Chapter 433: Assembly of Geniuses

The so-called Yu Moon Pavilion was not just an ordinary building. Rather, it was a tower of graceful gardens. There were rock gardens, flowing streams, trees, flowers, and pavilions everywhere. Walking in here, it was as if there would be brand new scenery unfolding before one's eyes every 10 steps. It was an extremely beautiful place.

Anyone would feel rejuvenated the moment they stepped in here, their mood naturally calming down.

The first floor consisted of a garden with over 10 buildings littered here and there. Each of the buildings was a perfect place to spend one's time indulging in drink and pleasure. All sorts of pleasures were available on this floor, such as food, drinks, prostitution, and gambling. 

The place was currently bustling with noise and excitement. The first floor had the Yu Moon Pavilion's cheapest services, but it was still not a place ordinary people could enter. 

As for the second floor, the sceneries were even more exquisite. The women were even prettier than the ones on the first floor, and none of them were ordinary. They were all cultivators, and with them serving as this floor's hostesses, any customers qualified to enter would be satisfied with their service. Generally, only the extremely rich and powerful would dare enter the second floor.

The third floor was considered a private area, and nobody could enter without an invitation from the Yu Clan. In other words, this was some sort of VIP floor for their honored guests. Like the other young geniuses, Xiang Shaoyun's goal was to enter the third floor. But it wouldn't be easy for them. They needed to get through a test before they would be allowed entry.

A middle-aged man was standing on the path leading to the third floor. Looking at the group of youths standing before him, he said, "To enter the third floor, you need to first report your names to me. Then, you need to undergo our test. Only the best 50 will be allowed entry. Everyone else shall not enter."

Only 30 people would be ultimately chosen to enter the Devil Domain with the Holy Maiden candidate. This was the first round of selection where 50 would be selected. The final selection would be held on the third floor where the final 30 would be selected.

Xiang Shaoyun had not expected that there would be so many steps. He found it rather troublesome and didn't really want to do it, but when he thought of how his life was now in Ugly Gambler's hands, he had no choice but to participate. After reporting his name and age, he was given a jade plate with his name written on it.

After the over 100 youths all completed their registrations, the middle-aged man declared, "Get ready. The 50 people that can remain standing under my suppression the longest will be allowed to remain."

Right after that announcement, a boundless presence surged out of the middle-aged man and pressed down on all the youths. This middle-aged man was actually a Dragon Ascension Realm expert. In fact, he was not an ordinary Dragon Ascension Realm expert, as he had reached the late stage.

His presence pressed down on everyone at exactly the same time, and it was not a feat an ordinary Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator could pull off. The youths here immediately felt like a massive boulder was suddenly weighing down on them, causing them to bend down involuntarily. The weaker ones even spat blood and fainted straight away.

Xiang Shaoyun also felt the same, and he nearly collapsed to the ground from the weight. Fortunately, he was not an ordinary King. Under the pressure, his nine stars stirred and erupted with power, helping him withstand the Emperor's presence.

This Emperor had only utilized about 10 percent of his strength, but just this 10 percent strength was already very difficult for peak Kings to withstand. It was a test of a King's cultivation base and willpower.

A King that couldn't even withstand a presence like this would not be qualified to become their son-in-law. The son-in-law candidates would be required to enter the Devil Domain and do battle there. Thus, they were only looking for those who were at least a peak King.

Any person capable of reaching such a cultivation level before 30 years old was basically a giant among men. The Yu Clan was conducting this test out of necessity. Otherwise, if any random King was allowed to join their banquet, it would be an insult to the clan.

Xiang Shaoyun was having a hard time withstanding the pressure, even with the help of his nine stars. But that was mainly due to his low cultivation level because he was only a third-stage King. Even when using his full power, he could only prevent himself from fully collapsing onto the ground. It seemed rather implausible that he would be able to last till the end.

His entire body was drenched wet as he strenuously tried to remain standing. About half of the people there were still standing firmly. Although some of them were also struggling, they were at least doing better than Xiang Shaoyun. Among them, about a dozen people were still standing perfectly straight. They did not look pressured at all. Evidently, this presence had minimal effect on them.

They were all peak Kings, with the weakest being at the ninth stage. Some of them even had slight traces of draconic aura around them, a sign that they had already formed their initial portion of draconic aura and that they would be able to enter the Dragon Ascension Realm in the not too distant future.

The so-called Dragon Ascension was akin to transforming into a dragon. Turning one's spine into a draconic spine, filling one's body with draconic aura, and obtaining the body of a true dragon.

Among the group still standing perfectly straight were Long Yunfei, Xie Gongzi, Di Tong, Shi Hai, Su Jun, and Huo Xudong. These were all people Xiang Shaoyun had met before.

There were also others who were worth paying attention to. Among them were Tang Longfei the number one young master of city hall, Jin Shui from the tier-7 organization Golden Horn Sect, Ruo Suifeng from the tier-7 organization Drifting Peak, and Little Beast Emperor from the tier-6 organization Myriad Beast Sect.

Tang Longfei was the governor's first son. He had already formed a pseudo dragon body and was known as the number one young genius of the Bloodsin City. Even the likes of Su Jun and Lady Shura were not comparable to him. He was also a Super War King, and he had once won 49 consecutive victories on a Bloodsin Arena, which was how he had come to be known as the number one young genius of the Bloodsin City.

Not only was he powerful, he was also extremely handsome. His face looked like a perfectly sculpted work of art. He had a firm and persistent bearing, and his pseudo draconic aura swirled around him constantly, emanating a domineering presence.

As for Jin Shui, he was the son of Golden Horn Sect's current sect master. He wasn't exactly insanely handsome, but he still looked pleasant to the eyes. He stood there in a serene manner, the faintly discernible draconic aura around him making it clear he was anything but normal.

Golden Horn Sect was not located in one of the three provinces neighboring this Bloodsin City. Rather, the sect was from a different province even farther away. One could say that he was a young expert who had come from far away.

As for Ruo Suifeng from the Drifting Peak, he was a freak in cultivation. He was only 29 years old yet was already a ninth-stage Skysoar Realm cultivator who had formed his initial portion of draconic aura. He cultivated the power of wind and was known as the Little Wind God.

Little Beast Emperor was from the Myriad Beast Sect, a tier-6 organization that placed him in a slightly lower position in terms of status compared to those geniuses from the tier-7 organizations. However, he had an innate intimacy with all beasts, possessing a talent to make beasts do his bidding. The peak Demon Kings surrounding him served as the best proof that he was worthy of his title, the Little Beast Emperor.

There were also a few other young geniuses that were comparable to these people, possessing both strength and background.

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