Chapter 438: I Can't Help It, I'm Just Too Handsome

"Only I can be your husband!" Xiang Shaoyun declared with an incomparably firm tone, as if this was something nobody could question. However, the young geniuses here were all proud people. They all glared at him furiously when they heard his declaration.

"You are courting death!" Su Jun could no longer hold his anger and jabbed forward with two fingers, sending a golden sword energy shooting toward Xiang Shaoyun.

The sword energy moved rapidly and arrived before Xiang Shaoyun's throat in a flash. Just as Xiang Shaoyun was about to move aside to evade the attack, Huo Xudong, who was seated beside him, suddenly moved and caught the sword energy with his hand.

"Harming my brother? Have you asked for my permission?" said Huo Xudong while rubbing his bald head. A vicious look started appearing on his face.

Although Huo Xudong was a disciple the Smiling Monk had forcefully accepted, he had still been taught a lot by this master. His combat prowess had increased greatly, and he would be able to face Su Jun without much trouble.

"Hmph! If you dare, both of you can come fight me! I will cut both of you apart!" shouted Su Jun.

Di Tong voiced his support for Su Jun, "Friend, you have my support. Just look at how they are disregarding all of us."

Di Tong was obviously trying to fan the flames. However, this wasn't exactly his fault as Xiang Shaoyun was the one who had made such a provocative statement.

Another young man sneered, "A mere fourth-stage Skysoar Realm cultivator dares to make such a big declaration? I wonder where his blind confidence is coming from."

"That's right. Has he forgotten that we are still here?" said someone else in disdain.

They spoke one after another, voicing their dissatisfaction of Xiang Shaoyun. In fact, they were already showing Yu Caidie great respect by not attacking right away. If this had happened anywhere else, they would have definitely slain Xiang Shaoyun with no hesitation.

When Huo Xudong saw so many people speaking out against Xiang Shaoyun, he couldn't help but to sigh, "Brother Xiang, seems like you have poked the hornet's nest."

Xiang Shaoyun did not seem to mind. "I can't help it. I'm just too handsome. They are all merely jealous of my looks."

His words were akin to pouring oil on fire, further fanning the youths' anger.

Yu Caidie giggled and said, "Mister, you are really confident, aren't you? If you can help me get the yin devil wind, I might really consider your proposal."

"Haha, don't worry. I will definitely get the yin devil wind for you," promised Xiang Shaoyun with a bold laugh.

He had never taken this much initiative with any women, not even Gong Qinyin, Lu Xiaoqing, and Dong Ziwan. His sister Ye Chaomu was comparable to Yu Caidie in terms of beauty, but his feelings toward the two of them were completely different.

The affection he had for Ye Chaomu was the familial type, whereas the affection he had for Yu Caidie was absolutely the romantic type. Perhaps this was what one would call love at first sight.

From the moment he first laid his eyes on Yu Caidie, he had a feeling this was a woman he had known for countless years and that she would be the woman he loved most in his life, hence his bold declaration in front of all the young geniuses.

His declaration was not some random rambling. Rather, it was an oath. He vowed to make Yu Caidie his lover and would not allow her to fall into anyone else's embrace. His sudden urge to make her his caused him to suddenly become incomparably stubborn.

"Caidie will look forward to your performance, then," replied Yu Caidie. "Alright, Caidie will be playing a tune for the young heroes here. May you all return in victory."

After saying that, she started playing a graceful tune using her zither, calming the tension in the air. Everyone started drinking and eating as they listened to the music, and the atmosphere on the ship improved. There were still people throwing Xiang Shaoyun the occasional gaze, however. Evidently, he had now become a public enemy.

Xiang Shaoyun himself did not care. He started drinking and conversing with Huo Xudong and was aware that Huo Xudong also shared his fate. Thus, he intended to befriend him. Perhaps they could one day work together to break free from the grasp of the Seven Villains.

When the music stopped, Yu Caidie started speaking about the trip to the Devil Domain. She expressed her wish that the 19 geniuses here could work with her and put aside their personal grudges temporarily. After reaching the devil wind beast's territory, they would then rely on their own strength to obtain the yin devil wind.

The one to obtain the yin devil wind and present it to her would be considered the winner. The trip to the Devil Domain was filled with danger. If they could not unite, they would definitely end up as devil fodder.

Of course, that was only Yu Caidie's proposal. She would be the leader during the trip, and the others would be her temporary followers. The people here were all proud geniuses who would not be willing to obey a young woman. Some of them would rather work alone and only present the yin devil wind to her after they got it.

Yu Caidie was not opposed to that either. However, she emphasized that they could not rely on the help of Emperors. Anyone doing so would be disqualified. The reason for that was because there were not many Devil Emperors in the devil wind beast’s territory they were heading to. If they brought Emperors along with them, they might actually end up attracting the attention of more Devil Emperors, which would only complicate things.

After about two hours, Yu Caidie left with the old woman. But she did not send the young geniuses away as she left. Rather, she summoned 19 beautiful young women to the ship with a clap.

The young women were all dressed in light muslin outfits, revealing their seductive shoulders and legs. On top of that, half their breasts were also revealed, radiating endless temptation. When they arrived on the ship, they started singing and dancing before the young geniuses, filling the young geniuses with lust and desire.

They sat down beside a young genius each and started drinking with them while plastering their tender bodies against them. These young geniuses were all healthy and vigorous young men who could not resist such temptation. Before long, some of them were completely seduced and started touching the beauties all over with a look of lust on their faces.

There was also a beauty nestling against Xiang Shaoyun. With a gentle tone, she said, "Young master, you are so handsome. This humble servant likes you a lot."

"Is that so? Sure, take this chance to feast your eyes on me. After tonight, we won't see each other anymore," said Xiang Shaoyun with a nonchalant smile.

Looking at the beauty leaning against him, he was completely calm. Back when he was at the Ziling Sect, he was surrounded by beauties at all times. However, he had never truly fallen for any women before. He was sure that this woman was yet another test from Yu Caidie, a test of their willpower.

"Young master, don't you like me? This humble servant is all yours tonight," said the young woman, her voice radiating endless allure as she rubbed her ample bosom against Xiang Shaoyun's body.

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