Chapter 398: Yu Clan Spiritual Medicine Store

After Badar left, Xiang Shaoyun's group strolled around in the city. Devouring Ghost wanted to purchase some king medicines, or even emperor medicines, he could use to recover more of his strength. There were a lot of spiritual medicine stores in the Bloodsin City, and each store was backed by a powerful organization, deterring the various criminals in the city from setting their sights on the store.

Xiang Shaoyun had enough spirit crystals to fund the purchase. In any case, he himself was also looking around to see if he could find something that could be of use to him. What he wanted most was to obtain spirit medicines capable of strengthening one's soul power.

Although the ghostbloom in his astral cosmos sea was the most suited for this, its grade was too high, and it would be a waste for him to consume it. He was therefore trying to look for king medicines of soul attribute instead. Apart from that, he was also trying to find something that would be useful for the ghostrunes to further enhance their growth. 

Devouring Ghost knew the city very well, so he was in charge of showing the group around.

"In this Bloodsin City, the biggest medicine store would be the one owned by the Yu Clan. They have treasures you won't be able to find at other stores," said Devouring Ghost. For some reason, when he spoke about the Yu Clan, an odd glint was in his eyes, as if there was something personally special about this clan.

"I have heard of this Yu Clan. It is an ancient clan comparable to the Xiang Clan I come from, and our clans seem to have some grudge or something?" said Xiang Shaoyun as he recalled something.

"Yes, but those are all in the past," said Devouring Ghost with a sigh. He did not seem like he wanted to talk more about it as he sank into silence and continued leading the way.

Even at their speed, they still took about two hours to reach the city's central area. This was where Yu Clan Medicine Store was located. The store occupied a large area, looking more like a massive courtyard. Numerous herbs were displayed in the store, and behind it was a herb farm where numerous spiritual herbs were planted. A formation was in place to enhance the growth of the planted herbs. Seeing a medicine store with herbs ready for harvest was an eye-opener for Xiang Shaoyun and the others.

"Customers, what are you looking for today? You can find anything you want here at our Yu Clan Medicine Store," said a graceful hostess welcoming them to the store.

Under the young woman's lead, they started browsing the numerous herbs, their eyes shining brightly at what they saw. The herbs available were too many to count, and spirit medicines could be seen almost everywhere. Even the rare emperor medicines were available, and the sight of what they had in the store was quite an eye-opener.

"This is how a medicine store should look," Xiang Shaoyun praised.

Even at the Ziling Sect he came from, it would be very hard to encounter so many rare herbs at once. Devouring Ghost, who had been calm all this while, was also growing excited. He quickly started searching for the herbs he needed.

"Big Brother Du, Jin Wo, look around and see if there is anything you need here," said Xiang Shaoyun. They nodded and started looking around as well.

"I need some herbs beneficial to the soul. Do you have something like that here?" Xiang Shaoyun asked the hostess.

"Yes we do, but they are in short supply, so the price point will be comparatively higher than the other herbs," said the hostess.

"Show me," said Xiang Shaoyun, directly ignoring what she said about the price. For him currently, price was the last thing he would worry about.

Soon, he arrived before a sales counter where several king medicines helpful for the soul were displayed.

"Soul elevation grass, a low-grade king medicine. It can strengthen one's soul power and stabilize one's soul, priced at 5,000 mid-grade spirit crystals.

"Soul return grass, a mid-grade king medicine, able to gather one's scattered soul and restore soul power, priced at 30,000 mid-grade spirit crystals.

"Nine-part soul vine, a high-grade king medicine, able to greatly enhance one's soul power and restore soul power, priced at 80,000 mid-grade spirit crystals."


Xiang Shaoyun was completely stunned. Generally speaking, a stalk of low-grade king medicine was worth around 500 mid-grade spirit crystals. Although soul medicines were more expensive due to their rarity, it still wouldn't reach a price of 5,000 low-grade spirit crystals. This was much higher than the regular market price for these herbs.

The hostess was able to guess what was on Xiang Shaoyun's mind. She offered an explanation, "A lot of people adventuring in the Devil Domain will be polluted by devilish aura. Only by using soul medicines will they be able to maintain their sanity. Therefore, soul medicines are much more expensive here. I would like to make it known that you have arrived at a fortunate timing, sir. These herbs were freshly delivered and will sell out soon."

Xiang Shaoyun was hit by a realization after hearing the explanation. Something's demand would determine its value. This was a battlefield with the devils. Thus, these soul medicines would naturally have a higher value here.

"Understood. I'll take them all," said Xiang Shaoyun.

"Y-you want all of them?" It was the hostess who was shocked this time.

There were five soul medicines here, totaling several hundred thousand spirit crystals in value. Not even an Emperor could take out such wealth easily. Yet a young man was going to buy them all at once. She found that difficult to believe.

"Is there a problem?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

"No, of course not. This way to make your payment, please." The hostess quickly recovered from her shock. She had seen all sorts of people in the Bloodsin City, and she concluded that he was probably a young master from some organization.

At this time, a voice rang out behind Xiang Shaoyun, "We are taking these soul medicines!"

Both Xiang Shaoyun and the hostess blanked out before turning around. A few people wearing dreadful-looking masks were standing there. The group was led by a woman who was wearing an armor that put half her bountiful chest on display. She made no attempt whatsoever to hide her perfect figure. A dense baleful aura emanated from them, and combined with the dreadful masks they were wearing, they gave off a sinister sensation.

"I'm sorry. This young master is already making the purchase, so I won't be able to sell you the herbs," explained the hostess in a manner that was neither servile nor overbearing.

The woman leading the group did not dare to create trouble for the store. Instead, she looked at Xiang Shaoyun and said, "Give up on these herbs and piss off."

Xiang Shaoyun smiled. "What if I say no?"

"Hehe, he actually dares disrespect our Ghostface Sect. Very well. The moment you step out of this store, you will die right on the streets," said the woman with a sneer before departing the store.

"Ghostface Sect?" Xiang Shaoyun muttered, a somewhat worried look appeared on his face.

He had learned from Badar that the Ghostface Sect was one of the strongest organizations in the city after the five strongest organizations. They even had Sovereigns among their ranks.

"Young master, this way to pay, please," the hostess said.

Xiang Shaoyun nodded and followed her.

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