Chapter 440: Money Breaking Through Again

The rumbling thunderclaps spread far and wide, alarming people inside and outside Yu Moon Pavilion. When the people saw that it was a Demon King attempting a breakthrough, they held back from doing anything.

As far as the Yu Clan people were concerned, even if a Demon Sovereign was to break through here, their territory would not suffer much damage. In any case, nobody would try to interrupt a demonic beast breaking through because that would only attract the tribulation to them.

Xiang Shaoyun, who was standing the nearest to Money, did not try moving away. He stood there and faced the tribulation with him. As lightning bolts rained down on them, he fully unleashed the prowess of his lightning bone and started absorbing the power of the silver lightning into his body.

With his previous experiences, he no longer feared lightning tribulations. Although his Six Goldplate Manual would not be able to resist too many of these lightning bolts, his lightning bone feared no lightning bolts.

As the lightning bone absorbed the lightning energy, Xiang Shaoyun's strength started growing again, and he sensed some of the poison in his body being blasted out of his body by the lightning power. He was overjoyed the moment he noticed.

Looking at the sky, he howled with laughter, "Hahahaha! Excellent! More lightning bolts, please!"

He even charged into the incoming lightning bolts. He might have behaved as he usually did these few days, but in truth, he had been very gloomy about the poison in his body. To his surprise, the lightning tribulation summoned by Money allowed him to find out that the power of these natural lightning bolts could actually cleanse him of the poison.

A power of extreme yang would always be the counter for all sorts of poison. Natural lightning bolts were also a power of extreme yang and were the nemesis to a myriad of poisons. If he had thought of this earlier, he would have used his innate purple lightning to remove the poison long ago.

Fortunately, it was still not too late. After being struck by more than 10 silver lightning bolts, he had nearly cleared all the poison from his body. Of course, he still looked like he was in bad shape because of the various wounds the lightning strikes left on his body. In fact, he looked so terrible that the people there even feared for him.

However, Xiang Shaoyun did not mind the injuries whatsoever. To remove the poison in his body, these injuries were nothing. As far as he was concerned, the wounds on his body were more like proof that he had cleansed his body than of something that would actually adversely affect him.

After all, he had his lightning bone absorbing all the lightning power. Thus, the lightning strikes weren't able to deal him much actual damage. He had also found that after the tribulation, more than 10 additional drops of lightning liquid had formed on his lightning bone.

The moment the tribulation ended, Xiang Shaoyun used a drop of lightning liquid to recover to his optimal state. Money was also undergoing a transformation. Since he was one who had been living in the midst of silver lightning energy for an extended period of time, lightning tribulation was nothing for him.

He faced the sky and roared as his scales shone with a brilliant radiance while his body started growing in size. Instantly, appearing before everyone was a snake that was more than 10 meters long with a thickness similar to that of a tree trunk an adult could wrap their arms around. Money had grown by more than 10 times in size.

His head was raised loftily as his sole horn shone brilliantly with silver lightning energy. His mouth was filled with dreadful fangs, and his body was akin to a dragon's body that was filled with explosive strength. He radiated an aura that was both draconic and serpentine.

The mounts of the other young geniuses started stirring and howling in an uneasy manner. They could sense that Money was provoking them, and the slight sense of suppression they were feeling from him caused them to be agitated. Money seemed to be able to read their minds. He coiled his body in the air and opened his mouth once again.


Suddenly, a dragon's roar rang out. At the same time, a majestic draconic aura surged out of Money's body. The current Money no longer looked like a simple lightning snake. Rather, he looked more like a lightning dragon, noble and mighty.

His appearance shocked all the mounts, especially Long Yunfei's flood dragon. The flood dragon felt as if a true lightning dragon was before him, causing him to start behaving timidly and deferentially.

The other Demon Kings weren't any better off. They could all feel their bloodlines being suppressed. Money was now akin to their king, and they no longer dared to look down on him.

The only mount that remained unaffected was Yu Caidie's phoenix mount. The phoenix still had her head raised loftily in a nonchalant manner. Phoenixes were comparable to true dragons. Although Money could release a draconic aura, he was still not a true dragon. It was not surprising that this phoenix had remained unaffected.

The young geniuses were displeased to see their mounts suppressed by Money. After all, they had been sneering at Xiang Shaoyun and his mount just a short while ago. Now, they felt like they had been slapped hard on their face.

All the young geniuses were focused on Money, and Yu Caidie was the only one who was looking at Xiang Shaoyun with a slightly concerned expression. She had personally witnessed Xiang Shaoyun face the tribulation with Money. Lightning tribulations were merciless, especially these mutated lightning tribulations. 

The lightning tribulation she had witnessed earlier was powerful enough that even a late-stage King would have a hard time handling it. She wasn't sure if Xiang Shaoyun would be able to endure such a tribulation.

However, she was astonished to see that Xiang Shaoyun's aura was growing, not dropping, and that the wounds on his body were quickly healing. As the Holy Maiden candidate of the Yu Clan, she was an experienced and knowledgeable person. But not even she could understand how Xiang Shaoyun had accomplished it.

Not only was he able to withstand lightning strikes, his body was also automatically healing. This was generally something only demonic beasts could accomplish, but Xiang Shaoyun was clearly a human. She was very sure of that.

"A mere snake. No matter how it transforms, it won't be able to transform into a dragon. Get down here right now, or don't blame me for showing you no mercy," shouted Long Yunfei unhappily.

"That's right. A worm is dreaming to be a dragon? It's still too early to be daydreaming," agreed Su Jun.

As they spoke, their presence surged out and surrounded Money. They were both proud geniuses who would not accept a mere fourth-stage Demon King showing off above them after breaking through.

At this time, Xiang Shaoyun opened his eyes and beckoned to Money, "Come down here, Money."

At that command, Money immediately shot down to Xiang Shaoyun. Even so, his lofty head was still raised high as he looked at Long Yunfei, Su Jun, and the others coldly. Evidently, he did not fear them.

Xiang Shaoyun gently stroked Money's silver scales and smiled. "Well done, Money. A day will come when you eventually transform into a dragon. We will show them all."

"A raving lunatic," Su Jun sneered.

"Su Jun, after I help Caidie get the yin devil wind, the first person I kill will be you," declared Xiang Shaoyun with his finger pointed at Su Jun. Su Jun had been hostile to him ever since they had met, causing him to dislike Su Jun just like how he disliked Di Tong. He was finding it hard to hold his temper anymore.

"Haha, sure. Since you are brave enough to say that, how about I kill you right now?" said Su Jun as he roared with laughter.

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