Chapter 412: White Tiger Manifestation

Standing there in his white clothing that was swaying along with the wind and completely unstained by blood, Xiang Shaoyun looked like an exalted son of the heavens. Some of the more ignorant ones among the crowd even started wondering if he was the young master from some famous organization.

Several people were silently observing Xiang Shaoyun from different directions. Each of them had some sort of pearl in hand that they had used to record the previous battle. An attentive person would be able to notice that they were all scouts of numerous powerful organizations.

These scouts were not here for information gathering. Rather, their sole task was to observe the Kings and Emperors appearing on the Bloodsin Arenas, discovering and recruiting talented individuals to their respective organizations. For Xiang Shaoyun to have attracted their attention in his first match, one could say that it was a good start.

Scorching Blood Monarch had not expected that Xiang Shaoyun would remain on the arena. A sharp glint appeared on his eyes as he thought, Good. You dare to fight on even after exhausting yourself in the previous battle? I will make sure you can't leave the arena alive!

He then quickly turned and left. He was going to get Xiang Shaoyun an even stronger opponent.

At this time, an unremarkable man walked toward the bookmaker and said, "I will fight him."

This man was a late fourth-stage Skysoar Realm cultivator. His name was Yin Lihua. After signing the waiver, he leaped onto the arena. However, he could not start fighting immediately as he had to give the people below some time to place their bets.

"The payout rate is one-to-one for both of them. Place your bets," announced the bookmaker.

The crowd started cursing, "The previous payout was five-to-one! Why is it suddenly one-to-one now?"

"There's no helping it. This Xiang Shaoyun is too strong. Although he has been somewhat exhausted from the previous battle, this is still a fair payout rate," said someone.

The people discussed among themselves, but very few of them actually placed a bet. Most of them were still waiting for Ugly Gambler to place his bet.

Before Ugly Gambler could do anything, Earth Skeleton declared, "I am betting 600,000 mid-grade spirit crystals on Young Master Xiang."

Earlier, he had done as instructed by Xiang Shaoyun and had placed a bet of 100,000 spirit crystals to win five times the amount. He was now placing all his winnings from the initial bet on Xiang Shaoyun again. It was quite a large bet.

"One mid-grade spirit crystal on the same kid," said Ugly Gambler as he tossed a mid-grade spirit crystal onto Xiang Shaoyun's name on the counter.

Earlier, he had placed a bet of one low-grade spirit crystal. Now, he was placing a bet of one mid-grade spirit crystal. The people couldn't figure out what he had on his mind. However, some of them knew that the smaller the bet Ugly Gambler placed, the higher the chance it was for the bet to win.

In other words, Ugly Gambler was still very optimistic of Xiang Shaoyun's chance of winning. But since this was the second battle in a row, the probability of him winning would be slightly lower, hence the larger bet instead of the same one low-grade spirit crystal.

After Ugly Gambler placed his bet, a large number of people started betting on Xiang Shaoyun as well. The bookmaker paled.

Inwardly, he cursed, Looks like I will lose everything I have won this month. Damn that Ugly Gambler!

Finally, the bet was closed, and the bookmaker announced the start of the match. Yin Lihua cupped his hands and greeted Xiang Shaoyun before he directly transformed into a tiger and attacked without saying anything.

Tiger Pouncing for Food!

It was clear Yin Lihua cultivated a tiger-related battle technique. In fact, he had a decent mastery over this technique as he had reached a level he could take the form of a tiger.

Yin Lihua's tiger fist instantly arrived before Xiang Shaoyun's face in his attempt to smash it apart with a single hit.

An ordinary person's legs would go weak upon sensing the oppressive tiger king's aura, but Xiang Shaoyun had the inheritance of the white tiger within him. Although he had not transformed into a white tiger like Little White, he had still been enhanced by a tiger aura that made him akin to a king among tiger kings.

Xiang Shaoyun stared at the incoming fist with a pair of bright eyes. It did not seem like he was going to do anything at all. Suddenly, he opened his mouth and roared.


The Tiger's Roar was released, shaking the world. Xiang Shaoyun possessed the might of the white tiger, which granted him the might similar to that of a true tiger king. Yin Lihua's tiger, which only had the form but not the essence, was far too lacking in comparison.

Yin Lihua bore the brunt of the roar; his eardrums nearly shattered. His blood started stirring, putting him in extreme discomfort while his entire attack crumbled apart. Still with the same pair of bright eyes, Xiang Shaoyun attacked. The white tiger energy surged out of him, turning him into a true white tiger king as he pounced on Yin Lihua.

White Tiger Manifestation!

This was one of the three white tiger abilities he had obtained after refining the white tiger bone long ago. The first was the Tiger's Roar, the second was the White Tiger Wings, and the third was this White Tiger Manifestation.

He had not been able to use this ability before. But since he was now a King, he could start using it. It was an ability powered by white tiger energy that could form a tiger capable of destroying everything with vicious gold energy.

Instantly, the white tiger ripped apart Yin Lihua, a fourth-stage Skysoar Realm expert. Blood splattered the arena. Even in his death, Yin Lihua still couldn't believe that he would fail to receive even one of this opponent's attacks.

Xiang Shaoyun himself was also dumbstruck. This was his first time using this ability, so he was also unaware of how powerful it was. The white tiger energy was no weaker than the innate purple lightning, allowing him to instantly tear Yin Lihua's armor to shreds and kill him.

The crowd was also stunned, all of them blanking out in silence. Over the years, many powerful Kings had emerged in the Bloodsin City. But one as powerful as Xiang Shaoyun was extremely rare. 

Killing an opponent one stage higher with one attack. How powerful is his combat prowess?

He is probably not a mere King of Kings. Rather, he is a Super King.

A look of admiration appeared on the bookmaker's face. However, he still sighed as he announced, "Xiang Shaoyun is the victor."

He admired Xiang Shaoyun's combat prowess, yet he dreaded losing money. It was quite a depressing feeling to have.

"Young Master Xiang is mighty!" Earth Skeleton praised.

He originally couldn't accept the fact that he had fallen under Xiang Shaoyun's control, but what he saw changed his mind. He had a feeling a Super King like this could only come from one of those insanely powerful organizations.

Suddenly, Ugly Gambler narrowed his eyes and looked at Xiang Shaoyun with an amused expression. As for the others in the crowd, they were all shouting in surprise. They had no choice but to feel admiration for Ugly Gambler's vision.

The White Tiger Manifestation is indeed powerful, Xiang Shaoyun praised inwardly. He then said, "Who else dares to battle me?"

Although he was strong enough to utterly defeat fourth-stage Kings, he had a feeling there were definitely some hidden talents present.

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