Chapter 414: This Kid Is a Super King

Xiang Shaoyun was unable to move as fast as he usually did due to the gravity field, but he was still charging at the bear king at a speed that made it seem like the higher gravity didn't affect him at all. He joined both his fists together, and with a thick vicious gold energy spiraling around his two fists, he met the bear king's paw.

The paw and the Gold Helix Fist collided.


This time, Xiang Shaoyun was not sent flying. He was able to stabilize his footing after taking only a few steps backward. As for the bear king, his paw had actually been pierced through by the spiraling attack, causing him to wail in pain. The attack had just about half-crippled his paw.

The bear king might have a powerful defense, but it was useless before absolute strength. He ignored his injury and lifted his other paw and slammed it at Xiang Shaoyun again. This was an attack he had released in fury, and it was about 30 percent stronger than the previous attack. As he waved his paw, a massive amount of brown energy crashed down at Xiang Shaoyun like a mountain.

Xiang Shaoyun did the same thing and joined his fists, drew gold energy from his second star, and charged forward.

So he really is a simple-minded fool. He doesn't understand that his physical strength is useless against me, thought Xiang Shaoyun with contempt.

However, just as the bear paw was about to arrive, he found that the paw had been withdrawn. Instead, the bear's entire body crashed down at him.

Furious Bear Slam!

The bear king had gathered all his power to enhance his body with layers of thick brown energy and to increase the weight of his fall with the power of gravity. He slammed himself down at Xiang Shaoyun. The attack caught Xiang Shaoyun by surprise, and it hit successfully.


Xiang Shaoyun was sent flying. Blood sprayed everywhere, making it clear he had been injured in the collision. The bear king's slam attack had surpassed the might of a fifth-stage Demon King and had reached the sixth stage. Not even Xiang Shaoyun could easily withstand an attack of that level.

The bear king pressed on without wasting any time. He slammed his paw forward, sending a massive mountain formed of energy toward Xiang Shaoyun to finish him off. 

Although Xiang Shaoyun had been caught by surprise, his defense and flesh were comparable in toughness to a demonic beast's. After all, he was one who had been tempered by natural lightning bolts. 

The moment the body slam struck him, he realized his mistake of underestimating his opponent. Although his current injuries were not exactly light, they weren't that serious either. Just as the paw was about to arrive, he moved like a fish in water and slipped to the side with a wondrous footwork.

First step of the Overlord's Nine Nether Steps!

He roared furiously, and a boundless lightning energy converged around him. He raised his leg and stepped down, sending an indescribable power rippling over the arena. The bear king had the sensation a massive mountain was collapsing on him. Instantly, all his defenses crumbled apart, and his massive body was forced to bow down under the weight of the step. Blood sprayed out of his mouth.

Even so, he was still alive, and he struggled to straighten his body so he could continue the fight. Suddenly, Xiang Shaoyun's aura grew, and even more lightning energy converged around him. Slowly, he raised his foot and stepped down a second time.

When the second step was completed, an astonishing might was unleashed, making him look like a god that had descended to the mortal world. Thundering lightning bolts rumbled everywhere, and even space itself was torn apart.


With a miserable howl, the bear king collapsed heavily onto the ground. He bled from his eyes, nose, and mouth, presenting a dreadful scene. Finally, Xiang Shaoyun withdrew his aura. More than half his astral energy had been drained. The battle had exhausted more energy than the previous two battles combined.

One really can't afford to be careless in the Bloodsin Arena, thought Xiang Shaoyun.

He had assumed that the bear was a simple-minded opponent with only brute strength, but he had been completely mistaken. Not one demonic beast capable of living in human territory was one without intelligence. In fact, some of them could be extremely crafty. A regular fifth-stage King would have been killed by that slam attack. He had only survived due to his tough body and defense.

The people around the arena were all stunned. Xiang Shaoyun had been hit by two massive attacks from the bear king, and it seemed so obvious that he wasn't going to survive. Yet he was able to reverse the situation. With two stomps, he stomped the bear known for his strong defenses to death. They found it hard to believe.

After a long while, someone finally woke up from the shock and cried out in alarm, "The bear king is dead! This brings an end to his winning streak! This Xiang Shaoyun is too strong!"

"He is only a third-stage Skysoar Realm cultivator. I'm now sure he is a genuine Super King."

"Look at his frail and thin body. I never would have thought that he would be a match for the strongbear king. Looks like I have underestimated him."

"Once again, the Gambler's Law is proven to be right. Although I did not make much from this bet due to the payout, it is still a win."


When the people looked at Xiang Shaoyun again, respect and admiration were visible in their eyes. This was a King with a terrifying potential of growth. Even these vicious criminals respected strength. In a certain corner, a middle-aged man was holding a pearl, recording everything that had happened.

"Possessing such combat prowess at such a young age. I wonder which organization he is a young master of. I need to figure that out immediately. I hope his background isn't too crazy. Only then will I have a chance to recruit him. If I can recruit someone like this, it will be an accomplishment of great merit," said the middle-aged man with an expectant look.

He then waved his hand at the person beside him and said, "Go investigate his background."

"Yes, lord," the person answered respectfully before vanishing amid the crowd of pedestrians.

At a different corner was a different old man who had also recorded everything that had happened. With his eyes narrowed, he muttered, "It is hard to see his background from the way he fights. The Lightning Bolt Fist is a very common battle technique. But his tiger energy is so pure. Is he from the Tiger Palace? But the people of the Tiger Palace rarely come here."

At yet another corner was a person of unknown gender wearing a cloak with a hood. They were also muttering, "This kid is a Super King. We have to recruit him. In 100 years, he will be yet another Emperor of Emperors!"

A similar scene was happening at several other locations. Xiang Shaoyun had successfully caught all of the scouts' attention.

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