Chapter 399: Restricted Space

Apart from the five soul medicines, Xiang Shaoyun also purchased some other king medicines from the Yu Clan Medicine Store. Devouring Ghost, Du Xuanhao, and Jin Wo had purchased some rather expensive emperor medicines as well. 

In total, Xiang Shaoyun had spent about five million mid-grade spirit crystals, spending a large portion of what he had received from the Dong Clan. Even so, he had not hesitated. For him, there would always be more spirit crystals to be made. For now, he needed these herbs more.

"Young master, I sensed something happening at your side earlier. What happened?' Devouring Ghost asked.

"Some Ghostface Sect members were looking for trouble. They are probably waiting outside the store right now," said Xiang Shaoyun.

"Ghostface Sect?" Devouring Ghost asked, an odd expression on his face.

"Yes. According to Badar, this Ghostface Sect has been in the city for over 10,000 years and is the most powerful organization after the five strongest organizations. They even have Sovereigns among their ranks. I guess things will get troublesome now that they have their sights set on us," said Xiang Shaoyun gloomily. They had offended an organization like this right after arriving at the city. This would definitely not be good for them.

"Young master, don't worry too much about it. Although the Ghostface Sect is quite powerful here, they still won't be able to easily take us down. Focus on leaving first. I have a way to make sure they won't be able to find us afterward," said Devouring Ghost.

Xiang Shaoyun looked at Devouring Ghost in astonishment. He nodded and strode out of the store with his head raised high. Sure enough, a group of masked people was waiting for them outside.

"So you actually are not alone. No wonder you dare to slight us. But how good are your helpers exactly?" said the woman leading the group. A powerful aura then surged out of her toward Xiang Shaoyun's group.

She was actually a peak Skysoar Realm cultivator who cultivated the power of darkness. She formed a dark halberd emanating a dense baleful and bloody aura, and she sent the halberd gliding forward, creating ripples in the air.

"Hmph!" Du Xuanhao snorted and stood before Xiang Shaoyun. A saber energy appeared in the air and instantly cut the bloody halberd into two. The masked woman was pushed away, and she crashed into her companions. She coughed blood.

"Young master, do I...," Du Xuanhao asked, a murderous intent surfacing on his eyes.

Before Xiang Shaoyun could answer, Devouring Ghost said, "Ignore them. Let's leave."

He then brought Xiang Shaoyun fleeing in a different direction. Du Xuanhao and Jin Wo were left with no choice but to follow as well. After the masked woman regained her footing, she stared in the direction they had fled and said, "So long as you remain in the Bloodsin City, you will be hunted by our Ghostface Sect."

Not long after, Devouring Ghost brought the group to a place filled with chaos. All around them, people were fighting. Blood seemed to be spilling everywhere, presenting a shocking scene. The moment they arrived, they attracted the attention of many people, and some of them were tempted to make a move on them.

"Du Xuanhao, release your aura and get them out of our face," said Devouring Ghost.

Du Xuanhao released his aura without any hesitation. The aura of a top-tier Emperor managed to keep them from making any rash moves. They were all murderous individuals, but none of them wanted to court death by throwing themselves at someone stronger than them.

Devouring Ghost continued leading the group, and after traveling a complicated route through many alleys, they stopped before a dilapidated estate. It was at this moment that a look of recollection covered his eyes as he said, "Good, everything is still here."

"This place is...?" Xiang Shaoyun asked in confusion.

"I once stayed here for a period of time," said Devouring Ghost. He took a deep breath and entered the estate.

Xiang Shaoyun, Du Xuanhao, and Jin Wo followed behind him. Soon, they found that some low-leveled cultivators were staying there. It was obvious this place now served as some sort of shelter for them.

"Who are you people? Piss off!" shouted one of the people. He had a scar on his face and was wielding a crimson saber. A vicious expression hung on his face. Along with that shout, some other cultivators in the building also raised their weapons. They were all ready for a fight.

"Leave. I do not wish to kill here," said Devouring Ghost coldly.

An emperor aura roiled out, and their faces fell when they sensed it. They lost all their courage and immediately withdrew gloomily. After they left, Devouring Ghost headed toward a worn-out building at the middle of the estate.

The building was badly damaged and did not seem like anyone could live in it anymore. Even those low-leveled cultivators residing here had only stayed in the side buildings instead of this broken main building.

Devouring Ghost stopped before an opening in the wall and crawled inside while saying, "Give me a moment."

No wonder Devouring Ghost had insisted that we come to the Bloodsin City. Apart from helping me grow stronger, he also has a personal reason to be here, Xiang Shaoyun mused inwardly.

After a while, an incorporeal power rippled out of the building. Suddenly, numerous patterns akin to a spider web appeared on the ground. These patterns were all emanating an indescribable power. The entire estate started sinking into the ground, stunning Xiang Shaoyun, Du Xuanhao, and Jin Wo. After a while, the estate stopped moving, but they were now completely enveloped in darkness.

Swish! Swish!

Suddenly, light started shining from numerous directions and lit up their surroundings.

Once again, Devouring Ghost appeared before Xiang Shaoyun. He said, "Young master, this is a restricted space I had left behind in the past. I am the only one that can enter this place. Here we are completely isolated from the outside world. Nobody will be able to bother us."

"Restricted space! That is something only those above the Sovereign Realm can create!" Du Xuanhao cried out in shock. For the first time, he realized just what kind of an existence Devouring Ghost used to be.

"Yes, this place is safe enough. But how are we going to move in and out?" asked Xiang Shaoyun calmly.

"Don't worry about that. I can teach all of you the method of leaving and entering," Devouring Ghost replied. "I am planning to stay here for some time and focus on restoring this body to its previous cultivation level. I might need half a year, or even an entire year. Therefore, we need to draw a plan and decide on what all of you will do next."

"Since you already have a plan in mind, tell us about it," said Xiang Shaoyun.

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