Chapter 407: Welcoming Young Master Xiang

"These pills are colorless and tasteless, refined using 49 different poisons. Even after swallowing them, you won't feel unwell. You won't even be able to find any traces of them in you. Therefore, I am not afraid that you will be able to find an antidote. Alright, swallow them now," said Xiang Shaoyun.

The sisters had no choice but to swallow the pills. However, it was clear from the unfriendly look in their eyes that they were now clearly hostile to Xiang Shaoyun.

"Don't look at me like that. If it wasn't for me, both of you would have been the Skeleton Gang leader's toys by now. You should thank me!" said Xiang Shaoyun. He then clapped, calling Du Xuanhao over to remove the restrictions placed on the sisters.

Those restrictions were placed by an Emperor. He would not be able to remove them himself. Du Xuanhao did as told and left directly afterward. Only now did the sisters believe that Xiang Shaoyun was really going to free them.

"How are we supposed to find you after one year?" Han Qianwei asked.

"If the Han Clan hasn't come after the Skeleton Gang in one year, you are free to come look for me here," said Xiang Shaoyun. "I am Xiang Shaoyun. Remember that name."

"Xiang Shaoyun. We will remember that name," said Han Qianwei with a complicated look in her eyes.

On the other hand, Han Xuewei was feeling grateful and she thanked him. "Thank you for saving us. We know what to do."

"Good. I will get someone to send you out," said Xiang Shaoyun before getting Badar to personally see the sisters off.

Before leaving, Han Xuewei threw Xiang Shaoyun a seductive look and said, "Remember, I am Han Xuewei."

It was quite obvious this young woman had a favorable opinion of Xiang Shaoyun for freeing her. As for Han Qianwei, she merely glared at Xiang Shaoyun hatefully, still remembering the grudge of having been forced to swallow a poisonous pill.

Little did they know, what Xiang Shaoyun fed them were no poisonous pills. He had merely fed them some random pills. He was only trying to scare them so the Han Clan would not make trouble for him. In any case, he only needed to wait until Devouring Ghost was out of seclusion, then everything would be fine. After the sisters left, Xiang Shaoyun called Du Xuanhao over again.

"Young master," Du Xuanhao greeted.

Xiang Shaoyun nodded. "Big Brother Du, the Skeleton Gang is already ours. You can head to the Devil Domain anytime now."

Du Xuanhao was a ninth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm expert. Entering the Soul Foundation Realm was not easy at all. Tempering himself at the Devil Domain was a plan Devouring Ghost had suggested, and Xiang Shaoyun approved of it. Since Xiang Shaoyun would be safe in the meantime with the Skeleton Gang under his control, he no longer needed Du Xuanhao to stay by his side.

"Ok. I will set off tomorrow. Please take care, young master," said Du Xuanhao unhesitatingly.

"Don't worry. I know what to do," said Xiang Shaoyun.

Then, Du Xuanhao left the Skeleton Gang to prepare for his journey into the Devil Domain.

Time to formally meet the Skeleton Gang members, thought Xiang Shaoyun. He now had Celestial Skeleton, Earth Skeleton, and Human Skeleton under his control. With their support, nobody would dare disobey him in the Skeleton Gang. 

Under Xiang Shaoyun’s command, Celestial Skeleton summoned everyone to a meeting. The Skeleton Gang members had no idea what was happening, but they all still rushed to the meeting.

"Today, I am introducing the noble Young Master Xiang to everyone. From now on, he will be the most esteemed guest of our gang. Treat him like you would me. Let us welcome Young Master Xiang," said Celestial Skeleton.

The Skeleton Gang members were all shocked as they had never expected such an announcement, especially the "treat him like you would me" phrase. They started getting nervous, wondering what was going on.

Finally, Xiang Shaoyun walked out from the back of the hall. Everyone's gaze focused on him. The people here were all murderous criminals, and when they saw a graceful young master like Xiang Shaoyun walking out, a sense of disgust started welling in their hearts. However, none of them dared to let their distaste show. In truth, they were merely envious of Xiang Shaoyun's age. How could a kid like this receive such treatment from their leader?

"Welcome, Young Master Xiang," Earth Skeleton and Human Skeleton saluted Xiang Shaoyun.

That woke the others up from their thoughts as they quickly saluted as well, "Welcome, Young Master Xiang."

All of them feared the three leaders, and with all the leaders saluting the young man, they wouldn't dare to show any disrespect.

"This is Young Master Xiang. From now on, obey his every command. Otherwise, don't blame us when we punish you in accordance with the gang rules," Celestial Skeleton emphasized solemnly, an incorporeal murderous intent roiling out of him.

"Yes, leader," everyone answered despite their unwillingness.

After all, Celestial Skeleton held absolute power in the gang. Nobody dared to disobey him. Everyone started wondering who the young man was for him to receive such respect from their leader.

"Today, I am only here to greet everyone. I hope everyone will watch over me in the future. I will definitely repay everyone for the help. Of course, feel free to ignore me if you want, but don't blame me if anything bad happens as a result," said Xiang Shaoyun with a cold smile.

Abruptly, three ghostrune emperors appeared out of thin air around him. The dreadful appearances of the ghostrunes greatly shocked the Skeleton Gang members. Their eyes shrank when they noticed that the three were ghostrune emperors. Fear covered their faces.

The ghostrunes were a race with exceptional innate talent. Everyone here were Emperors and were clear on what would happen if one's soul was harmed. Slowly, fear and respect started showing in their eyes. They all concluded that a young man with ghostrune emperors serving as guards would definitely not be someone with a simple background.

Xiang Shaoyun observed everyone's reactions and mused to himself, Looks like using the ghostrune emperors to threaten them is quite effective.

After showing his face, Xiang Shaoyun left and let Celestial Skeleton continue the meeting. In the meeting, Celestial Skeleton announced that the Skeleton Gang would no longer commit banditry and other crimes. They would no longer pick fights for no reason, no longer provoke other organizations, and would maintain a low profile and reorganize their gang's rules.

Although Celestial Skeleton was the one making the announcements, these changes had all come from Xiang Shaoyun. He wanted to use what the Skeleton Gang had to build a foundation for his personal army. Since he had that in mind, change was necessary, and he could no longer let them run around creating trouble and risk ruining his plans.

And if these people refused to obey, he would be left with no choice but to put all of them under his mind control.

"Well, I'll first see if this Skeleton Gang is worth developing," mused Xiang Shaoyun. His eyes lit up as he added, "Time to temper myself at a Bloodsin Arena."

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