Chapter 403: Night Attack

Tian Yiqi the Celestial Skeleton had remained at the headquarters of the Skeleton Gang while his men went out to attack the Han Clan. Lounging in the main hall, he was having a great time with a woman in each of his arms.

"Haha, before long, those two girls will also be my toys. After plucking their yin frost energy, I will be able to form my soul foundation and become a Sovereign," said Celestial Skeleton in excitement even as his hands were busy pinching the two women's towering chests.

He pinched hard, causing the two women intense pain, yet they still feigned happiness and did not dare to let any displeasure show on their faces. Before long, they were both stripped naked. Celestial Skeleton started his assault on them, filling the hall with moans.

The Skeleton Gang members all knew to not disturb their leader when he was busy with women. Those who did not know better would either be killed or refined into skeleton puppets. Thus, many Skeleton Gang members started noiselessly moving away from the main hall for fear of somehow offending their leader.

"Why does the leader need to be so loud about it every single night? It feels terrible when all we get to do is listen."

"Shut your mouth. The leader has a sharp hearing. You won’t have a good time if he hears you."


The Skeleton Gang members whispered at some dark corner, completely oblivious to the fact that Badar had quietly brought two outsiders into their headquarters and had even reached the main hall.

Badar was supposed to be part of the force attacking the Han Clan, but he had used a random excuse to stay behind. The two people he had brought in were none other than Xiang Shaoyun and Du Xuanhao.

Badar had made Xiang Shaoyun aware of the Skeleton Gang's plan. Only a small number of them would remain tonight while the others would be away long enough for Xiang Shaoyun to deal with Celestial Skeleton.

"This is the perfect timing to deal with the leader. He is busy with pleasure, and all the guards have withdrawn. You won't find a better chance than this," said Badar through soul transmission.

Xiang Shaoyun did not act immediately after receiving the message. Rather, he used his Nether Soul Domain and sensed his surroundings. Everything nearby was laid bare before his Nether Soul Domain.

Not only could he see what Celestial Skeleton was doing with the two women, he could also see an unmoving figure hiding at an unremarkable corner of the hall. This figure seemed to be here serving as a guard for Celestial Skeleton as opposed to being an assassin.

Good thing I didn't tell Big Brother Du to go straight in. Otherwise, things would get troublesome, thought Xiang Shaoyun. He then said, "There is a different person hiding in there. Wait for my command before rushing in together. Subdue both of them. I will help both of you."

Both Du Xuanhao and Badar nodded and prepared to act. They did not know what Xiang Shaoyun could do against the two experts in the room, but they both believed that he would find a way.

Xiang Shaoyun no longer hesitated and summoned out three ghostrune emperors. Gui Qi was already a second-stage Emperor while the other two were first-stage Emperors. Despite their lower cultivation levels compared to the two experts in the room, they were excellent at soul attacks, and they would be fatal against even higher-leveled Emperors. That was perhaps why high-level ghostrunes were so feared.

"Gui Qi, attack the one out in the open. You two, attack the hidden one," commanded Xiang Shaoyun.

The ghostrunes had extremely sharp senses and were able to immediately locate the two targets Xiang Shaoyun had assigned them. Their incorporeal soul attacks noiselessly sneaked inside.


Suddenly, two wails sounded from the room. Although the wails were quite loud, the Skeleton Gang members nearby all assumed that Celestial Skeleton was merely moaning in pleasure. Thus, none of them was bothered.

Xiang Shaoyun's eyes turned chilly as he commanded, "Go!" 

Both Du Xuanhao and Badar rushed into the main hall. Meanwhile, Xiang Shaoyun commanded the three ghostrune emperors to continue attacking, not giving the two in the room any respite. After all, the two were too strong. If they were allowed to battle without disturbances, they would be extremely tricky opponents for Du Xuanhao and Badar to handle.

Inside the hall, Du Xuanhao approached Celestial Skeleton, who was gripping his head in pain. When Celestial Skeleton sensed someone rushing into the room, he finally realized that he was under attack. He wanted to cry for help, but his soul was under an intense assault that placed him in too much pain to do anything.

Before Celestial Skeleton could do anything, Du Xuanhao used his hand as a saber and swiped it at his chest.


With his soul under intense assault, Celestial Skeleton was barely able to stop Du Xuanhao's attack, and he instantly crashed into the wall while coughing blood. As for the two women, they were both knocked unconscious on the spot.

Du Xuanhao pressed on with a series of attacks, inflicting heavy injuries. Du Xuanhao possessed a combat prowess comparable to a peak Emperor's. With his soul injured, Celestial Skeleton was completely incapable of putting up a fight.

The person hiding in the corner also suffered the same fate. With two ghostrune emperors attacking him, he was unable to withstand Badar and instantly had his head sliced off.

Xiang Shaoyun's main goal was to put the gang leader under his control. Although the person hiding in the corner was also quite strong, he had no choice but to order that person killed to prevent any unexpected incidents.

Finally, Xiang Shaoyun entered the hall with the three ghostrune emperors. He talked to Badar through voice transmission, "Stand guard outside. Don't let anyone enter."

"Yes, master," answered Badar as he went outside.

Currently, Du Xuanhao was stepping on the badly injured gang leader who couldn't even scream due to the powerful presence Du Xuanhao was using to suppress him. Celestial Skeleton did not dare to shout anyway since the ghostrune emperors were still tormenting him with their soul attacks. He could feel the clear threat of death.

"Big Brother Du, injure him a bit more," said Xiang Shaoyun. He gave that order to be even safer. The more injured Celestial Skeleton was, the weaker his soul would be, which would make it easier for him to put the gang leader under his control.

Du Xuanhao then sent a few more attacks at Celestial Skeleton, injuring him to the point he was barely breathing.

"Ok. This is enough. Please stand guard for me," said Xiang Shaoyun with a look of joy. He then activated the Nether Dragon Soul Curse and sent numerous symbols flying toward Celestial Skeleton's soul. He could sense that Celestial Skeleton's soul was already extremely weak, and the curse symbols easily branded it.


Celestial Skeleton started wailing miserably. However, Du Xuanhao had completely isolated the place from the outside world with his presence, preventing any noise from traveling outside. Right this moment, someone started approaching the main hall, seemingly having sensed that something had happened.

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