Chapter 415: Ten Victories

Even after defeating the bear king, Xiang Shaoyun still remained on the arena. He shouted again, "Anyone else dares to battle me?"

He no longer looked as clean and sharp as before. After all, the intense battle with the bear king had messed him up and stained his clothes with blood even though he had essentially withstood all the attacks. It was becoming quite obvious that he had only about half his combat prowess left.

The crowd couldn't help but feel a sense of admiration for his courage when they heard him asking for another opponent. Continuously battling like this was extremely dangerous. If he found himself out of energy in the midst of the next battle, death would be very possible.

"I'm betting 10,000 mid-grade spirit crystals on this kid," said Ugly Gambler with a curious look on his face.

The larger the bet Ugly Gambler placed, the less confidence he had on Xiang Shaoyun's victory. Even so, he still placed his bet, as this was the kind of bet that excited him. This habit of his was what separated Ugly Gambler from other gamblers.

As for Earth Skeleton, he did the same and placed all his winnings on Xiang Shaoyun yet again. That was what Xiang Shaoyun had told him to do before, and from this, one could see how confident Xiang Shaoyun was in himself.

"How can I leave the arena before I have enough fun?" said Xiang Shaoyun toward the crowd, giving them the impression he was egotistical.

Immediately, someone from the six-armed race stepped forth to challenge Xiang Shaoyun. The six-armed race essentially looked human, but they were much bigger in build comparatively.

The new challenger was a peak fourth-stage King. With his six-armed unique abilities, he was also a King that could hardly find a match. Alas, this six-armed King was killed after only five exchanges with Xiang Shaoyun.

The fifth challenger was another humanoid race that specialized in speed. This was also an expert who could hardly find a match among those of the same cultivation realm. This challenger thought that it would be easy to defeat Xiang Shaoyun. But when Xiang Shaoyun used his Overlord's Nine Nether Steps with footwork intent, the challenger was utterly defeated and ultimately killed.

After killing his opponent, Xiang Shaoyun continued asking for more challengers. The crowd found it unbelievable that after such exhaustion, he still wasn't taking herbs or pills to replenish his energy. The commotion caused the crowd to swell, and Xiang Shaoyun's name started spreading in the Bloodsin City.

Ultimately, Xiang Shaoyun went through 10 consecutive battles and won all of them. The 10 battles had left numerous wounds on his body. An obvious wound was visible on a spot near his heart. This was a wound someone from the dwarf race had inflicted on him.

It had been a fatal attack. Fortunately, Xiang Shaoyun had survived and only suffered a superficial wound. His heart was still well protected. Otherwise, he would have died. That dwarf was none other than the expert Scorching Blood Monarch had invited. He was killed on the arena just like all the other challengers.

However, Scorching Blood Monarch did not feel anything whatsoever about the dwarf's death. Rather, he was rejoicing inwardly, The dwarfs are known for never letting go of a grudge. After killing one of them, they won't forget you. Even if I don't kill you, those dwarfs will finish you off.

After the 10 battles, Xiang Shaoyun no longer continued, and he left the arena.

"Let's go," said Xiang Shaoyun to Earth Skeleton.

He had gained a lot from the 10 battles, and he was going to enter seclusion later. His cultivation level would probably grow after his many battles. He initially wanted to challenge the fifth arena as well, but he gave up on the thought after thinking about it for a bit since he had gained a lot from the fourth arena.

There was no point in forcing himself to keep going. He could always challenge the fifth arena after his seclusion. He considered this an introduction to the cruelty of the Bloodsin Arenas. He still had plenty of time in the future. If the others found out what he was thinking, they would probably curse that he was a madman.

The intensity of the fifth arena was even higher than that of the fourth arena. Although Xiang Shaoyun was a Super King, he had after all just finished 10 consecutive battles. Only a madman would consider challenging the fifth arena at this time.

However, the people present all had a feeling that this was not the extent of Xiang Shaoyun's prowess. After all, he had been fighting without weapons all along. They would not naively believe that Xiang Shaoyun specialized in punching techniques. How powerful would he be when using a weapon?

"Yes, Young Master Xiang," said Earth Skeleton respectfully.

When there were no outsiders, he addressed Xiang Shaoyun as master. And when there were outsiders around, he addressed him as Young Master Xiang. This was because Xiang Shaoyun did not wish to expose his identity for now. In the future when he had enough reputation, what they addressed him as would no longer matter.

While Xiang Shaoyun was leaving, a few people started approaching him from different directions. He was immediately on alert. Earth Skeleton quickly used voice transmission to say, "Don't worry, master. These are the scouts of the various organizations. They are probably here to recruit you."

"I am Zhang Sheng from the city hall. I wish to invite Young Master Xiang for a drink, if you are willing," asked a spirited middle-aged man.

An old man interrupted, "I am an overseer from the Dragon Society, Murong Zhen, here to invite you to become a disciple of Dragon Society."

A person in a cloak emanating a sinister feeling said, "I am Te Luo, here to invite you to join our Dark Devil Sect."

When the other scouts heard what these three spies said, they no longer dared to say anything. The three spies were the representatives of three of the city's strongest organizations. With the three here, all of them had to step aside.

They were all clear that the scouts from these powerful organizations wouldn't easily extend anyone an invitation. Only geniuses such as a King of Kings would be qualified to receive it. Them recruiting Xiang Shaoyun was proof of his strength.

After finding out from Earth Skeleton that they were scouts, Xiang Shaoyun understood what their task was. He tactfully said, "Sorry, but I am already being helped by an organization. Thank you for the invitation, though."

Generally, the moment someone made it clear they already had a backer, the scouts would move on. After all, a genius's backer could very well be a terrifying existence as well. Although these organizations were powerful in the Bloodsin City, that did not mean they were undefeated in the region.

The scouts left with disappointment. As for Xiang Shaoyun, he quickly left with Earth Skeleton. He had no intention to stay and let everyone stare at him like he was some animal in a zoo. But before he could go far, Scorching Blood Monarch surrounded him with a group of people.

"Murderer of my son, pay with your life," said Scorching Blood Monarch, his emperor aura surging out.

Earth Skeleton stepped in front of Xiang Shaoyun and shouted, "Scorching Blood Monarch, you think you can bully our Skeleton Gang so easily?"

"Move aside, Earth Skeleton. Or else, your blood will spill as well," said Scorching Blood Monarch.

At this time, a different group of people arrived. The group consisted of Emperors, led by Celestial Skeleton and Human Skeleton.

"Noxious Blood Gang, if you want war, bring it on!" Celestial Skeleton's voice rang out from far away.

The atmosphere became tense.

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