Chapter 441: This Guy Has a Good Eye

Su Jun could already see how extraordinary Xiang Shaoyun was. He could still kill Xiang Shaoyun right now, but if he waited a few more years and was unable to enter the Dragon Ascension Realm before Xiang Shaoyun, he would be the one in danger. Thus, when he heard Xiang Shaoyun's brash declaration, he decided to use it as an excuse to make a move right away. 

If Xiang Shaoyun was still a third-stage Skysoar Realm cultivator, he would certainly not dare to challenge Su Jun like this. But he had just broken through to the next stage. Thus, he had the confidence that even if he couldn't kill Su Jun, he could still give him an even fight.

Just as a fight was about to break out between the two, Yu Caidie snorted coldly, "If you fight, consider yourself disqualified."

As she said that, a draconic aura surged out of her. This draconic aura had already taken the shape of a dragon and was not far away from assuming the form of a full dragon. It was clear she was only a tiny bit away from reaching the Dragon Ascension Realm. Only a tiny push was required and she would be able to step into the next realm.

The young geniuses blanked out slightly when they sensed the aura Yu Caidie was emanating, and a shocked expression appeared on their faces. They knew the Holy Maiden candidate of the Yu Clan would not be an ordinary person, but they had never expected that she would be so outstanding. Furthermore, they could clearly see that Yu Caidie was younger than them.

"I'll stop out of respect for Caidie," said Xiang Shaoyun nonchalantly.

"Hmph. Just you wait. When this is over, I will meet you at the Bloodsin Arena," said Su Jun coldly.

"Cut the nonsense. If you still want to go to the Devil Domain, come with me," said Yu Caidie before she hopped onto her phoenix and flew toward a certain direction. The others also wasted no time as they all hopped onto their mounts and followed her.

Xiang Shaoyun did not hesitate as well as he sat on Money's back and said, "Follow them, Money."

At his command, Money shot forward like a bolt of silver lightning and instantly caught up to the other mounts. He was only a fourth-stage Demon King, but his speed was actually comparable to these late-stage Demon Kings. Nobody knew better than Xiang Shaoyun just how much potential Money had.

As for the reason for Money's rapid growth, it was all thanks to the nine-colored fog he had consumed from Xiang Shaoyun's astral cosmos sea. Of course, his firm foundations had also played a great role, allowing him to break through again so soon after his previous advancement.

The group soon arrived near the city hall. There, a tightly guarded open space could be found violently surging with a massive amount of devilish energy. If it wasn't for the powerful formation suppressing this place, the devilish energy would have spread throughout the city.

Devil energy was something the devil race absorbed. The moment it was allowed to cover the surface world and replace the spiritual energy in the air, the surface world would no longer be a place suitable for humans and other surface races.

Because of that, humans and the other races had always worked together against the invasion of the devils and would not allow them to step into the surface world. This open space was covered by a powerful formation that could not only suppress devil energy but also refine it. This was obvious enough if one paid attention to the change of energy in the air around the area.

When Xiang Shaoyun arrived, for some reason, he suddenly felt a sense of intimacy, as if the energy here could bring him extreme comfort. He made use of his Nether Soul Domain to observe the energy flow in the area and saw strains of devilish energy being mixed into the spiritual energy in the air. Although only minute traces of devilish energy could be found, it was undeniable that it was there.

Is the Imperial Nether Clan capable of absorbing devilish energy? Xiang Shaoyun muttered inwardly in confusion.

He did not think too much about it and followed the others as they landed on the open space. Apart from devilish energy, a large amount of baleful blood energy also existed in the air. Unlike the devilish energy, the baleful blood energy was produced by the people in the area's vicinity.

These were the people who spent a lot of time fighting in the Devil Domain. Thus, their baleful energy was far thicker than that of an ordinary person. After all, the Devil Domain was a cruel place where one could die at any moment. It was a place where one's life was always on the line. Thus, those who left the Devil Domain alive would generally be much stronger than before they entered.

The so-called "stronger" here was not referring to one's cultivation realm. Rather, it referred to one's combat prowess. The group Yu Caidie led landed before the leader of the guards. After she said something to the leader, the guards moved aside and let the group pass.

When Huo Xudong saw Xiang Shaoyun looking everywhere curiously, he said, "Brother Xiang, after entering the Devil Domain, do your best to kill as many devilish beasts as you can. The more you kill, the more benefits you will get."

"Oh? Why so?" Xiang Shaoyun asked curiously.

"Devilish beasts are the same as demonic beasts. After killing them, you will be able to harvest numerous materials from their carcasses. Look over there. People from various organizations are purchasing the products of the Devil Domain at a high price. Naturally, devilish beasts are worth even more alive. Some organizations are capable of taming devils, especially the Dark Devil Sect. These are the organizations who had obtained their power and status through taming a large number of devils," Huo Xudong explained.

"I see. Thank you for your advice, Brother Huo," Xiang Shaoyun said gratefully.

He knew none of that and had learned a lot from Huo Xudong. At the same time, he also started seeing Huo Xudong as a friend. Of course, he still did not see Huo Xudong as a close friend, but they were close enough that he would help him without hesitation if required.

"You're welcome. Who knows, I might be the one needing your help in the Devil Domain instead," said Huo Xudong with a smile.

Xiang Shaoyun gave Huo Xudong a deep look as he mused inwardly, Well, at least this guy has a good eye.

Soon, the group arrived at a teleportation formation. This was the teleportation formation that would send them in and out of the Devil Domain at the cost of a certain amount of spirit crystals.

"I'll say this one last time. You can still withdraw now. If you are still coming, I will repay the one who gets me the yin devil wind generously," said Yu Caidie solemnly.

Not one of them left. All of them stood there with a resolute look. In fact, many of them had entered the Devil Domain before. Although it was a cruel place, they all had their own ways of protecting themselves.

"Good. Let's go," said Yu Caidie with a satisfied nod. She then paid the spirit crystals required to send everyone to the Devil Domain.


The power of the formation rippled through them, and they vanished into thin air. By the time they regained their senses, they found that they had arrived at a dark place. Here, they were constantly assaulted by a sense of discomfort due to the corrosive nature of the devilish energy in the air.

Xiang Shaoyun looked around and found that they had arrived at a dilapidated fort where a large number of humans and other races resided. No one was dressed tidily, and all of them were dressed in broken armors and had wounds all over their bodies. This was a shocking and sinister scene.

When Xiang Shaoyun surveyed the surroundings, he couldn't help but cry out in astonishment, "This is the Devil Domain?"

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