Chapter 431: Meeting of Enemies

The Bloodsin City was filled with murderous and ruthless individuals with terrible tempers, but they needed the companionship of women to relieve their stress, and brothels had naturally become the perfect place to serve that purpose.

But in a city like Bloodsin City, operating a brothel was not something one could easily do. A brothel without sufficient strength would usually end up with a lot of customers that would either create trouble or refuse to pay. The brothel's operator might even end up losing both money and life.

This was not so for the Yu Moon Pavilion, the most luxurious brothel in the Bloodsin City.

The Yu Clan was an ancient influential clan and one of the most powerful organizations in the city. Thus, nobody dared to create trouble at their Yu Moon Pavilion. Of course, there were examples of people creating trouble here in the past. One such example was when someone started acting wildly after getting drunk. Then and there, he was ultimately ripped apart into eight pieces and tossed into a river.

Tonight, a grand banquet was being held at the Yu Moon Pavilion with an invitation to all youngsters below 30 years old in the city. The Holy Maiden candidate of the Yu Clan was going to pick 30 young geniuses among them to enter the Devil Domain with her. Their mission would be to help her get the yin devil wind, something that would help her become the next Holy Maiden.

During this process, anyone who managed to earn the favor of this Holy Maiden candidate would have the chance to become the Yu Clan's son-in-law. Because of that, in addition to the Bloodsin City's local geniuses, many geniuses from other provinces had arrived to attend the banquet as well.

The Yu Clan was considered a top clan even in the entirety of the Western Desert. Becoming their son-in-law basically guaranteed one power and authority. Furthermore, the Holy Maiden candidate was a remarkably beautiful woman known as the number one beauty of Yu Province. A woman with such background and looks was the kind of woman all men would fight for.

Presently, a large number of people had gathered in front of the Yu Moon Pavilion. They were the representatives from the various major organizations, composed of young masters and their followers. Each young master was surrounded by a large number of followers in their attempt to show off their power and influence.

The followers would only be allowed to enter the first and second floors of the pavilion. The third floor was reserved for the youngsters below 30 years old. Xiang Shaoyun had also arrived with Earth Skeleton and Jin Wo.

Looking at the large number of people gathered here, he couldn't help but to lament inwardly, The Yu Clan really has a great rallying power. Just look at the number of people here.

Although he was only a peak third-stage Skysoar Realm cultivator, he could still clearly sense how strong each person was. Those youngsters were all higher than him in terms of cultivation level. As for the followers, none of them were weaker than the Emperor Realm. Suddenly, a commotion broke out and attracted everyone's gaze.

A luxurious carriage was flying over, pulled by six flying demonic beasts baring their fangs and looking incomparably ferocious and majestic. A few people were seated in the carriage. Each looked extraordinary, with one of them being a youngster over 20 years old. He was lounging on a couch while looking around at everyone with disdain in his eyes.

"It's the Dragon Society! Who did they send? He actually has six Demon Emperor flood dragons pulling his carriage? What an astounding display of power!"

"No way. It can't be one of the Thirteen Crown Princes, right? It is rumored that each of the Thirteen Crown princes is insanely talented. Even the Golden Dragon Sword Su Jun is not qualified to be ranked among them."

"I know who he is! He's one of the Thirteen Crown Princes, Long Yunfei, the Thirteenth Crown Prince!"

"They sent him? Looks like the Dragon Society really wants to have a marriage alliance with the Yu Clan."


Thirteenth Crown Prince Long Yunfei was the young man lounging on the couch. He looked heroic and extraordinary with a draconic aura swirling around him all the time. He did have a look as amazing as his reputation.

Generally speaking, those capable of emitting draconic aura were generally those who were halfway into the Dragon Ascension Realm. Since this Thirteenth Crown Prince was emitting a weak draconic aura around him, it was clear he was not far away from fully entering the Dragon Ascension Realm.

Reaching this cultivation level before 30 years old placed him among the most talented youths of the various tier-7 organizations. In fact, a talent like this would be rare even among tier-8 organizations. It was no wonder he could arrive with such splendor.

The six flood dragons flew straight into the Yu Moon Pavilion, completely unlike those from the regular organizations that did not dare to fly straight inside. The group had barely entered the pavilion when yet another group of people on a luxurious carriage pulled by a bunch of Demon Emperors arrived.

These were the people from the Dark Devil Sect. Among the group, one of them was the Devil Son candidate, Xie Gongzi, someone whose status was comparable to Long Yunfei. Apart from these two groups, the representatives from the city hall and some other tier-6 and tier-7 organizations from other provinces were also arriving.

A slight trace of envy was visible in Xiang Shaoyun's eyes when he looked at the glory all those young geniuses were basking in. Inwardly, he thought, If I had worked hard back then, I would be shining just as bright as them right now.

Just as Xiang Shaoyun was about to step into the Yu Moon Pavilion, screeching sounds suddenly rang out in the air. Sharp and clear phoenix-like cries filled the sky. Xiang Shaoyun looked up by instinct, and when he saw the luxurious carriage that had just arrived, his eyes were instantly covered with a thick murderous intent. His presence of dragon and tiger instantly roiled out of him. The people on the newly arrived carriage that was pulled by five luan birds seemed to have sensed Xiang Shaoyun's existence as well. They stopped right above him.

A handsome young man walked out from inside the carriage. With a white folding fan on his hand and a graceful bearing about him, he overlooked Xiang Shaoyun from above and said, "Little Brother Yun, it has been a while. Your big brother never expected to see you here. I am so glad to see you again!"

That young man was none other than Di Tong from the Ziling Sect. He was looking at Xiang Shaoyun with a look of derision.

"Di Tong!" Xiang Shaoyun couldn't help but to roar furiously. He had a look of hatred on his face, looking like he would wish for nothing more than to feast on Di Tong's flesh.

He once addressed Di Tong as his seventh brother, a person he saw as family. This seventh brother had always doted on him and would fulfill his every request. Who would have expected that the people from the Di Clan were actually a bunch of ambitious traitors. After his father had gone missing for half a year, they had snatched the sect from the Xiang Clan and had even killed a lot of members loyal to the Xiang Clan.

Xiang Shaoyun still remembered the scene of this seventh brother personally leading a group to hunt him down. Someone who was akin to family had suddenly turned into an enemy. It was something nobody had seen coming.

"Little Brother Yun, your big brother is very happy to see you living so well. But why are you out here in the open instead of hiding yourself away? Are you getting tired of living?" said Di Tong with a thick murderous intent in his eyes.

"Oh? Very well, let's see which of us will be the one to live after today!" said Xiang Shaoyun with a frosty look on his face.

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