Chapter 427: Gathering of Villains

Yu Clan's son-in-law. That was a very prestigious position.

One ought to know that the Yu Clan was an ancient clan and was among the strongest even when ranked in the entirety of the dominion. Just from the fact that they had an entire province named after them, the Yu Province, it proved how powerful they were.

The Yu Clan was a clan with a long tradition of martial inheritance. Geniuses rose from each generation, and their Holy Son and Holy Maiden were always among the top geniuses of the dominion.

Now, someone that could possibly be the next Holy Maiden was going to throw a banquet at the Yu Moon Pavilion. It would be a grand occasion that would probably happen only once in 100 years. Ugly Gambler was one of the Seven Villains of Bloodsin City. It wasn't weird that he knew of the banquet happening. But why he had looked for Xiang Shaoyun was a mystery.

Xiang Shaoyun had not expected that this would be the reason Ugly Gambler had brought him here. With a bitter look on his face, he replied, "Lord Gambler, she is someone on the list to be the next Holy Maiden of Yu Clan, and she will be searching for the best of Kings. A fresh King like me is not qualified to participate in the banquet."

Inwardly however, he was thinking something different, This young master is not one to live off a woman. But if that Yu Clan chick is pretty enough, I wouldn't mind considering her.

Xiang Shaoyun was not a person who would play up to someone just because they were a person of influence and power. However, he needed to reclaim what was his, and that required sufficient power. If he could borrow some of the Yu Clan's power as well, he would not mind doing it.

But Ugly Gambler himself had said that only peak Kings would be invited to the banquet. Although he was strong, he still hadn't reached a point where he was comparable to them.

"Haha, don't be unduly humble, kid. I trust my eyes. You have an extraordinary fate and possess the bearing of someone with great power. Perhaps you might really obtain the yin devil wind and win that girl's favor," said Ugly Gambler with a smile. "I know you still have a lot of hidden trump cards, kid. You are definitely capable of contending against those under-30 Kings."

Looking at the ugly smile on Ugly Gambler's face, Xiang Shaoyun mused inwardly, Is this old man scheming something here?

At that thought, Xiang Shaoyun continued the act, "Lord Gambler, this kid is grateful that you are telling me about a great opportunity like this. But I have never been to the Devil Domain and know nothing about the place. I'm afraid I will die before I manage to even get the yin devil wind. I think it's better if I stay here instead."

Ugly Gambler glared at him and said, "No. Even if you don't want to go, you're still going. Or else, this old man will just kill you right now!"

A thick murderous intent surged out and surrounded Xiang Shaoyun, causing him to shiver. He was sure that if he dared to say no, Ugly Gambler would kill him.

Xiang Shaoyun quickly agreed, "Yes, yes, this kid will go. This kid will go, alright?"

He was initially planning to act the fool to scam some benefits off Ugly Gambler, but he had forgotten that the Ugly Gambler was part of the Seven Villains. He was a person that would kill him just because he felt like it.

After Xiang Shaoyun agreed, Ugly Gambler smiled and said, "That's more like it! I won't mistreat you. So long as you can get the yin devil wind and become the Yu Clan's son-in-law, I will give you a big present." 

Just as Xiang Shaoyun was about to ask what the present was, with a whoosh, someone appeared before them.

"Hahaha, Ugly Gambler, is this the person you found? Your choice is terrible!" said the newcomer as he howled with laughter.

When Xiang Shaoyun looked over, he saw an old man with one eye and one leg beside a young man who also had one leg.

Heaven Rupturing Foot, Can Lehen? Xiang Shaoyun exclaimed inwardly.

Although he had never met Can Lehen, he had long learned of the characteristics of the Seven Villains from the three Skeletons. Thus, he was able to recognize the old man with one look.

"Old cripple, this is my choice. Definitely better than the little cripple you found," said Ugly Gambler with a sneer.

"This kid is only a third-stage King. How can he compare to my disciple? What were you even thinking when you picked him?" said Can Lehen as he gave Xiang Shaoyun a look of derision.

The one-legged young man beside Can Lehen was similarly looking at Xiang Shaoyun with disdain. There were even traces of hostility in his eyes. The young man looked rather handsome, but it was unfortunate that he only had one leg, ruining his overall image somewhat. He was Can Wunian, Can Lehen's disciple. He was not even 30 years old, yet he was already an eighth-stage King. This was a talent far surpassing many ordinary people.

One should never look down on this pair even though they were both cripples. In actuality, their kicking technique was unique and unmatched—the powerful Heaven Rupturing Foot technique.

The Heaven Rupturing Foot was an ancient technique created by a crippled eccentric during the distant past. It was a technique that allowed one to push one's crippled body to the limits, recreating the missing leg and letting them possess a power to easily crush mountains and part rivers. After Can Lehen obtained the technique's inheritance, he had relied on it to rise in power and eventually became one of the Seven Villains.

"Yes, this little cripple is quite good even when compared with the young geniuses of the various organizations. But he is still nothing special. Although this kid beside me is quite weak, strength is not all one needs to get the yin devil wind. Luck and potential are very important as well. Moreover, that girl likes a good looking guy. This little cripple stands no chance. What's the point of bringing him here?" said Ugly Gambler, his voice laced with derision. 

"Ugly Gambler is right. Each Holy Maiden of the Yu Clan is a woman of remarkable beauty. This Holy Maiden candidate is also known as the Yu Province's number one beauty. This little cripple stands no chance," a different voice laced with arrogance interjected.

Another person appeared. The newcomer was a middle-aged monk who always had a smile on his face. His face was round, and when he smiled, he looked incredibly kind. On his chubby body was a Buddhist robe and in his hand was a chicken drumstick, which he was currently gnawing.

Standing beside him was a young monk. The young monk had a pretty face and a dignified appearance. He was tall, his back perfectly straight. He was the kind of person one would call a pretty monk. But from the roguish bearing he possessed, he did not seem like an actual monk. Rather, he looked like a fake monk who had only recently converted. And that was in fact the truth.

The middle-aged monk was one of the Seven Villains, Yuan Xiao the Smiling Monk. One must not be fooled by the amiable smile he wore. His smile was always at its widest when he was committing acts of murder.

As for the young monk, he was Smiling Monk's disciple. Of course, he was a freshly accepted disciple. In fact, he was forced. His name was Huo Xudong, and he was about 27 or 28 years old. His cultivation level was even higher than Can Wunian, at the ninth-stage Skysoar Realm.

This cultivation level for his age was enough to place him among the top geniuses of the entire dominion. Of course, he was still somewhat lacking when compared to an absolute freak like Ye Chaomu.

After all, Ye Chaomu was already a seventh-stage Skysoar Realm cultivator at 17 years old. She was definitely among the most insane young geniuses of the entire dominion. Right at this moment, someone else arrived.

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