Chapter 443: Yu Caidie's Cousin

I don’t have any devil blood in my body, right? Xiang Shaoyun wondered gloomily. He was afraid he would really have the bloodline of the devils. If that was the case, he would become the public enemy of the surface races. After buying the bottle of devil blood, he continued strolling around.

A lot of high level materials could be seen everywhere, such as emperor and sovereign materials. It was an eye-opener. Back at Ziling Sect, he had seen a lot of treasures as well, but he rarely had the chance to see so many treasures at the same time.

After strolling for a bit, he started his shopping spree. Among the things he bought was a sovereign material, the devil lightning stone, which was an excellent material for forging equipment of the lightning element. If he could refine the devil lightning stone into the Overlord Skyslaying Saber, he would be able to further improve the saber's condition.

At present, the Overlord Skyslaying Saber had only recovered to the level of an emperor weapon. He still needed to refine a large amount of materials into it in order to restore the saber to its original state.

For some reason, after seeing the name "Xiang Dingtian" on the stele, his resolve to restore the Overlord Skyslaying Saber had grown. He wondered what kind of surprise the name on the stele would bring him after restoring the saber's splendor.

He had a feeling the blood essence it contained would bring him great enlightenment. 

When he rejoined the group, he found that the group was standing in confrontation with another group.

He found that the other group was led by a woman of similar age to Yu Caidie and that she was also a remarkable beauty. There were 30 young men behind her, and they did not look any weaker than the people on Yu Caidie's side.

"Sister Die, I thought you weren't going to come. Imagine my surprise when I saw you! But remember to be careful, the devilish beasts in the Devil Domain are all savages," said the woman in an extremely cordial manner.

Despite her tone, it was still blatantly obvious she was hostile to Yu Caidie. Others might not know who this woman was, but anyone from the Yu Clan would know that she was Yu Ziyi, Yu Caidie's cousin.

Sisters and cousins generally had good relationships in normal clans. However, that might not be the case for an ancient clan like the Yu Clan. In the past, Yu Ziyi had a great chance at becoming the next Holy Maiden of the Yu Clan, but Yu Caidie's subsequent rise had threatened her position.

Although there were several other Holy Maiden candidates in the clan, she and Yu Caidie were the two with the highest chance of becoming the next Holy Maiden. And of the two, the one to first enter the Emperor Realm and display enough potential would be the next Holy Maiden.

Therefore, Yu Ziyi had also recruited a group of geniuses to enter the Devil Domain. Like Yu Caidie, she was also aiming for the yin devil wind so she could enter the Emperor Realm first and become the next Holy Maiden. After becoming the Holy Maiden, the clan would start fully supporting her with the clan resources, helping her reach an even higher height in the future.

Yu Ziyi was a few years older than Yu Caidie, but she had only reached peak King Realm and had been overtaken by Yu Caidie. If she couldn’t obtain the yin devil wind and allowed Yu Caidie to enter the Emperor Realm before her, catching up would no longer be a possibility. That was not something she wished to see happen.

"Thank you for your reminder, cousin. I will be careful. You guys be careful as well, ok?" Yu Caidie answered nonchalantly. She did not seem to mind Yu Ziyi one bit. It almost felt like this competitor of hers was nothing but a clown not worth her attention.

"Ziyi, is this Sister Caidie?" asked a tall and handsome young man behind Yu Ziyi.

The speaker was a young man with bright purple hair. Both his eyes were crackling with purple electrical currents, emanating a strong sense of oppression at all times. He was also one who had formed his draconic aura. In fact, his draconic aura was so near completion it almost had the complete form of a dragon. It was obvious he was already almost an Emperor.

His name was Zuo Zhentian, a genius from an ancient clan. Although the Zuo Clan was not as powerful as the Yu Clan, it was still a top tier-7 organization that already had half the strength required to become a tier-8 organization.

Zuo Zhentian started staring at Yu Caidie, his eyes burning hot with desire. He had clearly been smitten by her beauty. He was not alone as a number of geniuses around him were also behaving the same way. Although Yu Ziyi was comparable to Yu Caidie in terms of looks, her temperament was far too lacking.

Yu Ziyi was visibly displeased by the reaction of the geniuses in her group, but she quickly recovered and smiled. "That's right. She is the number one beauty of our Yu Clan, Yu Caidie. She is also my beloved cousin. If you want to become my brother-in-law, you will have to work hard to win my cousin's heart."

Those words naturally infuriated the geniuses behind Yu Caidie. The men in Yu Caidie's group were all here to become her husband, and they immediately saw the opposing group as their love rivals.

Zuo Zhentian howled with laughter, "You must be joking, Ziyi. I only have you in my heart. But it is still my honor to be able to know Sister Caidie."

That might be what Zuo Zhentian was saying, but his gaze never left Yu Caidie.

"I was wondering who it was. So it's Zuo Zhentian the Purple King from the Zuo Clan?" Long Yunfei's provocative voice rang out.

Only then did Zuo Zhentian shift his gaze to Long Yunfei and asked doubtfully, "And you are?"

"Thirteenth Crown Prince of Dragon Society, Long Yunfei," replied Long Yunfei with his brow raised.

"Ahh, so it's the Dragon Society's lowest ranking prince? Please accept my respects!" Zuo Zhentian sneered.

"Zuo Zhentian!" Long Yunfei shouted in fury when he heard the disdain in Zuo Zhentian's voice. People like them were extremely prideful. Long Yunfei would not accept being insulted by Zuo Zhentian in front of so many people.

"What? Are you thinking of having a spar with me?" Zuo Zhentian said, still with the same haughty voice.

"You think I'm scared of you?" Long Yunfei replied aggressively, looking like he was going to fight for real.

Yu Caidie interrupted, "If the two of you really want to fight, you should compete on who can kill more devilish beasts in the Devil Domain. Fighting here will only make a joke out of both of you."

"Hehe, you are wrong, Sister Die. They are both geniuses from their respective organizations. They represent the organization behind them, and the one prevailing over the other will serve as proof of which organization is better at training their disciples," Yu Ziyi fanned the flame.

"That's right. Ziyi is correct. We are all here for the yin devil wind. Why don't we fight here instead? The loser will withdraw from the race," said Zuo Zhentian. Their side had more people, and if a fight broke up here, they would definitely prevail.

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