Chapter 411: Xiang Shaoyun is Victorious

With the most barbaric method, Xiang Shaoyun punched a way through Blood Candle's attack with his heavy punches, which not many people could withstand. Several fists landed on Blood Candle's body and sent him flying yet again.


While coughing blood, Blood Candle crashed heavily on the ground over 10 meters away. He was still alive, though. After all, he was wearing a high-tier king armor. Although Xiang Shaoyun's fist was strong, it still wasn't easy to destroy king armors with his bare hands.

"Is that all you have? You are better off killing yourself. At least you get to keep your corpse intact that way," said Xiang Shaoyun with contempt.

Blood Candle bounced off the ground, a vicious expression on his face. He gathered his blood energy and attacked once again with his halberd. This time Xiang Shaoyun put his gloves on before dashing forward.

With the Six Goldplate Manual protecting him, he did not fear Blood Candle's attacks and was always able to break through the attacks sent his way with force. On the other hand, each punch he threw was able to land, and one of them struck his opponent's unprotected arm, directly crippling it.

Blood Candle wailed miserably as he forced out even more blood energy. Traces of baleful aura could also be sensed coming out of him. It was obvious he was going to finally use his trump card.

"If you continue hiding your trump card, you will only die," said Xiang Shaoyun coldly.

"Very well, I will rip you apart with my own hands!" Blood Candle roared, his eyes turning bloodshot. His blood energy surged to the peak as his body started withering. Both his arms were flooded with an abundant blood energy, emanating enough power to cause one to suffocate.

Baleful Blood Overlapping Technique!

This was a secret technique of the Noxious Blood Gang that only their three monarchs were allowed to cultivate. From how Scorching Blood Monarch was willing to impart this secret technique to Blood Candle, it was obvious how much importance he had attached to his son.

There were five levels to this technique, and each level of mastery would double one's combat prowess. After mastering all five levels, one's combat prowess would double five times over. The ability to double one's combat prowess five times over mid-battle was extremely terrifying. This was most certainly an extremely remarkable battle technique.

However, there was one major disadvantage with using it. The user would only be able to maintain it for one hour. After that, one would lose 70 percent of one's blood. If one failed to replenish one's vitality in time, one's very foundation in cultivation would be adversely affected. There was even a possibility that one would no longer be able to progress further in the path of cultivation.

Because of that, it was a secret technique that would generally only be used during critical moments. Blood Candle now knew how strong Xiang Shaoyun was and had to rely on his secret technique to have a chance of leaving the arena alive.

"Candle has already mastered the second level of the Baleful Blood Overlapping Technique, so he will be able to double his combat prowess two times over. He will definitely be able to defeat this kid," said Scorching Blood Monarch confidently. 

The crowd all watched on with excitement, wondering if Xiang Shaoyun would be able to withstand it. He did not take the opportunity to attack while Blood Candle was gathering blood to use his secret technique. Rather, he stood there and waited silently.

Inwardly, he praised, The people of Bloodsin City are really something. There is actually such a blood technique capable of enhancing one's combat prowess? Looks like I really can't look down on anyone here.

"You are very arrogant to not attack me while you have the chance. Now, die!" Blood Candle said, his eyes so red it was as if blood was spilling from them. He roared, and his arms lit up with a raging blood flame. Boundless baleful blood energy gathered on his halberd, and finally, a massive bloody silhouette appeared from his weapon.

Baleful Blood Demon!

The massive blood demon transformed into a massive curtain that attempted to wrap itself around Xiang Shaoyun. The attack's terrifying destructiveness was capable of posing a threat to even peak fifth-stage Kings.

Xiang Shaoyun had a sensation that all his blood was going to flow out of his body, as if the blood demon was going to devour his blood, filling his heart with shock.

"How can some evil being be comparable to my noble overbearingness? Piss off!" Xiang Shaoyun finally had a serious expression on his face. With a roar, he circulated the energy in his lightning bone and first star, instantly flooding his entire body with purple, silver electrical currents. He seemed to have transformed into a lightning bolt himself as he shot straight into the midst of the demon.

Rumble! Rumble!

Instantly, the sky darkened as three lightning bolts formed and shot down with a might that shocked all the onlookers. Although the people present were all ferocious criminals, the might of the heavens were still capable of putting fear in them.

"Summoning lightning to the body? What an overbearing attack. Does this kid have the Innate Lightning Star Physique?"

"Capable of summoning lightning with a cultivation level of third-stage Skysoar Realm. This is quite remarkable. No wonder he has the courage to step onto the fourth arena. I reckon he can survive even the fifth arena."

"Things are getting dangerous for Blood Candle. Even a fifth-stage King will have a hard time against an attack like this."

"Once again, the Gambler's Law is proven to be right."


Staring at the arena with a pale face, Scorching Blood Monarch roared, "If something happens to my son, I will exterminate you!"

"Those are big words, Scorching Blood Monarch. Don't forget you have to get through me first," said Earth Skeleton, his face filled with pride.

As for the Ugly Gambler, he merely raised his brow for a bit before he continued drinking. He was completely unsurprised at what was happening. 

On the arena, Xiang Shaoyun's lightning attacks completely destroyed the blood demon.

As for Blood Candle himself, his withered body was bombarded repeatedly to the point even his armor crumbled. His entire body seemed to have been burned to crisp. His aura was at its lowest point, and it was apparent he no longer possessed any combat prowess.

As for Xiang Shaoyun, he remained completely undamaged. Standing before Blood Candle, he spoke coldly, "Nothing special at all."

He then raised his foot and stamped Blood Candle's head.


The head exploded like a watermelon.

"Xiang Shaoyun is the victor," announced the bookmaker.

Most of the crowd below the arena cursed inwardly, Damn this kid. He really was pretending to be weak.

"Haha, nicely done, Young Master Xiang," Earth Skeleton cried out in joy.

Meanwhile, Scorching Blood Monarch was staring at Xiang Shaoyun with a thick murderous intent, looking like he would wish nothing more than to swallow Xiang Shaoyun whole. He was waiting for Xiang Shaoyun to get off the arena. He would attack immediately after that. Alas, what happened next disappointed him.

Instead of getting off the arena, Xiang Shaoyun looked at the bookmaker and asked, "Lord, can I continue?"

The bookmaker looked at him in astonishment before nodding. "If you are capable, you can stay as long as you wish."

"Thank you," Xiang Shaoyun replied. He scanned the crowd and said, "Who else dares to battle me?"

His voice was sonorous and forceful, his bearing overbearing, displaying the grace of an overlord.

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