Chapter 402: Han Clan Sisters

The Skeleton Gang was only a second-rate organization in the Bloodsin City, but they were still an organization that had established themselves. Just that feat alone proved that they were no pushover.

Their leader was a person called Tian Yiqi, also known as the Celestial Skeleton. He was a peak Emperor cultivating an extremely odd cultivation method granting him an extraordinary combat prowess. He had two powerful underlings known as Earth Skeleton and Human Skeleton, both ninth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm cultivators. 

Presently, the Skeleton Gang members were gathered together. All of them were dressed in clothes with skeleton emblems, creating a sinister atmosphere at their place of gathering. Seated on the main seat was Celestial Skeleton, a tall and slim middle-aged man. A chilly, baleful aura lingered around him, and his eyes were constantly pulsing with a dreadful green radiance that made them look like two clumps of ghostfire.

Seated to his left and right were Human Skeleton and Earth Skeleton. Both were constantly emanating an aura of ruthlessness and bloodlust. Apart from them, about a dozen Emperors were also gathered in the room, each of them a late-stage Emperor. These were the elites of the Skeleton Gang. There had to be a reason for all of them to be gathered here today.

"Leader, based on the information we have obtained, a large number of Han Clan people have entered the Devil Domain, and the two sisters have been left behind," reported one of them respectfully.

"Where are they now?" asked Celestial Skeleton with a lusty look in his eyes. 

He had noticed the Han Clan sisters when the two had first arrived at the city. Both of them were extreme beauties, and they also possessed the Yin Frost Physique. With the dual-cultivation technique he cultivated, they would be perfect to help him gather sufficient yang energy and push himself into the Sovereign Realm.

That was why he had been sending people to pay close attention to the Han Clan recently. The people in the gang thought that he coveted the two women for their beauty, oblivious to the fact that he had a completely different motive.

"They are currently at the Han Clan turf," replied the same person from before.

"Excellent. Tonight, we will purge the Han Clan. I want to capture the sisters alive," said Celestial Skeleton in excitement.

At this time, Earth Skeleton spoke, "Boss, the Han Clan ancestor is a Sovereign. How will we withstand his wrath if he finds out what we did?"

"This is the Bloodsin City, not their home base. Even if their ancestor does decide to come, they still won't be able to easily touch us. In any case, I might have already formed my soul foundation by then. What is there to fear about that ancestor?" said Celestial Skeleton in an overbearing manner.

"Boss, you found a way to build your soul foundation?" asked Human Skeleton in excitement.

"You will know the answer soon. Just get ready. We will make a move on them tonight," said Celestial Skeleton.


Han Clan, Bloodsin City.

Han Clan was a top tier-5 organization from Yu Province. Their ancestor was a Sovereign, and they only needed another Sovereign to rise among their ranks to become a tier-6 organization. In comparison, the Dong Clan of the Five Denseforest Cities was only an early tier-5 organization. There was quite a gap between the two's strength.

How had the Han Clan grown so rapidly? By having the courage to temper their young at the Bloodsin City. They had a branch at the Bloodsin City and would periodically send some of their young there to enter the Devil Domain and hunt for devils. 

Although the casualties had always been high, the survivors had all eventually turned into strong individuals capable of standing their own. This way of tempering had greatly boosted the number of Emperors in their clan.

Presently, a majority of the Han Clan people in the city had entered the Devil Domain on another tempering trip. Only a small number of them remained in the city. Among those who remained were two beautiful and alluring women. They were about 20 years old, yet both  were already mid-stage Skysoar Realm cultivators.

They were Han Qianwei and Han Xuewei, known as the Dual Flowers of the Han Clan. They were among the clan's top beauties.

The elder of the two was Han Qianwei. She was tall, had a pair of lanceted eyebrows, single-edged eyelids, slim waist, towering chest, and a pair of slender legs. Her entire person radiated seduction and charm.

The younger sister, Han Xuewei, slightly resembled her elder sister. She was slightly shorter, her complexion rosy, her skin fair as snow, her temperament elegant, and there was always a pleasant fragrance lingering about her person.

Each of the sisters was beautiful in her own way. More importantly, both possessed the Yin Frost Physique, granting them great efficiency when cultivating energies of the yin, or cold attribute, which was part of the reason why they had such a high cultivation level at such a young age.

They initially wanted to join the others and head into the Devil Domain to temper themselves as well, but the clan had remarked that they still lacked experience and would not be able to handle the intense battles that would happen in the Devil Domain. Thus, they were told to stay behind and take some time adapting to the city before entering the Devil Domain.

"Big sister, everyone has gone to the Devil Domain. What are we doing here? Why don't we take a walk around the city? I want to see just how scary the villains in the city are," said Han Xuewei with excitement.

In comparison, Han Qianwei was much less bubbly than her younger sister. Even when speaking, she sounded cold and distant. "Did you not see them when we had first arrived? When they had set their eyes on us, it was as if they had wanted nothing else but to rip apart our clothes then and there. I doubt we will be able to return in peace after leaving."

"But what's the point staying home? How are we supposed to enter the Devil Domain if we stay here in the comfort of our home all the time?" grumbled Han Xuewei, becoming unhappy.

"I'm not saying we don't go, but we need to put on some disguises," said Han Qianwei.

"Right! We can dress up as men!" Han Xuewei exclaimed in excitement.

It was at this moment a wail was heard outside the Han Clan estate. Then, someone shouted, "Enemy attack!"

"Hehe, Han Clan, die!" A creepy screech rang out as if a ghost was speaking. Next, a large number of skeleton puppets rushed into the Han Clan estate.

They were the Skeleton Gang's puppets. The Skeleton Gang had deployed two deputy leaders—Human Skeleton and Earth Skeleton—and a large number of attacks in this assault. It was obvious they were determined to take down the Han Clan.

"Skeleton puppets of the Skeleton Gang? You dare challenge the Han Clan? You are courting death!" roared one of the Han Clan experts who had stayed behind.

A battle then erupted between the Han Clan and the Skeleton Gang. There were about 100 skeleton puppets used in the assault, and the puppets were all formed of human, beast, and devil bones. On the forehead of each puppet was a flickering ghostfire, serving as the core medium for controlling the puppets.

"Someone actually dares to attack us? Big sister, let's slaughter them!" Han Xuewei roared with a raging battle intent.

Han Qianwei nodded, and the sisters flew out to join the battle. As all that was happening, some other people were noiselessly approaching the Skeleton Gang's base, seemingly having their sights set on the gang.

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