Chapter 422: The Difficult Wolf Fang

"A mere third-stage Skysoar Realm cultivator dares to challenge the fifth arena? Today, let me teach you how big the gap between stages can be," roared Xiang Shaoyun's opponent before charging forward.

No one who dared to step on the arena was weak. Their combat prowess had all been earned through actual combat. This late fifth-stage Skysoar Realm cultivator was able to unleash a combat prowess no weaker than ordinary sixth-stage Skysoar Realm cultivators.

He sent his imposing aura pressing down on Xiang Shaoyun and attacked with a domineering attack. Instantly, he flooded every corner of the arena with his attacks, leaving Xiang Shaoyun no room for escape.

"This is strong enough to defeat those fourth arena opponents. Not bad at all," said Xiang Shaoyun in excitement. A golden radiance surged out of him and formed an ironclad defense around him. He then charged into the midst of the attacks sent his way.

An overbearing, spinning golden fist flew out enveloped in a torrential vicious gold energy. Xiang Shaoyun's combat prowess instantly rose to a level equivalent to his opponent's. Relying on his footwork, he moved about nimbly, dodging all attacks as he attacked.

One punch struck his opponent's waist, creating a bloody hole. After landing the first hit, he pressed on with a barrage of punches without mercy. The opponent tried his best to defend himself, but the vicious gold energy seemed capable of penetrating everything. Before long, Xiang Shaoyun killed him.

The crowd was shocked to see how easily Xiang Shaoyun had killed a fifth-stage King. They had never expected him to have such terrifying combat prowess. He was actually able to fight an opponent two stages higher than him and could still win so easily.

"Who else dares to battle me?" Xiang Shaoyun asked, his voice calm.

During the short battle earlier, he seemed to have gained some inspiration for the technique he was trying to create. 

How to predict the trajectory of my opponent's attack before counter attacking? Even doing that, I will still be a step slower than my opponent. If I can read my opponent's energy flow and predict the attack they are about to use, wouldn't I be able to achieve what I want—predicting my opponent's moves?

"Sensing the energy flow, grasping the energy. This can't be wrong. It will be the direction I pursue," muttered Xiang Shaoyun in excitement.

"Me!" Wolf Fang shouted as he leaped onto the arena.

The moment he landed, a baleful energy spread out of him, filling the arena with a dreadful and sinister aura. Apart from him, a bloodthirst wolf king had also jumped onto the arena.

"Huh? This works?" Xiang Shaoyun blanked out.

"Hehe, mounts are allowed to join in on the arena battles as well. Don't you know that?" Wolf Fang said with a smile.

His mount, the bloodthirst wolf, was a fourth-stage Demon King. Although the mount was not as strong as him, it would still be able to deal Xiang Shaoyun a fatal blow during a crucial moment.

"I see," Xiang Shaoyun said in realization. He had not encountered any opponent fighting with a mount during his time at the fourth arena.

This was only his second fifth arena battle, yet he had already encountered a situation such as this. Nevertheless, he was not scared. Pressure was exactly what he needed to force him to use his full power.

Once again, Ugly Gambler placed a bet on Xiang Shaoyun. This time, he placed a bet of 50,000 mid-grade spirit crystals. Evidently, his confidence in Xiang Shaoyun's chance of victory was not as high anymore. Meanwhile, Xiang Shaoyun had Celestial Skeleton do as usual and bet on him. Nobody would dislike having too many spirit crystals.

"Start the battle," the bookmaker announced.

"You dare offend our deputy monarch? Today, I shall slice your head off and vent the deputy monarch's anger," said Wolf Fang. He moved at a rapid speed and reached Xiang Shaoyun in the blink of an eye, then clawed him with both hands. Unfortunately, when his claw attack landed, he had only struck an afterimage.

"Huh, what a fast speed," Wolf Fang exclaimed in astonishment. He faced a different direction and pounced on Xiang Shaoyun again.

Competing against me on speed? You are still not enough, thought Xiang Shaoyun.

When using his footwork intent, he could match even the speed of a peak King, let alone a fifth-stage King like Wolf Fang. Xiang Shaoyun only dodged and did not attack. However, that was not due to fear. Rather, he was trying to sense the energy flow around Wolf Fang.

Initially, he wasn't able to sense anything at all. But after utilizing his gift of instincts, his soul's sensitivity rose greatly, allowing him to start sensing the minute traces of energy flowing around Wolf Fang.

The moment Wolf Fang tried something, he would be able to judge the attack trajectory through the energy flow's direction. Of course, he had to use all his focus to succeed. The moment he lost even a slight amount of focus, he would not be able to read anything.

It works! Xiang Shaoyun thought gleefully.

After missing several attacks in a row, Wolf Fang became furious. He roared, "I refuse to believe you can keep dodging my attacks!"

Dance of Wolves!

Wolf Fang split into five, and all five attacked Xiang Shaoyun from different directions, locking all routes of escape. His baleful energy seemed endless, completely changing the arena's atmosphere. Each Wolf Fang looked incomparably real, and it was almost impossible to figure out which was the actual body. But with Xiang Shaoyun's gift of instincts, he was able to locate the real Wolf Fang with a single glance.

"Since you love clawing so much, I'll play with you," said Xiang Shaoyun with a sneer. He finally attacked.

Seven Scorching Sun Claws!

Dense flame energy surged out, burning the baleful energy in the air into nothingness. Xiang Shaoyun's claw attacks seemed to be even stronger than Wolf Fang's. He was able to successfully wound Wolf Fang's arms, but his own arms were also clawed as a result. His own arms, however, were completely undamaged. After all, his defensive technique was no joke.

Even so, Wolf Fang kept his hold on Xiang Shaoyun's arms and refused to let go. In response, Xiang Shaoyun brought his knee up and struck Wolf Fang's stomach.

"Wolf king, eat him alive!" shouted Wolf Fang while resisting the pain. Suddenly, two steel claws appeared from his sleeves and hooked Xiang Shaoyun's arms, preventing him from escaping. He was now waiting for his mount to finish off Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun had never expected Wolf Fang to be such a difficult opponent. He was actually trying to risk injuring himself just so he could take Xiang Shaoyun's life.

"Good. Very good," said Scorching Blood Monarch in excitement when he saw Xiang Shaoyun trapped. Alas, his celebration came too early.

Just as the wolf was about to arrive, Xiang Shaoyun sneered and said, "You are not the only one with a mount."

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