energy flow was completely revealed before Xiang Shaoyun, letting him fully focus on Qian Xia'ao's few openings. The moment the opportunity presented itself, he became one with his Overlord Skyslaying Saber and hacked at Qian Xia'ao.

Everyone watched on as everything unfolded. They found that Xiang Shaoyun was no longer evading. Rather, he had charged head on into the midst of Qian Xia'ao's attack. In their eyes, this was suicidal.

But of course, Xiang Shaoyun was not stupid enough to do something that would kill himself. He could see that although the spear energies were concentrated and powerful, not all of them were real. Some were mere afterimages while some were weaker than others. These weak points were where he had chosen to break through.

A bright lightning energy surged out of the Overlord Skyslaying Saber, the attack powered by the energy in his lightning bone and first star. At the same time, he used his human saber unity and summoned 12 silver lightning bolts from the sky. The various powers merged together, unleashing a might comparable to the attack of a peak King.

This was one of the strongest attacks Xiang Shaoyun was capable of releasing at the moment.

Rumble! Rumble!

Two attacks with the might of a peak King collided, creating a thundering sound that spread far and wide, attracting the attention of many pedestrians, but not many of them actually bothered to approach the battlefield to see what was happening.

Most of the people who would enter the Devil Domain were those who had experienced many battles. They were already numb to battling, and thus the ongoing battle failed to provoke any of their interest.

Only the young geniuses who had arrived with Yu Ziyi and Yu Caidie were paying full attention to the battle. They had never expected the fight to be so intense. Xiang Shaoyun possessing the strength to put up such a fight was something beyond their expectations.

Of the people there, the two with the most unsightly expressions were none other than Di Tong and Su Jun.

No! I cannot let him leave the Devil Domain alive, or he will be a source of endless calamity! Di Tong vowed inwardly.

He had always believed that although Xiang Shaoyun was decently strong, he was still not comparable to him. But he found that he couldn't have been more wrong. Xiang Shaoyun had reached this level in only three years. If he was given even more time, wouldn't he eventually be strong enough to crush him like a bug? And if Xiang Shaoyun was given 100 years, the Di Clan would probably have to give back all they had taken from him. That was not something Di Tong wished to see happen.

As for Su Jun, he was feeling extremely dissatisfied as well. From the moment he saw Xiang Shaoyun standing alongside Lady Shura, he had been wanting to kill Xiang Shaoyun. Subsequently, he had created one trouble after another for Xiang Shaoyun. But the strength Xiang Shaoyun was displaying had far surpassed his imagination. It was understandable why he was so displeased.

If I can't kill him before leaving the Devil Domain, the only thing I can do after this is run back to Dragon Society in defeat, thought Su Jun fearfully.

The only reason he had been creating so many troubles for Xiang Shaoyun was because he believed Xiang Shaoyun was a weakling he could crush anytime he wished. When he saw that Xiang Shaoyun had a combat prowess comparable to his, he started regretting his past actions.

After all, Xiang Shaoyun was still a fourth-stage Skysoar Realm cultivator. After a breakthrough or two, wouldn't he be able to kill even Emperors? This realization alarmed Su Jun.

Huo Xudong was the only person smiling with joy. He was the only person who had been trying to befriend Xiang Shaoyun since the beginning, but even this display of prowess had exceeded his expectations. He knew that a person picked by the Seven Villains would not be weak, but Xiang Shaoyun's performance was truly heaven-defying.

Ugly Gambler is really worthy of his reputation. His eye for talent is something few can compare with, thought Huo Xudong with admiration. The only reason he had been trying to befriend Xiang Shaoyun was because of his confidence in Ugly Gambler's choice. To his surprise, he had made the correct decision.

Having a comrade-in-arms like this in the Devil Domain would only benefit him. Nobody noticed that a slight trace of joy was also on Tang Longfei's face, looking like he was very satisfied with Xiang Shaoyun's performance.

At this time, the victor of the battle had finally been decided. The energy explosions settled, and two figures were sent flying backward covered in blood.

First, everyone looked at Xiang Shaoyun and saw that his clothes had turned into rags. Wounds deep enough to show his bones were all over his body, and he looked like he had just bathed in blood. He seemed like he was in a terrible shape.

His aura also seemed extremely weak. He most likely only had 10 percent of his combat prowess left right now. Even so, he was still able to remain hovering in the air. This proved that he had successfully survived Qian Xia'ao's attack.

Everyone then looked at Qian Xia'ao. His clothes had also been reduced to rags, revealing the exquisite inner armor he was wearing. A crack could be seen on the armor's midsection, and blood was spurting out of it. He was currently trying to stop more blood from pouring out to no avail.

In the observers' perspective, from the wounds both combatants had, Qian Xia'ao had only been slashed once while Xiang Shaoyun had been stabbed numerous times. From this, Xiang Shaoyun was most certainly the one to have suffered more in the battle.

Yet Xiang Shaoyun looked at Qian Xia'ao and said, "You lose."

His voice wasn't loud, but it still hit everyone there like a thunderclap, shocking them greatly.

Qian Xia'ao bowed slightly and mustered a reply with great difficulty, "I...I lose..."

After saying that, he started to fly back toward the fort, his body swaying along the way. He could no longer face Yu Ziyi, nor could he face the other geniuses. His defeat had been so thorough he wasn't a tiny bit unwilling to acknowledge it.

In fact, during the critical moment, he had sensed Xiang Shaoyun withdrawing 10 percent of the attack's power. Otherwise, that slash would have cut him into two. One could say that Xiang Shaoyun had spared him. If he still acted unreasonably and refused to acknowledge his defeat, he would be insulting his own identity as a martial cultivator.

Everyone stared in daze at Qian Xia'ao's departure. It lasted until Xiang Shaoyun's voice broke the silence, "Di Tong, Su Jun, both of you want to get rid of me, right? This is the perfect chance for you. If you miss it, you won't have another opportunity like this."

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