Chapter 428: Game of Villains

A different voice rang out, "Hehe, you guys sure are fast. I'm supposed to be the witness, but all of you arrived before me?"

A person appeared out of thin air. The newcomer was an extremely attractive woman who had a perfect hourglass figure and a pair of flushed cheeks that radiated allure. The sultry look her muslin outfit gave her, combined with the pleasant fragrance she seemed to emit at all times, was capable of easily provoking lust in any man. She was basically a top-tier temptress. Her name was Yao Jiaojiao the Myriad Face Consort, one of the Seven Villains.

"If you had arrived any later, we would have proceeded without you, witch," grumbled Ugly Gambler unhappily.

"Ugly Gambler, without me as the witness, will your bet still be as fun?" Yao Jiaojiao protested coquettishly.

Can Lehen agreed as he looked at Yao Jiaojiao with a look of adoration. "That's right. Without Jiaojiao, we wouldn't have even bothered to take part in this stupid bet with you, Ugly Gambler."

Yao Jiaojiao ignored Can Lehen. Instead, she looked at Xiang Shaoyun, who was standing beside Ugly Gambler, and gently caressed his face. "What a handsome boy. You are this big sister's type. Do you want to spend a night with this big sister? I promise that you will have so much pleasure you wouldn't even mind dying then and there."

Yao Jiaojiao's sensual voice and the sultry look on her face could cause anyone's blood to boil.

Xiang Shaoyun immediately blushed and said, "But goddess, I am not the type of man that would sleep around casually."

"Oh? Blushing already? How cute!" said Yao Jiaojiao, her entire body pressing against Xiang Shaoyun's body.

Xiang Shaoyun felt his blood stir, and his eyes started raging with lust. Before his eyes, Yao Jiaojiao started stripping her clothes piece by piece. Slowly, she revealed her sleek shoulder, followed by her tender and fair bosom, causing his blood to rage so much he felt like he was about to start bleeding from his nose.

Xiang Shaoyun was not the only one affected. Can Wunian and Huo Xudong also had a look of lust on their faces. They all seemed to be slowly losing control over themselves. Just as Xiang Shaoyun was about to totally lose control over his own mind, his Nether Dragon Soul Headband released a wave of incorporeal energy that washed over his body and woke him from the state he was in.

Only now did he notice that Yao Jiaojiao was actually still standing two meters away from him. She had never approached him, nor was she stripping. Everything he had seen was an illusion.

Then, he saw both Can Wunian and Huo Xudong stripping with the facial expressions of someone consumed by desire. He instantly knew that they had lost themselves in the illusion.

What a powerful beguilement technique! Xiang Shaoyun cried out inwardly. He had always prided himself as a person with a strong mind. But before Yao Jiaojiao, his mental strength seemed so fragile. The same applied to Can Wunian and Huo Xudong.

That could only prove that the gap between them and Yao Jiaojiao was too wide. Xiang Shaoyun was confident that if he was at the same cultivation level, he would be able to withstand her enticement.

"Wake up!" shouted both Can Lehen and Yuan Xiao, waking their respective disciples. The two woke up and gasped in alarm. They no longer dared to give Yao Jiaojiao another look.

"Jiaojiao, don't use your Cosmic Charm Sutra here. These kids can't take it," said Can Lehen.

Yuan Xiao laughed, "Haha, Yao Jiaojiao, if you want a man, you can always come to me. I will keep you satisfied."

Yuan Xiao did nothing to hide the intense desire in his eyes when he spoke. It was blatantly obvious his brain was filled with improper thoughts of Yao Jiaojiao.

"Hehe, sure. Feel free to come to my bed tonight if you have the guts," invited Yao Jiaojiao with a wide smile on her face.

"Haha, no thanks. I’m still not tired of living," said Yuan Xiao.

Of the Seven Villains, Myriad Face Consort Yao Jiaojiao was ranked third. She was terrifyingly strong, and few men dared to get on her bed. There was also a widespread rumor that she cultivated a technique where she plucked the yang to replenish her yin and had slept with many men for her cultivation. Of course, that was still a rumor and not many people knew if it was the truth.

"I knew it. You have always been a cowardly pervert," said Yao Jiaojiao as she glared at Yuan Xiao. She then looked at Xiang Shaoyun and said, "This little brother is more my taste. Although he is weak, he still has great potential. Great choice, Ugly Gambler."

"Of course. I will definitely win this bet," declared Ugly Gambler confidently.

Can Lehen said unhappily, "It is still too early for you to say that. With this tiny bit of strength, he will die the moment he enters the Devil Domain."

"Alright, let's stop bickering. Yao Jiaojiao, you will serve as a witness to see which of these three will be the one to obtain the yin devil wind and become the candidate for Yu Clan's son-in-law," said Yuan Xiao.

All the youngsters had actually been brought here to fight for the position of Yu Clan's son-in-law. If the people from those big clans knew about this bet, they would probably scoff at them for being too ambitious.

One ought to know that the various organizations had sent the strongest of their young here to snatch the yin devil wind and form a relationship with the Yu Clan. In their eyes, this bet of the Seven Villains would be nothing but a joke.

The Seven Villains might be strong, but they had sinister temperaments and had always operated independently. Because of that, their hand-picked disciples would similarly be looked down upon.

Yao Jiaojiao started saying, "Ok. I'll—" 

Another voice rang out, "Why are you betting without me? Are you looking down on me?"

The voice was as loud as a thunderclap, leaving a droning sound in everyone's ears. The three youngsters suffered the worst as they felt their blood roiling and nearly started coughing blood from that mere shout.

Fortunately, the people who had brought them to the meeting had protected them from the sound wave, preventing them from suffering any injuries. The newcomer was a tall and sturdy middle-aged man. He also had an ugly face that only looked slightly better than Ugly Gambler's face. In fact, he slightly resembled a cannibal, with the prominent big mouth he had. When he opened his mouth, his sharp fangs were clearly visible, presenting a frightening sight.

This person was Man-eating Mouth Shi Lie, ranked second among the Seven Villains. Myriad Face Consort Yao Jiaojiao, Smiling Monk Yuan Xiao, Ugly Gambler Pang Nanyang, and Heaven Rupturing Foot Can Lehen all wore looks of fear when they looked at Shi Lie.

Not only was Man-eating Mouth Shi Lie insanely strong, he also had the blood of the cannibals coursing in his veins. He was one who had truly feasted on human flesh. That fact alone was enough to make them fear him.

Shi Lie came with another person who shared similar physical characteristics. This person looked younger than Shi Lie, but he was still much older in comparison to Xiang Shaoyun and the other youngsters. This was Shi Hai, son of Shi Lie. He had yet to reach 30 years old, but he already possessed the combat strength of a peak King.

"Hehe, Shi Lie, you're interested in getting involved in this mess as well?" Yuan Xiao laughed.

"The tender flesh of the Yu Clan girl will be an amazing delicacy perfect for my son," Shi Lie replied menacingly.

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