Chapter 436: The Yu Clan's Holy Maiden Candidate

Excluding the young geniuses, there were only two other people on the ship. One was an old woman that looked like an ordinary granny but whose turbid eyes occasionally shone with a bright radiance. She was definitely a super expert hiding her strength. The other person was a young woman. She had a veil covering her face, and as a result, only a rough outline of her face was visible. Even so, when one looked at her, one would lose their breath.

That was due to her boundlessly elegant temperament, which made her seem like a goddess that had descended upon the mortal world. She seemed unblemished in both body and soul, her amber eyes capable of drowning any man in her grace. She radiated a natural temptation, one that was much scarier than the temptation of those using beguilement techniques.

On top of that, she also had a flawless, impeccable hourglass figure. It was always said that each of the Yu Clan's Holy Maidens was a remarkable beauty. This Holy Maiden candidate was known as the number one beauty of Yu Province, and it would seem like she was indeed worthy of her reputation.

The first few young geniuses to step on the ship were instantly attracted to her. Even before they saw her face clearly, she was already radiating such attraction. How beautiful would she be without her veil? The young geniuses did not even dare to imagine the scene of her lifting her veil.

They were also incredibly satisfied with this young woman, rejoicing inwardly that this trip was definitely worth it. They would be willing to fight for a bewitching beauty like this even if she wasn't from the Yu Clan.

"Long Yunfei of Dragon Society greets the Holy Maiden," Long Yunfei greeted in a refined and courteous manner.

"Xie greets the Holy Maiden," Xie Gongzi from the Dark Devil Sect also greeted with a charming grin on his face.

"Tang Longfei greets the Holy Maiden," Tang Longfei greeted as well.

The other young geniuses also greeted the Holy Maiden candidate one after another. Her beauty caused their eyes to be burning with excitement as they could no longer wait to win the heart of this Holy Maiden candidate.

"Caidie greets all of you, misters," greeted the Holy Maiden candidate. Her voice was melodic, causing the hearts of all who heard her speak to flutter and their looks of infatuation to deepen.

"Granny Wu, please serve our guests some wine and food," said Yu Caidie.

Granny Wu, who was standing behind her, nodded and waved her sleeve. Instantly, the tables before the young geniuses were filled with spirit fruits and excellent liquors. The young geniuses knew that this old woman was definitely a super expert. None of them dared to be impolite as they all sat down quietly.

More and more people arrived on the ship. Naturally, there were also some who were injured and could no longer get on the ship. Even after an hour, only 18 people had managed to get on the ship. Meanwhile, 31 people had been completely eliminated from the race.

In other words, the number of people that could ultimately go to the Devil Domain with the Holy Maiden candidate would be lower than 30. Currently, only one person was still trying to get across the lake.

This person was none other than Xiang Shaoyun, the person with the lowest cultivation level here. Although he had advanced a stage during the first test, that still did not change the fact that he had the lowest cultivation level. Therefore, when the young geniuses were joining hands to cross the lake, none of them invited him. All of them thought of him as a burden.

Xiang Shaoyun understood the situation he was in. Therefore, he never planned to work with anyone. He would cross the lake with his own strength, and he was confident he could do it. Otherwise, let alone capturing the heart of the Holy Maiden candidate, he wouldn't even be able to get anything from the Devil Domain trip.

He was the last to cross not because he had no way of crossing. He simply wanted no interruption while he was crossing. After all, the battlefield would get chaotic with too many people and might accidentally spread to him if he was to attempt the cross at the same time as everyone else.

The source of his confidence wasn't his combat prowess. Rather, it was his unrivaled speed. Naturally, the people on the ship did not look too highly on him. In their eyes, he was simply making a pointless struggle.

Di Tong said, "A person with only this much strength will not be able to get past the devil fish. We should just kick him out so he doesn't injure himself trying."

Di Tong might seem like he was speaking out of kindness, but he was really trying to destroy any chance Xiang Shaoyun might have of getting onto the ship. He was worried that Xiang Shaoyun would actually be able to get on the ship and head into the Devil Domain with them. He was even more worried that by some luck Xiang Shaoyun would manage to become a candidate to become the Yu Clan's son-in-law. Although that seemed unlikely to happen, he still did not wish to risk that happening.

Su Jun immediately agreed, "Yes, we don't have to waste our time waiting for someone like him."

A few other people also agreed and started requesting for Xiang Shaoyun to be directly eliminated from the race. Before Yu Caidie could say anything, Tang Longfei opened his mouth, "It doesn't matter if he can or can’t get here. That is his choice, and we shouldn't interfere."

"True, but he is only a fourth-stage Skysoar Realm cultivator. Even if he is strong enough to punch above his weight, he is still not qualified to walk alongside us," said Di Tong.

Xie Gongzi of Dark Devil Sect also sneered and said, "That's right."

These geniuses had their own pride. They viewed battling alongside the weak as some sort of insult. Thus, many of them were in agreement that Xiang Shaoyun should be kicked out. Yu Caidie still hadn't managed to say anything when everyone suddenly stared at the lake in astonishment. 

Xiang Shaoyun was dashing rapidly toward them. They all thought that he stood no chance at crossing the lake, but they found that they couldn't have been more mistaken. Like a wind, he drifted about in the midst of the devil fish as he approached the ship.

The devil fish cried out repeatedly as they attacked with a large amount of devilish energy. However, like a slippery fish, Xiang Shaoyun was always able to find an opening and sneak away, moving completely unharmed amid the rain of attacks. The lake wasn't exactly big. With a few moves, Xiang Shaoyun was already only about 100 meters away from the ship.

"This...this is footwork intent!" Ruo Suifeng cried out in alarm.

Ruo Suifeng was one who cultivated the power of wind and had also grasped the first stage of footwork intent, moving like the wind. That was how he had earned his title as the Little Wind God.

Now that someone else who had also comprehended footwork intent was before him—and with a lower cultivation level—he was understandably shocked.

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