Chapter 442: The Devil Domain's Devil Blood

The Devil Domain was actually a deep abyss. Looking down from above the fort, the only thing one could see were two mountains with a deep abyss between them. A large amount of devilish energy surged out of the abyss without stop, forming clouds of devilish energy.

The fort was in fact a floating fort located right above the abyss. It was rumored that it was a defensive fort built by the most powerful of the surface organizations. It was not only a fort but also a divine weapon used to suppress the most powerful of the devils.

The human race and the various other races regarded this fort as an important stronghold serving as a place for people traveling into the Devil Domain to rest and record their contributions.

After all, countless numbers of people headed in and out of the Devil Domain each year, with a large portion of them ultimately perishing in the Devil Domain. It was understandable that a place for these people to rest and recover needed to exist.

As for the so-called contribution, it was determined by the number of devilish beasts one killed. The more devilish beasts one killed and the higher the level of the devilish beasts killed, the more contribution points one would earn.

The contribution points were extremely useful as well. One could become famous throughout the lands through contribution points, and one could also use the points to purchase things one needed such as emperor techniques, emperor weapons, saint medicines, and so on.

With enough contribution points, one could even claim a piece of territory and become a king there. These contribution points were jointly acknowledged by the most powerful organizations of the dominion. 

These powerful organizations would not mind one bit when one exchanged these points for their treasures. After all, these powerful organizations were in a sense the representative of the Nine Gods Dominion. Everything in the domain was practically theirs. One could say that they were the gods of the dominion.

As for the actual names of these organizations, that was not something an ordinary person would be able to know. The organizations of that level lived in an entirely different world, a world that one would only be able to learn about after surpassing the Sovereign Realm.

Yu Caidie's voice rang out, "Everyone, go receive your respective jade plates. Although you are here to help me get the yin devil wind, the contribution points you earn will be yours alone."

Xiang Shaoyun recovered from his shock and followed everyone to a counter where he received his own jade plate. He dripped a drop of his blood essence on the jade plate and left his name on it as well. The moment he did so, he suddenly sensed a connection form between him and a towering stone stele before him. When he looked over, he saw a large number of names written all over the stele.

Huo Xudong's voice rang out beside him, "This is the Contribution Stele. The names at the top are the strongest experts of the dominion. They are the people who have killed a countless number of devilish beasts to win success and recognition. As for our names, they are at the very bottom of the stele. In fact, they are not even visible right now. Only after earning enough contribution points will our names start appearing. But generally, only those reaching the Sovereign Realm will be able to earn enough contribution points for their names to show."

Xiang Shaoyun nodded and was about to look away when he caught a familiar name on the stele, "Xiang Dingtian".

This name was listed among the top 10 names on the stele, located at an extremely eye-catching position. For some reason, when he saw that name, an indescribable emotion took over him, giving him a feeling that he seemed to be connected by fate to this Xiang Dingtian.

In truth, he did have some sort of relationship with Xiang Dingtian. The cultivation method and battle techniques he cultivated all originated from Xiang Dingtian, the Overlord from over 10,000 years ago.

Xiang Dingtian, the name of the strongest person of an era. Devouring Ghost had once told him that Xiang Dingtian had attempted to conquer the entirety of the Nine Gods Dominion, becoming the overlord of all. Unfortunately, he ultimately failed in his endeavor. However, that did not discredit the extraordinary accomplishments he had achieved in his life.

Xiang Shaoyun's cultivation method suddenly started circulating by itself, and even his Overlord Skyslaying Saber started to stir, trying to fly out of his body.

Stop this! Xiang Shaoyun's face fell as he yelled inwardly and suppressed both his cultivation method and the saber.

If news spread that he had the inheritance of Xiang Dingtian, a large commotion would be caused. One ought to know that Xiang Dingtian was also someone with many enemies while the Overlord Skyslaying Saber was an exceptional weapon that many people longed to possess.

"Brother Xiang, why are you blanking out there? Come on, we're heading off," said Huo Xudong, pulling Xiang Shaoyun's attention back to the real world. He shook his head before quickly following Yu Caidie and the others with Money.

Yu Caidie and the others were in no rush to immediately head out. Rather, they stopped at a commercial district and said, "We will be heading straight to the second level of the Devil Domain. It is filled with Devil Kings, and even Devil Emperors exist there. Take some time and buy some items you need here. I will also get some maps of the second level for all of you. That way, even if we end up separated, we will still know our way around."

At the commercial district there were a lot of people peddling the treasures they found from the Devil Domain. There were also a lot of people peddling weapons, armors, and other supplies from the surface world to the people heading toward the Devil Domain. Everyone spread out and started shopping for the things they needed.

Huo Xudong gave Xiang Shaoyun another advice, "Brother Xiang, all the devils have a large variety of attacking methods. Buying a large variety of unique items might be helpful for when you're in the Devil Domain."

Xiang Shaoyun nodded and started strolling around the commercial district as well. He found that the largest number of items being sold were various defensive armors. There were also a lot of unique weapons and items being sold. Seeing all these items appearing at the same place was quite an eye-opener.

"Young man, come take a look. I have some high level devil blood here. It is helpful in quickly recovering your vitality," an old King suddenly called out at Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun looked over and saw numerous items arranged before the old man. In his hand was a bottle filled with blood. When he looked at the old man, he found that this old man only had one arm and he had the look of someone who had lost his ambition, looking like an ordinary old man.

Xiang Shaoyun wasn't overly interested in what the old King had for sale, but suddenly, his body seemed to react to the bottle of blood the old King was holding. With the same expression on his face, he asked, "How much for this bottle of devil blood?"

"This is the blood of a Devil Emperor. I'm selling it for 50,000 mid-grade spirit crystals," said the old King.

Right this moment, a neighboring peddler said, "Old Wei, stop swindling these newcomers. Devil blood can be found everywhere. Are you not embarrassed of yourself for scamming so many spirit crystals from these newcomers?"

An awkward look covered the old King's face as he quickly said, "Hmph. I'm selling a genuine high level devil blood. How can those regular devil blood compare?" He looked at Xiang Shaoyun and continued, "Young man, don't listen to him. How about this, I will give you a discount. You can have it for 40,000 mid-grade spirit crystals. I need to at least get paid for my hard work of getting this blood."

Xiang Shaoyun smiled and said, "1,000 mid-grade spirit crystals. If you agree, I will buy it right now. If not, forget it."

"How can you bargain like this?" grumbled the old King unhappily.

But when he saw Xiang Shaoyun turning to leave, he quickly said, "Sigh, fine, fine. I will sell it at a loss then."

In truth, this bottle of devil blood was something he had casually gathered without even risking anything. A price of 1,000 mid-grade spirit crystals was already very decent. Xiang Shaoyun turned around and paid him the spirit crystals for the devil blood. When he held the bottle of devil blood in his hand, the blood in his own body started circulating more quickly.

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