Chapter 437: Only I Can Be Your Husband

Ruo Suifeng was right. Xiang Shaoyun was using his footwork intent, and coupled with his Overlord's Nine Nether Steps, he was moving at a speed exceeding even the speed of a peak King who was on the verge of entering the Emperor Realm.

In other words, Xiang Shaoyun's speed was comparable to the likes of Long Yunfei, Xie Gongzi, and Tang Zhanfei. In fact, if Xiang Shaoyun fully activated his Overlord's Nine Nether Steps, he would be even faster than them.

Of course, footwork intent alone was not enough to get through the perimeter of devil fish. He still needed to use his Nether Soul Domain to reveal the openings of their attacks to be able to move smoothly amidst them.

Before the people on the ship had even recovered from their shock, Xiang Shaoyun was already standing on the ship in a carefree manner. With his arrival, there were now 19 youths in total who had managed to cross the lake and get on the ship.

"My apologies for making everyone wait," said Xiang Shaoyun as he cupped his hands with a smile on his face.

Nobody replied. Instead, they started drinking silently. In their eyes, Xiang Shaoyun had merely crossed the lake through some trick. His strength was completely incomparable to them. Thus, they still looked down on him.

Huo Xudong, who was seated at a corner, waved to Xiang Shaoyun and said, "Brother Xiang, come have a seat here."

Of the people present, Huo Xudong, Shi Hai, and Can Wunian were the representatives of the Seven Villains. Xiang Shaoyun was surprised to see that all of them had managed to reach this far. Inwardly, he mused, Looks like the Seven Villains really want this badly.

He nodded at Huo Xudong before he looked at Yu Caidie, preparing to greet her. But the moment his gaze landed on her face, he was stunned. In a daze he stared at the beautiful young lady. A certain scene surfaced in his mind, and he became lost in thought.

At this time, Yu Caidie was also looking at Xiang Shaoyun. When their gazes met, her pupils shrank, and her eyes shone with an indescribable glint. Just like that, the young man and the young woman stared at each other, as if they were the only two people left in the world.

The faces of the other young men turned unsightly. They started wondering inwardly, Do they know each other?

When Granny Wu noticed that something seemed off with Yu Caidie, she looked at Xiang Shaoyun and said, "Please go to your seat."

Only then did both Xiang Shaoyun and Yu Caidie wake up from their daze.

Xiang Shaoyun laughed, "Haha. Ok, I'll take my seat."

He then walked toward Huo Xudong. However, he had only taken two steps when he turned around and asked, "May I ask for the Holy Maiden's name?"

Immediately, one of the young men slammed his hand on the table and berated, "Audacious! What kind of question is that? Apologize to the Holy Maiden, or I'll throw you into the lake!"

This person was none other than Su Jun. He was staring at Xiang Shaoyun furiously, his eyes filled with hostility. Initially, the woman he had liked was Lady Shura. But the moment he laid his eyes on Yu Caidie's peerless beauty, he had completely shifted all his affection to her.

When he saw Xiang Shaoyun asking the beauty such a rude question, he was infuriated. Apart from Su Jun, a large number of the young men there also thought that Xiang Shaoyun's question was rude and improper.

Of course, they were even more jealous of the short moment Xiang Shaoyun had with Yu Caidie when they were staring into each other’s eyes. When they had seen that, they started worrying that Xiang Shaoyun might snatch the position of son-in-law from them.

Xiang Shaoyun looked at Su Jun and replied with a smile, "Not even our host has said anything yet. Why are you speaking for her? Do you think you are already her other half?"

"You bastard!" Su Jun stood up and yelled, looking like he was going to attack Xiang Shaoyun at any moment.

"Sit down!" Long Yunfei suddenly barked at Su Jun.

Su Jun sat back down resentfully, his eyes still filled with a thick murderous intent. Xiang Shaoyun completely ignored him and sat down beside Huo Xudong.

"Brother Xiang, your speed is really decent," praised Huo Xudong, rubbing his bald head.

Huo Xudong was a handsome young man. After shaving his head, he became a pretty monk. He was rather conspicuous among the young men here with his unique look. In truth, he was a member of a certain powerful clan's main family branch. Like Xiang Shaoyun, he was here at the Bloodsin City to temper himself. Due to his remarkable combat prowess, he caught the eyes of Smiling Monk and was forcefully made a monk and his disciple.

More importantly, he had also been poisoned like Xiang Shaoyun and had no choice but to do the biddings of the Seven Villains. Huo Xudong knew that Xiang Shaoyun was in the same boat. Hence, he felt like he had found a kindred spirit.

After Xiang Shaoyun sat down, Yu Caidie finally raised her glass and said, "You are all invited here because I need to borrow your strength to enter the Devil Domain and obtain the yin devil wind. I believe everyone here is aware of that?"

Everyone nodded.

Shi Hai, seated at a different corner, suddenly said, "It is rumored that the one to obtain the yin devil wind for you will become the Yu Clan's son-in-law?"

Shi Hai's question was much more improper than what Xiang Shaoyun had said earlier, but nobody berated him as they were all able to recognize who he was based on his looks. He was the son of one of the Seven Villains. Even young geniuses like them would not wish to lightly provoke someone like him. The mere thought of the man-eating Villain was enough to provoke fear in their hearts.

The second reason they were all staying silent was because they also wanted to know the answer of that question.

Yu Clan's son-in-law.

The moment they became one, rising in power would no longer be something difficult, and their goal would no longer be something like reaching the Sovereign Realm. Instead, they would aim higher, to reach an even higher realm.

Yu Caidie replied nonchalantly, "Yes."

A look of joy surfaced on the faces of the young geniuses at that confirmation. To their disappointment, Yu Caidie added, "However, that is not absolute. The one to succeed will merely be a candidate for the position."

"What? Only a candidate?" someone cried out in alarm.

The faces of the young geniuses sank. They were all the geniuses of tier-6 and tier-7 organizations. All of them were prideful people with countless women by their sides. But in the eyes of this Holy Maiden candidate, the one to help her obtain the yin devil wind could only be a son-in-law candidate instead of being the chosen one? This was not something they could accept.

Yu Caidie continued, "If you are not willing to participate, you can still withdraw now. Of course, if you enter the Devil Domain with me, regardless of whether we succeed or not, the Yu Clan will not forget to repay your help with ample rewards upon our return. Sovereign weapons, sovereign techniques, all will be available for you to freely choose. The one to obtain the yin devil wind for me will also be able to obtain all that in addition to being listed as a candidate to be my husband. You may make your choice now."

At that moment, Xiang Shaoyun suddenly said, "Only I can be your husband."

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