Chapter 406: A Sanctimonious Scoundrel

The Skeleton Gang had one gang leader, two deputy gang leaders, over 30 Emperor Realm elders, over 200 Kings, and almost 1,000 Transformation Realm cultivators in their ranks. This was a force comparable to regular tier-5 organizations. Yet in the Bloodsin City, they were among the weakest. From this one could see just how many experts there were in the Bloodsin City.

The Skeleton Gang had a high number of members, with all of them being scummy criminals. Because of that Xiang Shaoyun did not feel any guilt making a move against them. It would be much better to turn an organization like this into his tool than to allow them to continue whatever they were doing. Of course, he still couldn't step forth to formally assume the leadership position. For him pulling the strings behind the scenes was enough. 

Third day after the Han Clan sisters were kidnapped, Celestial Skeleton's room.

"Big sister, what do you think the Skeleton Gang people are trying to do? After kidnapping us, they are now ignoring us?" Han Xuewei asked.

Han Qianwei answered, "Perhaps they are only planning to use us to threaten our clan."

That was of course not her true thought. She still remembered the perverted look on Celestial Skeleton’s face when he looked at them. It was unlikely he would spare them. She was only trying to comfort herself by saying those words.

"This damnable Skeleton Gang, I will destroy them after we're free," said Han Xuewei hatefully.

"You are better off focusing on thinking of a way to escape first," said Han Qianwei with a sigh.

"All our meridians have been sealed. How are we supposed to escape?" said Han Xuewei in a distressed manner.

Right this moment, the door opened, and a handsome young man strode in. The sisters blanked out slightly when they laid eyes on the young man. They had seen a lot of handsome young men. However, this particular young man was not only handsome and elegant. There was also something regal about him, as if he was born to rule. The ordinary clothes he was wearing couldn’t hide his grace. They were confused as to why a young man like him had appeared in the Skeleton Gang's headquarters.

This is definitely one of those sanctimonious scoundrels! they both concluded.

Who would the young man be if not Xiang Shaoyun? These days Badar was in charge of standing guard before Celestial Skeleton's residence. Nobody else was allowed to enter. Thus, Xiang Shaoyun was free to roam around the residence.

In any case, it wouldn't be long before he could openly show his face among the Skeleton Gang members as well. At that time, nobody would dare say anything against him.

Presently, he was trying to think of what to do with these sisters. From Celestial Skeleton he learned that the Han Clan was a top tier-5 organization from the Yu Province. They even had a Sovereign in their clan.

If the Han Clan was determined to destroy the Skeleton Gang, this would probably be their end. That was not something Xiang Shaoyun wished to see, so he had to do something about it.

Today was the first time he met the sisters. Both of them were extremely attractive, and each was beautiful in her own way. When he looked at them, he couldn’t help but to sigh inwardly, No wonder that old bastard lusted over them so badly.

"Who are you? If you know what's good for you, free us. Otherwise, the Han Clan will never spare your Skeleton Gang!" demanded Han Xuewei.

"Don't bother, sister. They have already killed our Han Clan members. It is pointless to say anything else to them," said Han Qianwei. She stared at Xiang Shaoyun and yelled, "Do whatever you want to us. We won't even blink. But we will definitely not spare you and will come for revenge even if we have to come back as ghosts!" 

With a smile on his face, Xiang Shaoyun said, "Hello, beauties. Don't be nervous. I'm here to save you. Do you trust me?"

The sisters were dumbstruck.

Soon, Han Xuewei reacted. Hope filled her face as she said, "Y-you're really here to save us?"

"Stop dreaming, sister. How is that possible?" Although Han Qianwei's cultivation base had been sealed, she could still see that Xiang Shaoyun was only a third-stage Skysoar Realm cultivator. How could someone like him save them?

Instead, she suspected that Xiang Shaoyun was probably a young master of the Skeleton Gang. Even so, she was still curious about him, especially when she looked into his clear, bright eyes. They were completely devoid of the lust other men would have when looking at them.

That realization confused her somewhat, making her wonder just what kind of person he was.

"Listen to me. I'm really here to save you!" Xiang Shaoyun reiterated. "I know you were both kidnapped by the Skeleton Gang, but we have already taken over the gang now. Since there is really no grudge between us, it is only natural for me to release both of you. But I need you to promise me one thing before I free you."

The serious expression Xiang Shaoyun had was able to slightly convince the sisters to trust him.

Han Xuewei said, "So long as you can release us, we can agree to anything!"

But Han Qianwei still maintained her calm as she said, "Don't talk nonsense, sister. There are things we will never agree to, even if we have to die."

Xiang Shaoyun shot Han Qianwei a glance and said, "Don't worry. I won't make you do anything damaging to your clan or yourself. I only need you to guarantee that you won’t take revenge on the Skeleton Gang upon returning to your clan. They are now my underlings. Making a move against them is the same as making a move against me. If you can't agree to that...well, I won't be able to show mercy either."

Right after Xiang Shaoyun finished his sentence, an imposing aura surged out of him, making it clear he was not joking around. If they had to suffer the revenge of Han Clan even after freeing the sisters, they might as well keep the sisters. To accomplish something great, sacrifices were needed. At times one ought to be decisively ruthless if one wanted success.

The sisters could sense that Xiang Shaoyun wasn't boasting, but they did not know what to say. After all, the Han Clan's branch in the city had been purged. It was impossible for the clan to do nothing.

"Our branch here has been purged. The clan will definitely send someone here to investigate. We won't be able to hide it even if we want to," said Han Xuewei with a look of hesitation.

On the other hand, Han Qianwei spoke firmly, "So long as you can free us, I promise the Han Clan will not come for the Skeleton Gang. The Bloodsin City is filled with criminals. We can easily feed our clan some misinformation to hide the truth."

Han Qianwei was much more shrewd compared to her sister. She knew very well staying alive should be their priority. They could always decide what to do next after getting their freedom.

"Good, but verbal promises are meaningless. Swallow this pill. If you leave the Skeleton Gang alone for one year, I will trust you. If not, both of you will suffer after one year," said Xiang Shaoyun coldly as he took out two pills.

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