Chapter 432: Yao Jiaojiao's Dreadful Strength

"Earth Skeleton, kill everyone in that carriage," commanded Xiang Shaoyun.

If this was any other city, Xiang Shaoyun would not dare to face Di Tong like this. However, this was Bloodsin City, and with the Skeleton Gang under his control, dealing with Di Tong's current group wouldn't be something too difficult.

Di Tong was only a peak King. As for his followers, they were probably only Dragon Ascension Realm experts. A group like this would probably not be that much of a threat. Unfortunately, Xiang Shaoyun had still underestimated the strength of Di Tong's followers. The moment Earth Skeleton attacked, an energy wave rippled out of Di Tong's carriage as a powerful aura pressed down on Xiang Shaoyun and Earth Skeleton.

"Retreat, master! They have a Sovereign with them!" said Earth Skeleton anxiously through voice transmission.

Earth Skeleton was a peak Dragon Ascension Realm expert, and he was able to barely withstand the Sovereign's pressure. He wouldn't be able to last long, and if this Sovereign decided to attack for real, he would not be able to keep Xiang Shaoyun safe.

Xiang Shaoyun's face fell. He had not expected that Di Tong would actually bring a Sovereign along. Not even he had enjoyed such treatment back when he was still the young master of the sect.

After all, Sovereigns were considered the elite force of a tier-7 organization. Experts like them would not easily bow to anyone. Xiang Shaoyun wanted to flee, but he did not think he would be able to escape a Sovereign.

"Get moving. Why are you not fleeing?" asked Di Tong with a sneer.

At the same time, the carriage started descending from the sky. As for the people in the surroundings, they all moved away from Xiang Shaoyun. None of them wanted to get pulled into their conflict.

Many of the people here knew who Xiang Shaoyun was. They were also able to easily figure out the identity of Di Tong's group with the emblem on their carriage. It was obvious this was a group from the Ziling Sect.

Although Ziling Sect was a relatively new sect that had only been established for about 100 years, it was a rising power and had a chance to become a tier-8 organization. Xiang Yangzhan, the sect master of Ziling Sect, also had a fierce reputation that had spread far and wide.

However, a lot of people were still unaware that the Ziling Sect had recently gotten a new master. Even fewer people knew that Xiang Shaoyun was the sect's original young master.

When the carriage landed, a smug smile formed on Di Tong's face as he said, "Come on. Allow your seventh brother to bring you home. We won't make things difficult for you. Old Cheng, take him."

The so-called Old Cheng was none other than the Sovereign by Di Tong's side. His name was Cheng Yu, a brand new Soul Foundation Realm expert, and he was also the strongest cultivator in the group accompanying Di Tong.

As Xiang Shaoyun was getting anxious, a melodic voice rang out in the air, "Little brother, what are you waiting for? Get in there and join the banquet already."

A pleasant fragrance filled the air as an incorporeal power arrived and instantly destroyed the pressure Cheng Yu was exerting on Xiang Shaoyun. The newcomer was a woman Xiang Shaoyun had never met before. She had an alluring hourglass figure, and for some reason, her voice sounded rather familiar to him. He had a feeling he knew her, but he couldn't recall meeting her at all.

"Who are you? This is Ziling Sect's business. Please move aside," said Cheng Yu with a frown.

As he said that, he released his presence and sent it crushing down on the woman.

"Hehe, I see you trying to bully the weak. I’ll have you know that I love to do that as well!" said the woman with a melodious laugh.

Her voice was like a devilish tune that drilled straight into Cheng Yu's ears. His presence instantly crumbled apart and an odd expression appeared on his face. A short while later, he started stripping and hugging the empty air before him. He muttered repeatedly, "What a beautiful girl. I want you...I want you..."

Evidently, he had fallen to the woman's charm technique and was now trapped in an illusion. When Di Tong and the other Emperors saw that, fear covered their faces, and Xiang Shaoyun finally knew who she was. She was most likely Yao Jiaojiao the Myriad Face Consort.

"Thank you for your help, big sister. I will remember this favor," thanked Xiang Shaoyun as he bowed gratefully.

"Hehe, I won't forget what you said," said Yao Jiaojiao with a crafty smile. "Go on. I have high hopes for you."

Xiang Shaoyun nodded and stepped into the Yu Moon Pavilion.

Yao Jiaojiao then turned and looked at Cheng Yu, who was now completely naked, and said, "What an embarrassment. You call yourself a Sovereign?"

As she said that, Cheng Yu shivered and woke up from the illusion he was in. When he saw his current state, his face turned unsightly. His aura erupted from his body as he roared, "I'll kill you!"

He furiously punched forward at Yao Jiaojiao with both his fists. As he attacked, he gathered the energy in his surroundings, sending out a boundless astral energy that caused space itself to twist and warp. It was a terrifying might only available to Sovereigns. Unfortunately, a fresh Sovereign like him was nothing before Yao Jiaojiao.

She narrowed her eyes and smiled. "Looks like you have yet to learn your lesson."

She casually waved her hand, causing Cheng Yu's attack to fall apart. Her palm then struck his face.


Along with a crisp sound, the slap sent Cheng Yu flying. From how easily Yao Jiaojiao could slap a Sovereign away, it was obvious how dreadful her strength was.

"Seventh young master, you need to leave," advised someone beside Di Tong in alarm.

None of them would be able to escape if that woman decided to make a move on them. Realizing that, Di Tong could only say helplessly, "If she wants to do anything to us, running is pointless. Just wait."

This was quite a courageous display, but inwardly, he wasn't as calm as how he was presenting himself. He started questioning himself, When has that bastard gotten such a strong helper? Is she a hidden trump card left behind by his dead father?

He knew there was a man named Duo Ji by Xiang Shaoyun's side, but Duo Ji was nowhere to be seen. Instead, it was this mysterious woman. The thought of Xiang Shaoyun's rapid growth caused him to be fearful that they might not be able to keep what they had stolen from Xiang Shaoyun after all.

"Hehe, not bad. You're quite smart. Lucky for you, I'm too busy to deal with you right now. Remember, in the Bloodsin City, don't bother trying to harm my little brother. Or else, you will die, no matter your background," said Yao Jiaojiao with a smile. She then vanished into thin air.

The only reason she had helped Xiang Shaoyun was because of the bet. She did not really feel much affection toward him. She was hoping that one of the candidates sent by the Seven Villains would become the Yu Clan's son-in-law. Thus, she would not watch on as Xiang Shaoyun got himself killed before he even got started on what they had sent him to do.

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